Customization riding clothes should choose the most-quality fabrics

Athletes sprint cycling, endurance and the ability to intense competition, the competition is also equipped with high-tech riding. Determined to obey driving style, color combinations have been carefully studied and the choice of functional and tissue development is key to the design. From a professional point of view, can be divided into intimate cycling wear, cycling jersey and road categories jacket. Jersey quality is the key to the choice of fabric.

As cycling underwear worn on the skin, comfort fabric demanding. Colder, it is usually done to retain heat, thermal insulation breathable, good polyester fabric; warmer climate, the sweat drying fabric lightweight, washable and fast breathing as preferred as polyester mesh fabric. Now, many companies continue to sterilization, deodorization as a research priority. ODLO riding intimate company, launched in 2004, called fiber-effect deodorant polyester fiber can not be seen visually with the addition of silver ions, which can effectively reduce the growth of bacteria underwear. Jersey Road is the biggest characteristic center on the protection, fit and comfort, and added some details of the project. The polyester fabric is not only improved strength, flexibility, elongation, abrasion resistant, and the use of capillary action, with good ventilation and breathability, sweat can be quickly discharged from maintain a dry surface. >

Cool-Max fabric is now the most popular jersey, breathable upper and humidity, time, a number of quick-drying, anti-wear function, anti-UV, but also for flushing moisture rapidly excreted regulate body temperature. Experiments show that, to maintain the temperature of the body itself, can enhance muscle vitality, reduce fatigue. The cold, the jacket riding should be checked perspiration, breathable fabrics, warm and good, velvet usually used on the back. Such as PaveFleece, flat front, suitable for sublimation transfer printing, back fleece, warm, comfortable and more suitable for cold weather driving. Near the elastic lycra fabric skin, which reduces the pant legs and friction between riding thighs to avoid irritating. How can you dye polyester / Lycra knit chain, suitable for thermal transfer printing and integration in aerodynamics, very suitable for driving, with good absorption and permeability sports broadband. Again, heavy nylon / lycra knit chain, also has a good absorption of perspiration and more suitable to wear in cold weather.