Construction phase health and safety

In the construction industry, the health and safety of the workers is really important because they are the instruments needed to complete construction projects. Implementing a construction phase health and safety plan is one way to ensure that you create a safe working environment for full and part time employees, trainees and even clients, neighbours and other members of the public.

As far as main contractors are concerned, there are 3 actions that they must carry out by law. These actions are project management, contractor appointment and personnel appointment. Under project management, the contractor will need to plan, manage and supervise each construction phase in order to ensure that it is performed safely and the worker’s health is not at risk. Under the contractor appointment, this involves providing directions and information and at the same time monitoring coordination and cooperation between contractors. Personnel appointment entails ensuring that the labour force is being informed, trained, inducted and consulted on the company’s construction phase health and Safety plan.

There are a lot of advantages that can be gotten from taking care of your workers’ health and safety. If your workers are happy, their innovation and productivity will triple! You will also be able to tackle the nuisance of absenteeism as well. By simply implementing and enforcing a construction phase health and safety plan, you will be able to keep your staff safer and also prevent project delays and compensation claims.

A company’s workplace healthy and safety program must be well planned and also documented. It is mandated by law to create a site safety plan prior to commencing work for high risk projects in the construction industry. A lot of successful companies have proven many times that focusing on work place health and safety increases productivity by a considerable amount. It is important to know that those who took short cuts in enforcing construction phase health and safety plan compromise the safety and health of their workers.

It is can never be overemphasized that THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO SHORT CUT in safety and health! This is because safety and health in the work environment is governed by regulation and laws in every state in Australia and territory. Those who violate safety laws will pay colossal fines. Employers have to be able to guarantee their workers’ health and Safety on the job.

No employer can actually boast of being able to control a lot of things that go wrong in the world. But they can control how they run their own businesses and ensuring that they implement a construction phase health and safety plan which is one way to ensure that they lower the company’s expenses.