Clothes Rail, Tailors Dummy, Tailors Bust, Cable Display

What are Slatwall? Slatwall helps you maximise valuable display space; they are versatile, practical and cost effective. It’s a quick and easy fit display solution. These panels are the ideal shop-fit solution providing a totally flexible merchandising platform with an instant make over of the previous decoration. Slatwall is an ideal backdrop for your exhibition space. It’s the most popular way of transforming plain walls into effective merchandising areas and also suitable for all businesses, for example: fashion retailers, newsagents, estate agents, supermarkets, showrooms, designer stores, shoe and sports goods outlets, plus many more.
Products for sale need to be displayed in a manner which best present them in the customers eyes. For example, clothing needs to be folded on shelves, hung from racks or displayed on mannequins. Books need to be displayed in shelves, spinning racks and organized bins. Videos need shelving upright and racks to properly display titles. All products lend themselves to some form of acceptable display. Making a new look for your shop is exciting however the excitement may fritter away when there is too much waiting of the project to be done, nevertheless the cost and the time wasted.
Excelshopfitting site offers you high quality and best value products with convenience of your efforts and time in your own working space. Slatwall panels generally come in standard four foot by eight foot cuts, either vertical or horizontal and different type of grains and colors. Displaying horizontally can cut down on the number of seams that are visible in your store. When choosing your slatwall, evaluate how much space you have to fill and order your slatwall displays accordingly. They have a wide range of products such as glass counters, shop fittings, slatwall, card Units, Corner counter, Gridwall, upright system, cable display, shelving upright, tailors bust, wooden hangers, Tailors dummy and cloth rail.
Installing Shop fittings that can help the look of the shop and also increase the functionality of the working environment and which in turn would result in revenue generation and also enhance the shopping experience and working experience of both customers and staff.