Chiropractic Marketing – hiring a marketing assistant

Chiropractic Marketing – Hiring a marketing assistant

Today lets learn how to develop the practice and life of your dreams and the life of your dreams, as well. We are going to talk about how to develop an internal marketing person, someone who can help you get out into the community and do big things in your town. One of the things that you want to do is first, if you are going to have somebody doing something for you in the way of marketing, before you delegate, one of the things that we always teach is that you have to get good at it on your own. You can’t just hire somebody and have them do it, because if you don’t understand it yourself, if you don’t understand how to do different parts or segments of the marketing, then it is very difficult to monitor, and track, and manage the success of any type of marketing program that you have in your office.

So it is very, very important that you understand the dynamics of any marketing program or any marketing person you put in place in your office. That is first. So you have to be good at it. You have to come up with the learning curve. You have to develop some level of mastery before you bring somebody on. That is the first issue regarding a marketing person.

The second thing that I talk about with you today would be how to pay that marketing person. Now, the best scenario: if they are purely a marketing person, if they are doing telemarketing, if they are setting up workshops, setting up talks, indirectly and directly bringing patients into your office, then that person should be paid based upon some type of bonus structure, some type of commission structure, of course, because as they bring people in, the more they bring in, you want to incentivized them to bring more and more people into the office, because, again, you don’t want to deincentivize them, because if they get paid the same thing for more and more, then, again, that can actually be quite demoralizing.

So it is very important that you get the pay structure correct. And this is something that we offer through our products that you will find on The last thing I want to mention in regards to this marketing person that you bring on, for instance, in our office, we have someone who runs our screening program. And the screening program has ongoing training each week, and it involves many people on a team that go out into the community and screen in different locations throughout the week.

One thing that is absolutely critical, the third element of our discussion today, would be regarding the ongoing training of these teams. So whoever you bring in, whether it is a team to do spinal screenings, whether it is an individual person who is doing telemarketing, who is setting up workshops, dinners, talks in general, whatever marketing scenario it may be, this person is going to be looking toward you and at you for ongoing training, addition training.

So it is very important that you look at that consideration, not only bringing somebody on and managing, and training, and evaluating, and meeting with them, but also ongoing training is absolutely critical for making sure whatever marketing program and marketing person is in place becomes a success for you.