Leasing Retail Space – Types Of Retail Space

What Type of Retail Space?

A great retail space for your business needs to be the right type of space in the right location. The previous portions of this article addressed location. This section will address options for the type of retail space.
Impulse versus Destination

Some purchases are made on impulse and other purchases are made after careful planning. Retail for the carefully planned shopping will be termed destination retail. Starbucks is a great example of an impulse purchase. You see a Starbucks location and decide to pullover and have a coffee and perhaps a pastry. Have you noticed how Starbucks almost always has incredible locations?

If they are in a shopping center, they’re almost always in an end-cap location. If they are part of a larger shopping plaza, they typically have the best a location within the shopping plaza. If the retail space you are seeking involves impulse purchases, you should see prime space. Great visibility and great access are both important. Even though it will be painful, you probably need to pay for the very best possible location.

If you are seeking retail space for destination retail, an incredible location is not necessary. You need to be in the right area but you do not necessarily need the finest location within the shopping center. Almost all destination retail has a convenient location with good visibility. While access is a factor for destination retail, it is much less important in comparison to impulse purchase retail.
Types of Retail

Following are various types of retail space:
Freestanding store
Strip center
Neighborhood Center
Community Center
Regional mall
Power centers
Anchored retail space has a retailer who generates an amount of traffic. The anchor is typically a larger store or perhaps even a set of larger stores. A grocery store is the anchor for most neighborhood shopping centers. Department stores have typically been the anchors for regional malls.

Shadow anchor refers to a shopping center (typically a strip shopping center) which has a mall by virtue of being proximate to a major retailer. Target, Wal-Mart, Sands, Costco and IKEA are all stores which would be good draws for a shadow anchor shopping center.

End-cap is the space at the end of a shopping center, typically at the end of a strip center.

In-line space is space in a shopping center which is not at the end. In other words, it is space between the two ends of the shopping center.

Select a Type of Space

The optimal retail space for your business will be obvious in many cases. If you’re planning a gas station/convenience store, you would clearly not open it within an enclosed shopping mall. If you are planning a department store, you would not open it in a strip center.


However, there are variations in judgments regarding the best location for a retail store for many types of businesses. Many retailers have a combination of in-line shopping store space and freestanding stores. A freestanding store will likely be more expensive. However, a freestanding store gains more visibility. In most cases, you can effectively place advertising or signage on each side of the building. Your business has much better visibility in comparison to in-line space.

Prime Space?

An end-cap space in a shopping center which is perpendicular to the street also has excellent visibility. Restaurants frequently locate in end-cap spaces. If your product or service is an impulse purchase with a relatively low price point, give serious consideration to obtaining premium retail space. Consider paying the additional cost for either a freestanding location or end-cap. Enclosed regional malls can provide a good option for impulse purchases or high-end merchandise.

Regional Malls

Enclose regional malls have recently bifurcated into either prime or secondary/tertiary quality malls. The prime malls are doing great. They tend to be full and have an excellent array of tenants. The secondary and tertiary malls are doing fairly to poorly. In many cases, the highest and best use of the property has changed. Many second-tier regional malls are either being redeveloped as retail, perhaps as a power center, or are being scraped and rebuilt in a variety of land uses.

Destination Retail

Conversely, if your product or service relates to destination retail, consider cost-effective retail options. In some cases, space in a neighborhood shopping center where the anchor tenant has gone dark (anchor tenant has left the states but is still paying rent) they provide a great overall location and a modest price for rent. For tenants who need larger retail spaces, second-generation grocery store space can be a great option. And the big boxes also provide retail space typically in a good location at much more moderate prices. As Wal-Mart has revised their basic template, they have vacated many medium-sized retail stores. In general, second-generation retail space provides a much less expensive cost of occupancy than first-generation space.

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More Best Answers For Retail Management Interview Questions

If you are interviewing for a retail management position, you might be curious about some of the job interview questions. Moreover, you might be curious as to what the best answers for those retail management questions are. Keep reading on to get some helpful tips and answers.

Question: How would you handle a problem employee, such as someone who consistently arrives late to work?

The answer to this question might seem a little bit tricky. After all, a good company does not want an employee who wastes company time and money on their payroll. However, an answer such as terminate them immediately might be jumping the gun too fast. One of the best answers for retail management interview questions along this line is an answer that involves checking their work history, providing a clear and simple reminder, and then possibly termination if an improvement was not made in a timely matter.

Question: You walked through the store on the way in and have possibly shopped here before, what would you recommend doing to improve this store?

The answer to this question is another tricky one. Your first impulse is to assume this company doesnt want to hear I think the store looks like crap. Of course, you dont want to use those exact words, but provide an honest answer. The best answers for retail management interview questions are honest ones. Ideal suggestions include have an employee greet me when I walk through the door, remove bulky displays in the aisles that hinder cart movement, and so forth.

Question: Have you personally shopped here before? Why or why not?

You might think it is best to answer this interview question with a yes. After all, the best types of retail store employees are those who take pride in their company and actual shop with them. However, dont outright lie to suck up. Once again, this is your chance to shine. Provide honest feedback if you dont shop there (why not and what would change your shopping habits). If you are an avid shopper, state why (whether it be the friendly staff, the quality products, or the good prices).

Question: As a new store manager, how would you delegate tasks to your coworkers?

This type of interview question for a retail management position is designed to get an idea of your method of management. Are you a manager who just goes with the flow? By the way, these arent the type of store managers that most retailers look for. If you were, your response would include letting each employee perform the tasks they normally do. If you were a take-charge kind of manager who is interested in producing the best results, your answer would involve assessing and communicating with each coworker first. The goal is to determine who is the most productive at what and go from there.

Question: While you are applying for a store management position, can you still work as part of a successful team?

One of the best answers for retail management interview questions like this one is yes! As a store manager, it is your responsibility to manage the entire store, as well as each employee. On that same note, store managers often help with everyday tasks. This is particularly common in small stores with limited payroll hours. Job interviewers want to know that you can not only handle the management aspects, but the team aspects as well, such as helping your stockers unload a warehouse truck.

There are a unit legion retail websites on the net that use on-line looking carts

Having a cart system that does not work well or is proscribed in practicality is commonly a blunder new websites build. They lavish voluminous time and cash on creating the positioning appealing, showing off their product or services within the absolute best light-weight and even adding cool flash add-ons and different extras, however perform on the cart as a result of they see it as a secular, boring feature that’s strictly utilitarian. The matter that arises from that angle is that shoppers will quickly lose their enthusiasm for buying a product or product if they become pissed off once probing the web checkout. Online looking carts ought to be client friendly. Folks build mistakes; it is a truth of life. If your website’s on-line cart system is well-designed, it’ll give errors by having links on every page for going back and creating corrections or enabling the consumer to vary his mind on one item while not losing his entire order within the method. Internet looking is just as convenient because the payment choices for many folks. If a retail web site offers tremendous gifts, consumer goods or article of furniture however does not settle for credit cards, it’ll lose a hefty proportion of its customers. Conversely, if a range of choices like major credit cards, PayPal and e-checks area unit available; shoppers are going to be a lot of inclined to form purchases. Shopping carts should even have rear flexibility. Of course, giving voluminous totally different choices and services through your on-line cart system is nice for your customers, however if it is not simple to use and adapt to your own company’s wants from the rear finish still, it will not facilitate. If you have got a versatile, intuitive rear style, however, you will find that a lot of complicated cart system will truly build your work easier. There are a unit several corporations these days United Nations agency supply bespoke on-line looking carts still as corporations that provide many totally different package packages that you just will tailor to suit your specific wants at an inexpensive price. victimization these specialists to assist you implement an internet cart expertise for your web site will improve everything from your client service to your accountancy, since you’ll be able to use these systems for not solely inserting orders, except for pursuit inventory and assessing sales trends. When researching on-line cart choices for your web site, raise some serious questions on what the supplier offers you. Concerns on whether or not the package can embody the ASCII text file in order that you’ll be able to customize your on-line cart as your wants modification ought to be a possibility. Verify if there’s technical support accessible if and after you want it. Analysis what kinds of payment choices are found out with the cart program? And learn if the system may be a dynamic one that may evolve and alter, as shopper’s wants modification. Be sure once you are looking for the proper on-line cart service or package that you just extremely apprehend what you will need. Whether or not you supply tailor-made gifts or need drop-down menus for color, size and elegance selections, your call are going to be supported your wants. Also, verify what they come policies area unit for the actual product you’re curious about. Knowing the maximum amount as attainable concerning what you wish can make sure that you do not let down after you invest in your website’s on-line cart system. At thedubaibazaar.com, you can find real estate Dubai sale online. You can buy sportswear online.

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