Malakoff Mederic Group – Strategic SWOT Analysis Review


Malakoff Mederic Group(Malakoff) is a joint-managed and mutual organization engaged in providing supplementary social protection schemes. The group is primarily in two main areas of business: managing supplementary pension schemes and providing personal insurance. Malakoff has authorization from AGIRC (Association generale des institutions de retraite des cadres) and ARRCO (Association pour le regime de retraite complementaire des salaries) to manage the supplementary pension schemes of contributing employees and retired people. The group provides about 20% all private sector supplementary pensions and is the second largest provider of company group policies in France. Malakoff is headquartered in Paris, France.

Companys Malakoff Mederic Group – Strategic SWOT Analysis Review provides a comprehensive insight into the companys history, corporate strategy, business structure and operations. The report contains a detailed SWOT analysis, information on the companys key employees, key competitors and major products and services.

This up-to-the-minute company report will help you to formulate strategies to drive your business by enabling you to understand your partners, customers and competitors better.


– Business description – A detailed description of the companys operations and business divisions. – Corporate strategy – Companys summarization of the companys business strategy. – SWOT analysis – A detailed analysis of the companys strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. – Company history – Progression of key events associated with the company. – Major products and services – A list of major products, services and brands of the company. – Key competitors – A list of key competitors to the company. – Key employees – A list of the key executives of the company. – Executive biographies – A brief summary of the executives employment history. – Key operational heads – A list of personnel heading key departments/functions. – Important locations and subsidiaries – A list of key locations and subsidiaries of the company, including contact details.

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Is Mlm Downline Stacking Good For Business

Many types of MLM opportunities require you to build a business before they promote you. I would like to address these types of business and how a strategy of stacking can be good and bad.

The main purpose of building a network of people below you is to build a residual monthly income. In doing this you need distributors below you who push whatever your company is selling. Every time there is a sale you get a small percentage of that sale usually depending on how far away that distributor is in relation to you. This is what network marketers want in a healthy MLM downline.

So then the issue comes up: Do you try and promote as fast as you can or do you try to build as wide as you can?

You will be able to promote yourself easier by placing key distributors to where they are needed. You don’t have to guess. There is less random growth and you are able to grow deeper. Some companies pay your more residual the further away the distributor is to you so going deeper is better. This is only a good option if this actually helps you to promote.

Cons: You will lose the direct commissions as you will be giving them to the distributor instead of you. Some companies have less residual the further you are from you. Building deep cripples the width of your organization and you will have less people in certain high dollar residual levels.

In the long run you would have gotten less by having a tall organization than a wide one. Many companies cut you off after a certain number of levels. If you build deep you run the risk of having new distributors placed outside of the levels you can collect from and essentially lost that residual for that distributor. If you would have placed that distributor directly under you then the following distributors will not be lost in your organization.

EX: You got a power distributor (leader). Your company cuts off residuals past level 5. You want to promote and you place this leader under one of your level 3 leader so that you can help them while helping you promote. The leader is now in your level 4 and giving you some good residual. This level 4 leader then starts to build their business and they then sponsor 3 which are your level 5. These level 5 distributors then get 2 distributors each. These 6 new distributors are now in your level 6 and you get nothing form them.

If you would have placed that leader under you in level 1 then that leader would have gotten you three level 2 distributors. Those three level 2 distributors would have then gotten you six level 4. Since leaders get many distributors over their life time and down their downline it is risky to place a leader too far down the chain. since teams generally grow wide and continue the further they go then building too far down in stacking could hurt you.

Or course this all depends if the company cuts residuals after a certain level and if you get more or less depending on where they are in relation to you. Over time your organization will eventually go down very far so if you are in a plan that cuts off levels very quickly or has decreasing residual payouts the further you go then that might be an indication that the compensation plan is lacking.

If the higher residual is paid higher when closer in level to you then that denotes that you must do more work to get higher residuals. If the residuals are higher the further away they are then that denotes that the company wants you to have a deeper and wider team. Which one takes more work? One that relies solely on you get the residual or one that depends on the organization below you to get you what you want.

If you train properly and start turning distributors into leaders then your organization will take a life of it’s own and people will start jumping on in waves. Marketing multilevel business can be replicated if the MLM downline can repeat the traffic and conversions over time. If every one of your distributors built their organization by stacking then you will have a very tall but narrow organization. That will not build you a very large monthly residual.

You are a seed. Build it wide and let it grow like a root system. The wider it gets the more you profit, but at the expense of what you could have helped your own downline grow theirs. Regardless of how it’s build you will need a lot of targeted traffic and will need a lot of MLM leads to keep the business running at a high gear.

It really depends on how your compensation is setup and your team’s MLM recruiting efforts

Outsourcing in the Philippines as a Business Strategy Option

Business process outsourcing or BPO companies in the Philippines that are dedicated to providing assistance to foreign companies are continuously multiplying and expanding. The growth of BPO in the country has brought a lot of advantages not only to Philippine economy but also to the Filipino community. Since it is now one of the greatest revenue generators of the country and greatest provider of job opportunities, the development of outsourcing industry in the Philippines is good news not only to Philippine nation but also to all foreign companies that are outsourcing in the Philippines. The increasing number of BPO companies in the country makes the competition among outsourcing providers more stiff and this further improves the quality of services provided and products delivered.

Relocating non-core business activities to the Philippines is a business strategy that was adapted by a lot of companies from different industries. The country is one of the key players in the global outsourcing industry and its knowledge and expertise about outsourcing business can bring great advantages to every company. Technical capabilities, natural talents, skills, and language proficiency of the Philippine workforce can help every company owner achieve the goals and objectives of the business and hasten the growth of the company. The Philippine country can offer your business the best possible location for achieving your company’s outsourcing goals.

Hiring third party outsourcing vendors from the Philippines to do some of your business activities is like creating an extension of your business and establishing operations on the other side of the globe. This is an advantage and can further improve your company’s global standing and competencies. You will be able to tap in with the vast pool of resources that are otherwise not available in house. Outsourcing non-core business activities to Philippines has different variable advantages. It usually depends on the nature of the business, the situation of the company and its economic standing, and the industry on where the company operates. Once you hire an outsourcing company in the Philippines, all members of the staff will work to deliver the demands needed by your business; you can even get assistance and services around the clock if needed.

The shift of the company toward outsourcing business is very noticeable. The increasing number of companies that are relocating their services to the country is an obvious reason of the efficiency of Philippine outsourcing industry. Outsourcing in the Philippines is one of the best ways to reduce company expenditures without sacrificing the good quality services and products that business provide to customers. When outsourcing is properly implemented, it has a great impact on the revenue recognition of your company and can deliver considerable amount of investments, saving your business as much as 50 percent in operational and overhead costs Philippine BPO increases the financial flexibility of your business. It also improves the efficiency of your company processes. Philippine BPO gives your company the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of getting excellent quality kind of service at inexpensive rates.


Outsourcing in the Philippines has been proven; fast and effective, with Accounting Outsourcing and IT Support Outsourcing, Customer Service Outsourcing Companies have a low-cost and effective management.

Jasa Konsultasi Iso, Iso Consultans, Konsultan Iso, Iso9001, Iso 14001, Konsultaniso22000, Manajemen

Apakah Anda mencari Jasa Konsultan ISO / ISO Consultant Pelatihan ISO serta Training ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/OHSAS 18001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 17025, ISO 22000, HACCP, Konsultan BRC, Konsultan Audit, Konsultan ISO 28000, Konsultan ISO 31000?? Mengapa tidak Memadukan dengan Business Strategy? Call Now! PT. SIEN CONSILTANTS JAKARTA, telp: 021-36233226. REKO HANDOYO, 081389411679

Sien Consultants adalah perusahaan yang bergerak dibidang konsultasi dan training manajemen dan ISO

Konsultasi yang dimaksud adalah konsultasi untuk sistem manajemen ISO dan Production yang terdiri dari SA 8000,ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 18000, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 22000, ISO 17020, ISO 17025, ISO 26000, ISO 27000, ISO 28000, ISO 13485, ISO 13488, ISO 15489, ISO 31000, RISK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, HACCP, BRITISH RETAIL CONSORTIUM, BRE SYSTM, GOOD MANUFACTURING PRODUCTION, TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT, BALANCE SCORE CARD, WRAP, 5R/5S,SIX SIGMA,SOCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY SYSTEMl.

Sedangkan untuk Training manajemen antara lain adalah Leadership Training, Motivation Training, Supervisory Training, Secretary/ Filling Management Training, Mental Development Training, Supply Chain Management Training, Production Training, Salesmanship Training, Warehousing Management Training, Distribution Management Training, Marketing Management Training, In house Training, Public Training, Quality Management System Training, Food Safety Management Training, Health and Safety Management Training, Automotive Management Training, Total Quality Control Management Training, BRC Training, Human Resources Management Training, dll.

Saat ini Sien Consultants didukung oleh banyak konsultan dan konsultan senior dengan kualifikasi pendidikan tinggi dan memiliki jam terbang tinggi dalam bidang konsultasi dan training.

Sien Consultants memberikan Garansi Kelulusan untuk konsultasi ISO hingga lulus sertifikasi dan mampu memberikan jaminan kelulusan hanya dalam waktu 3 bulan sudah mendapatkan sertifikat ISO.

Client kita mulai dari berbagai macam industri dari Oil & Gas, Pertamina, Garuda Maintenance Fasilities (GMF), Plastic Packaging, Automotive, Garment, Textile, Water Treatment, Desipack, Farmasi, Metal Stamping, Courier, Warehousing, Security Printing, Network dan IT System, Securities, Dot Com, Construction, Food & Beverage, Services, dll masih banyak jenis industri lainnya.

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Livesmart 360 – Scam Or Legal Business Enterprise Opportunity

So this particular mlm review, we’re not only going to look at whether or not LiveSmart 360 is really a scam, we’re also going to examine WHY folks generally claim that an mlm company is a scam within the 1st place. And in the process of examining why people today yell “scam” so often, you’ll discover what the two leading causes of failure are in ANY residence based company and how you can keep away from those pitfalls along with your LiveSmart 360 small business. For an extra detailed overview of LiveSmart 360, have a look at my total review of LiveSmart 360.

Let’s have a look at question number 1: is LiveSmart 360 a rip-off?

Well, let’s take a have a look at the facts.

Reality #1: This is often a brand new provider
Having a “soft” launch taking location only months ago in Might 2010, and an “official” launch scheduled for January 2011. Now it is possible to claim both bad and good for a corporation this new.

. On the poor side, new businesses can come and go rather speedily in this market, especially if all of the important components for a fantastic solid corporation are not in location. We’ll examine regardless of whether or not LiveSmart 360 has those components, like market timing, powerful leadership, positioning, an excellent solid compensation strategy, etc. as we go by means of this mlm review.

. On the superior side, as a member of LiveSmart 360, you are component of a ground floor chance, so you might be positioned well to leverage the efforts of those who come after you. *An critical note here, having said that, is that just since you are in at the beginning in no way assures your still have to realize marketing and advertising.

Fact #2: LiveSmart 360
Has distinctive products, such as a line of “Mists” with proprietary, patent-pending ZorbMax technologies, inside the multi-billion dollar well being and wellness business that address such problems as aging, weight loss, energy, pain relief, and overall well being, all of which are growing concerns for the Baby Boomer generation, a group that still has a massive impact on market trends. No evidence of a scam here.

Fact #3: LiveSmart 360’s leadership
It appears to be both strong and experienced, with Mark McCool as Founder and CEO having 16 years of extensive pc developing, programming and sales encounter and Mike Potillo as President of Business Development having an extensive background within the mlm market. You will discover other strong players as well that you are able to investigate yourself to see in case you can locate anything that shouts “scam” at

Fact #4: While LiveSmart 360 is based in Sarasota, FL,
Additionally to the U.S., they’ve distribution locations already operational in Malaysia, Singapore and Jamaica, with claims that other people is going to be opening in Australia plus the Philippines soon. In other words, LiveSmart 360 is often a global organization having a global opportunity, which translates to fantastic positioning. No sign of a scam here.

Truth #5: The compensation strategy for LiveSmart 360
Seems to be a trigger for much excitement amongst LiveSmart 360 reps. It is becoming acclaimed as one that was developed with less difficult to attain requirements – only 8 personally sponsored reps – to permit the average marketer to reach executive levels, and thus obtain executive pay, in a much shorter time frame then discovered in standard network marketing companies. In addition, they supply a total of 24 ranks of achievement, every single with their own bonuses, which includes luxury cars and other perks.

The compensation plan is typically where men and women perceive the company to be scamming people. But in truth, too generally the alleged scam victim was just in no way shown how you can successfully market his or her mlm small business like the leading market earners do, and when he or she failed, mistakenly accused the corporation of becoming a scam.
It is possible to bet this may take place to LiveSmart 360 as’s just the nature of this industry where so lots of people are struggling to construct their mlm companies and are failing miserably.

I’d say we fairly significantly answered question number 1 in our mlm review: is LiveSmart 360 a scam? And that answer is NO WAY! And we pretty a lot just answered the question of why so many individuals accuse businesses like LiveSmart 360 of becoming a scam: due to the fact they never obtain the type of actual life network marketing training that the leading earners in this market do and they remain a component of the 97% of network marketers that fail.