Benefiting From The Explosion Of Subtitling Services Industry

Why put subtitles?

Nowadays, when you buy original DVDs, it is not surprising to find a menu that allows you to choose which language to display the subtitles in. The most popular among the languages include Chinese, Spanish, French, and English.

Some would question the use of subtitling services, especially the inclusion of English when the movie or video is already in the said language. Subtitles like these benefit those who may have a hard time understanding the dialogues or are more accustomed to reading the dialogues in order to follow the story or plot closely.

In the United States, there is a growing Hispanic market, and the subtitled products that they consume range from videos to websites. Changing the orientation of the language from a foreign one to their native language will entice your consumers to purchase your products with just a small added cost.

Different subtitling services

Subtitles come in handy in a variety of ways, but it is especially useful in videos that are in DVD format. In the past, subtitles have been limited to the English closed captions that subtitling services include in the menu. Now, however, there are several languages included in a single DVD in order to accommodate the growing needs of a product that is globally in demand.

The possible services that are now available include translation, spotting, and subtitling Apple DVD Studio Pro, Spruce Maestro, or Sonic/Daikin, with languages ranging from English to Asian languages like Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

Subtitling service agencies can also provide subtitles for broadcast videos in Digital Betacam, MiniDV, VHS, and Betacam SP. Some companies can even allow clients to choose the font, format, and effects of their subtitles, to give a more personalized touch.

Some companies like the Rennert Translation Group are equipped to handle more extensive and comprehensive video demands. Their multi-language production services include translation, casting, voice dubbing, subtitling services, recordings, transcription, and foreign language monitoring.

The subtitling process

Technology today has taken a huge leap from what it was just five years ago. In fact, some advancements, such as putting subtitles in VHS tapes were not even considered back then but is now possible due to certain production equipment.

In a subtitling services company, there are also specific devices and software programs that are used in order to achieve the best subtitling quality in the fastest turnaround time possible.

One of the top-selling subtitling software programs is the SoftNI, but there are other software formats that are used by several subtitling services companies. The important thing with regards to the software programs is the assurance of accuracy in the language and precision of the subtitle timing in relation to the ongoing video.

This means that, aside from the software program being used, subtitling services would also need a team of professionals who are experienced with audiovisual subtitling projects. A good ear is also needed for those working in the industry as some clients do not provide transcriptions or translations of the video they want to subtitle.

Dubbing in another language

Aside from subtitling services, dubbing is also an option done by agencies with voice talents. This is particularly done with Japanese animations which are shown in the English-speaking countries of the world. This ensures that the customers would also have the option of visually enjoying the video without the need to speed-read as they watch.