Balance Direct Sales Team Building & Personal Sales

When growing a direct sales team it can be overwhelming until you create some balance between your personal sales efforts and your team building time. Finding balance in managing your team and business is essential to long term success.

The home party business offers many opportunities for success. One of the best ways to expand your business and increase your profit potential is to recruit team members and develop a team of salespeople working for you. However, having a team also means additional work and time. How do you balance team training and supervision with your own personal sales efforts?

Team Building VS Personal Sales
When you are a team leader, you can choose to reduce or even eliminate your own sales efforts and concentrate on instructing, motivating and leading your team members. As a business evolves, some people prefer this; they enjoy being a leader and dont miss the actual face-to-face selling. However, many people love the exciting party atmosphere, the joy of interacting with people, and the act of selling their product line. For those people, they need to find some balance between the two aspects of their business.

Find the Balance Between Selling and Leading

An important key to striking a healthy balance between running your own home party business and managing the needs of a team is to create a schedule and stick to that schedule. This means that you should schedule team training meetings, one-on-one sessions with each member, and time to make calls to the members. Having a schedule is one of the most important components of successful time management.

Another important ingredient to successfully balancing your home party business is to decide on where you want that balance to be. Do you equally enjoy both aspects of the business? If so, try to create balance that is fifty-fifty; spend the same amount of time on your own sales as you do on recruiting, instructing, and supervising team members.

If you prefer selling over maintaining a team, then find a balance that fits those needs. The more your balance is in line with your preferences, the happier youll be. A happy home party consultant makes for a successful home party consultant!

One often overlooked way to find a balance is to delegate authority. You can recruit the members, but have one of the more experienced members of your team be the team leader. You can work one-on-one with the leader, but she or he is responsible for the majority of the team training sessions and the day-to-day handling of team members. This allows you to focus on your own selling while also reaping the benefits of a profitable team.

Building a team in the direct sales business can help your business reach new levels of profitability. However, when you build this team, you need to find the proper balance between your own selling and the training of a successful team.

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