Automotive Repair Princeton Mn 5 Car Service Tips To Maintain Your Cool

If youre finally getting ready to take that long-awaited vacation during the last few weeks of summer, you probably dont want to spend it being towed to a strange town for a car repair, or even stranded on the side of the road waiting for help. This situation usually means more than just a car repair bill. It can involve towing charges, lodging, rental car, extra phone calls, meals, and the general inconvenience of missed reservations. An unexpected automotive repair not only becomes expensive, but it can bring an abrupt end to vacation plans. This scenario could possibly have been avoided by a pre-vacation car service before leaving home.
So you can enjoy the last few weeks of summer, here are 5 ways to maintain your car, and your cool!

1. Cooling System // Coolant can top 200 degrees. Have it inspected and serviced at the recommended car service intervals.
2. Air Conditioning System // Your A/C works hard in the summer heat, so have it inspected and serviced by certified technicians to make sure its working properly.
3. Battery // Excessive heat can take its toll on your battery and charging system. Clean off any corrosion from the battery terminals and connections and have the battery and charging system tested to be sure its ready for those last hot days of summer.
4. Tires // Hot weather and long road trips mean added stress on your tires. Be sure to check the air pressure and tread wear on a regular basis.
5. Oil & Filter // Dirty oil, or low oil level can lead to more costly repairs. For proper cooling and lubrication, change your oil and filter regularly.

Not only can a pre-trip car service reduce the chance of costly and possibly dangerous road trouble, it also provides an opportunity to have your car repair made at home by an auto mechanic who is familiar with your car. While no inspection can guarantee a vehicles performance, you will gain peace of mind knowing you took the proper precautions for the safety of your family.

So that you feel confident starting down the road, have a car service performed by a qualified auto mechanic. Contact the ASE-Certified Technicians today by calling (763) 389-3811, or go on-line at for more information about automotive repair. Since 1997, our auto shop Princeton MN has served customers in the surrounding areas with automotive repair Milaca and automotive repair Zimmerman, Minnesota.