An Overview Of The Paper Industry In India

The paper industry is one of the leading and prominent industries in India. The industry is among the highest contributor of revenue to the country. It also provides employment to more than 1.5 million people and is considered to be a developing industry. Paper products have been in constant demand during the past several decades which has led to the further growth of the industry in many ways.

Various types of paper products are used in many ways including bags, cups, plates, books, envelopes and so forth. The availability of raw materials is one of the most important factors that concern the paper industry. With the growing destruction of forests, authentic raw materials are becoming scarce which has led to the increased import of raw materials from neighbouring countries.

The Growth of Paper Industry in India

Due to the wide spread demand for paper products, non conventional methods are utilised for producing different types of raw materials required for the production of paper. The paper industry is now further identified as three types mainly the agro based, forest based and other varieties such as waste materials, market pulp and fibre.

Today the paper industry has around 515 units which manufacture various types of paper products. The Indian industry is the fifteenth largest industry in the world. The high costs of production, concentration of industries in one place are the various bottlenecks of this industry.

The paper industry has also witnessed a considerable demand for products with the shift in consumer behavioural patterns. The use of plastics has declined considerably due to many health and environmental issues. This has in turn increased the consumption of different types of paper products such as stationery items, photo frames, kites, magazines, bank notes, catalogs, playing cards, tissue paper, albums and directories.

Different types of products can also be made with the use of recycled raw materials. Today the process of using recycled raw materials for the manufacture of various paper products are encouraged to reduce the ill-effects of deforestation. Waste materials such as rags, jute, cotton and straw is used for manufacturing various types of products.

The paper industry also utilises hand made paper which is quite popular in the country. Known to provide employment to more than thousands in the rural areas, the industry is a major source of employment. The hand made paper is durable and lasts longer. It can be used to manufacture various types of handmade materials.

Today the government has introduced several policies to support the paper industry. Better manufacturing technologies, reduction in the import duties and production cost, availability of better raw materials are some of the measures taken by the government to improve the production of paper products.

In spite of facing several challenges, the industry has attained considerable growth in different parts of the country. Paper importers have known to import raw materials only for specific types of paper. Today there are a number of industries that manufacture paper and are known to be the leading industries of the country.