An ecover isn’t important to generate good sales. It’s critical!

During my 10 years as an ebook cover designer, I have seen hundreds, maybe thousands of ebooks, and sales pages. Some of these sales pages get a conversion rate of 4-5%, while others struggle to make .5%. Sometimes, it is the sales copy that makes the difference. But a good ecover can play it’s part as well. Often, conversion rates can be doubled, or tripled, simply by upgrading from a poor quality cover, to a sharp, crisp, polished one. A Custom Made E-Cover Will… -Increase sales of your product -Give a professional look to your book -Display your goods in the best possible light. A picture speaks a thousand words. No doubt you have heard this many times before – “people judge a book by its cover”. Even though your e-book is an electronic download, people still want to be able to look at a cover. Images can be more powerful than words. Think about the last time you visited a page with an e-book for sale. What was the first thing you noticed? The headline, or the ebook image beside it?

Thinking of using a cover generator?

Sure, you can buy software to create ebook covers. There are 3 drawbacks to doing this.

1. They all have a “sameness” look to them (is there such a word as “sameness”? Well, if not, there is now). 2. The covers can look fuzzy and blurred. 3.And the most important element of all can’t be supplied – graphic design talent!

So What’s The Difference between A Cover that Converts Well, And A Cover That ConvertsEXCEPTIONALLY Well?

There’s no doubt that some covers convert better than others – regardless of the sales copy. The two should work together, combining to form a strong “buy” impulse. When they are in tune with each other, the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts.

Here’s a hypothetical example. Suppose you have a cookery e-book – a great one with killer sales copy. How do we create a cover that “does the business”?

It’s All In The Mind

Colors affect emotions. There can be no argument about that – how many designers take time to explain that to you? Yes, you need a quality looking cover, and yes, the title and images on the cover are also very important.But colors affect the subconcious, they can create feelings that we are not even aware of. They can be an extremely powerful selling tool – or they may give an unwelcome effect if used incorrectly.

So….back to out cookery book. Firstly, who is the book aimed at, men, women, or both? Why would I want to know that? Well, orange can stimulate appetite, amongst other things (Red can also do this). So at first glance, incorporating this color in the cover can only be good! But orange is a color prefered by men – it is one of the least prefered colors of women. So if the book is aimed at both men AND women, then careful use should be made of the color orange. Perhaps a white backgound used to highlight a good looking recipie, and orange for the bindings.

If on the other hand, the book was aimed at MEN in the kitchen, then the title may also be orange.

Green would NOT be a wise color choice in this instance …while it has associations with freshness and good health, it is more likely to invoke some of its negative qualities. And an underlying feeling of guilt and nausea can be one of them. Definitely not the feeling you want to stir with regards to your cookbook!

So take the time to get a high quality cover made for your ebook. After all, you have gone to a lot of time and trouble… why let yourself down at the final step?