-All About Franchising In A Nut Shell

In simple terms, a franchise gets created as part of an agreement made between the franchisee and franchiser. Here, the franchisee has the authority to use the franchisers trademarks and logos and market its products. A legal agreement is being made to protect the individual interests. An initial franchise fee is paid by the franchisee and a royalty payment from that time on.

Franchising has now become an established business activity. With the help of franchisees, large corporations can achieve diversification and also an upper edge over other small businesses. This is now increasingly popular in many different industries, especially the food industry. Along with fast food restaurants there are many other such sectors that are franchised today actively. With franchises, a business has the potential to create new business units. As per a recent survey, around one-third of total retail sales are made via franchise stores.

Nothing can be more comforting than owning a successful franchise in food or any interested industry. But care should be taken while opening a franchise store in a new market. Many times the outcome does not meet the expectations. For restaurant owners who are interested in expanding their business but have shortage of management personnel or financial resources to operate a chain of stores, creating franchise opportunities can be a solution to the problem.

The initial franchise cost is the onetime payment made by the franchisees in order to secure the new franchise. The royalty fee paid henceforth depends on the gross sales from different stores. A franchiser can make money through the franchise fee, sale of supplies and the royalty fees. In order to obtain the legalities of a franchise, one needs to consult a franchise lawyer and a consultant having good knowledge about franchising. The franchise lawyer will do the necessary paper work like franchise contract, register and drafting of franchise offering circular and the like. The right consultant on the other hand can help you with advertising, operation manuals, public relation materials and training programs.

If you are making a profit with your franchise business then you can always put the businesses for sale if you want to. You can get potential buyers who can strike a deal with you. But if you are not making enough profit then it is pretty difficult to sell your business in the market. There are also magazines available which are dedicated in providing data regarding the franchising business.