ADT To Put It’s Retail Security Suite On Show

ADT Security will showcase a new interactive display unit and demonstrate the futuristic capabilities of facial detection and tracking technology at the Retail World conference to be held in Sydney from June 27 to 29. While offering security benefits, both solutions promise to help retailers maximise profits through enhanced store intelligence and improved customer experience.

Ideal for department stores and consumer electronics retailers, ADT Security’s new Duonell Interactive Display Unit encourages customers to get hands-on with gadgets while they are switched on and fully functional. Where many stores hide expensive items such as cameras, mobile phones, GPS systems and other electronic devices in locked cabinets due to security concerns, this self-guided kiosk style unit enables retailers to openly display merchandise thanks to an in-built anti-theft device which emits a sound if a product is forcibly removed.ed.

In order to reduce customer waiting times and further encourage interaction, Duonell’s interactive touch-screen can be used to provide customers with important product information and video tutorials. Further sales growth opportunities can be achieved by using the touch-screen to display up-selling, advertising or promotional messages.

The Duonell Interactive Display Unit offers further benefit to retailers through valuable customer insights data. The unit’s computer system can produce downloadable reports that enable retailers to understand customer preferences and store activity, such as statistics about which products are more popular, and the average time a customer spends looking at each item.

Also on display at Retail World will be ADT’s facial detection and tracking technology which when used in conjunction with store performance analytics assist retailers in understanding more about customer behaviour than ever before imagined.

Capable of capturing visitor trend data such as traffic numbers, shopper direction, average time of stay and even demographics, these innovative new tools allows retailers to quickly spot trends, patterns and abnormalities so they can identify security issues and allocate resources accordingly.

Improved in-store marketing is another benefit, as retailers can then use the information generated to better structure messages, and place product and promotional items in areas receptive to their target market. Using discretely-positioned video sensors it is possible to analyse and count customer faces automatically, classifying them by age and sex. These advanced tools even have the ability to identify the number of viewers specific products attract and how many of these viewers then proceed with a purchase. Reports can then be generated which help retailers learn how best to engage and convert customers.

Retail World will be held at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre from June 27 to 29, with ADT Security present at stands 2 and 3. As the exclusive worldwide distributor of Sensormatic Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems, ADT Security will also have a range of the latest anti-theft tags, labels, pedestals and deactivators on display.

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