A new way to save money on your new cell phone and wireless plan

A new way to save money on your new cell phone and wireless plan.

At a time in our lives where the cost of everything we purchase seems to go up every day, I’m here to talk about one area that you can actually save money on an item that we all use every day. Our cell phone and cell phone plan.

When looking for a phone, there are a few things that people are looking for…..

1. Price – Just like everything else we buy, price is king.
2. Coverage – Having a great cellphone is worthless unless you have service where you live.
3. Features – These days, cell phones are used just for talking on. Things like email, internet and texting has changed the way we use our phones.
4. Customer Service – Is someone going to be there to help when problems come up?

What if I could provide you with a place that not only gives you options to select what carrier you want, choose from the newest phones from those carriers and have full support from the carriers, but at a cost much lower than going to your local mall kiosk or directly to the carrier’s own stores.

Here’s how it works.

I run a website called MedCity Wireless. We are a reseller for all the major carriers and carry all the latest phones and tablets on the market today. But the biggest difference, is that we are an “online only” store. So I don’t have the overhead required to open a traditional store, or pay rental fees for a kiosk in the middle of the local shopping mall. That, in addition to the high volumes that we do, allows us to dramatically cut the prices on the phone. A lot of times, making the phones free!

And since we are an official reseller for the main carriers, you still get the great coverage and great service that you would get if you got it straight from the carrier. Your initial sale goes through us, but your service and monthly bill comes straight from them.

My own family was looking to upgrade recently, and of course I purchased them through MedCity Wireless, but I did a lot of research first. This is what we ended up getting……

We were able to get 3 high-end Android phones and 1 “slide” texting phone for $99.99. The same phones, from the same carrier that wanted to charge us $349.96 for them when we walked into the local retail shop.

So, come take a look around. I urge you to compare the prices to your local mall kiosk or retail store. I think you’ll quickly realize that MedCity Wireless is the new way to buy/upgrade your cellphone and cellphone service.