Time Management Tips – Create Fresh Solutions To Deeply Rooted Time Problems Using 7 Questions

Time management tips are all about power – your power. To unlock your potential, learn how ancient assumptions about time hold you back. 7 simple questions provide the key.

How often do you find yourself restless with your daily routines? What do you do with the gnawing sensation that life may be passing you by? If you feel trapped in a fishbowl, remind yourself that with sufficient insight, you can create a paradigm shift. As the saying goes: :

“One thing about which fish know exactly nothing is water, since they have no anti-environment which would enable them to perceive the element they live in.” Marshall McLuhan

To make a strong start, focus on your family of origin. You can tap profound insights by traveling to your roots.

The rhythm of your family’s time choices moved through you from your first moments. So it’s hardly surprising that you may frequently overlook ways you restrict your options. Your family legacy about time use is a current that will run through you unchecked. That is, until you see it, claim it and use your power to change your scripts!

Family Origin Exercise – Identify Your Lifetime Scripts About Time Choices

Fill-in-the-blank exercises help generate startling insights. Explore your history with a relaxed and open mind. Take a few minutes to write down your responses. Fresh family insights will enrich you considerably! Broaden the exercise to include other family members too, if they influenced your early development with regard to time.

1. I liked the way my mother/father always took time to _______.

2. My mother/father always dreamed of __________ but never took the time.

3. When under stress, my mother/father would spend more time ________.

4. My mother/father spent lots of time _________ no matter what.

5. I felt valued when my mother/father spent time __________.

6. I used to promise myself in the past that I would not ever spend time ________ the way that my mother/father did.

7. When I look at where my life feels out of balance and think of my mother/father’s time choices, I see that ____________.

* What do you learn by completing this exercise?

* What takes you by surprise?

* Which of your family’s time choices have you adopted as your own? How do you use them in your life today?

You may experience a range of emotions as you consider what you now know. But this is the first step in your revising your approach to the rest of your life!

Keep in mind that the friendly acceptance you bring to yourself as you trace these patterns will help you forge new paths in the days ahead.

Why not return to this exercise from time to time to see what additional insights you gain? And while you are at it, ask your dreams, as well!

As you intuitively make your way forward, you will discover more and more possibilities. The best way to honor your legacy is to consciously choose what to bring forward, and what to release.

So invest the time and care in writing this upcoming chapter of your life enriched by wisdom from these family stories.

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Offered to you by Paula Eder, the Time Finder Expert.