Sawaeed Employment L.l.c By Sawaeed

Sawaeed Employment is a limited liability company that prides itself in providing staff outsourcing services to the region . Established in 2006. Sawaeed was the innovation of 17 partners. Armed with skills , the experience and a valuable knowledge of the market they collectively created Sawaeed Employment. Today, the helm of our company is led by a Board of Directors comprised of 5 members including the Chairman and Chief Excecutive Officer.

Sawaeed Employment commenced operations with an initial capitalof AED 51.1 million after detailed studies and in-depth market research reveled a dire need for both skilled and unskilled labour. Strategically based in the capital of the UAE, Sawaeed Employment controls all operations from its headquarters in the heart of the Abu Dhabi Business District.

At Sawaeed Employment , we have fostered solid relationship with the UAE business community and built a client portfolio that operates in a diverse range of industries including oil and gas, aviation, marine services, hospitality, construction, facility management services, domestic services, wedding & events, security, banking, health care and others. As well, our company houses the region’s manpower specialist under its roof. With a variety of dedicated and motivated teams responsible for hiring, managing ,promoting and training workers, Sawaeed Employment is guaranteed to continue meeting the labour demands of the region’s leading companies.
Sawaeed Employment LLC-with over 10,000 workers on board.
Industries we serve
Construction,Oil & Gas,Hospitality,Government Offices, residences, Palaces etc.,Banks & Financial Institutions,Telecommunications,Electromechanical
Marine & Aviation Industry,Executive Placements
Sawaeed provides Free Employment visas (3 years duration) / Insurance / Food / Accommodation / Transportation, Vacation Pay, Air Tickets, End of Service Benefits & all other benefits as per UAE labour laws

Sawaeed Employment initiates a search based on client requirements.
The rate and contract type are finalized with the client.
Sawaeed Employment runs recruitment campaigns in cooperations with agent and associates.
Sawaeed screens and approves all final bio-datas.
Selected candidates are interviewed.
Short listed candidates met with client reprentative for final interview, selection, and documentation.
Sawaeed Employment arranges travel documentation and visa processing.
The company receives the new employee.
Direct Hire Employment Contract
As allies of the region’s foremost companies and ultimately their partner in economic success, we strive to provide the best in quality service. Our Direct Hire Contract stipulates the recruitment of candidates locally or internationally under the client’s sponsorship through:
Local Recruitment Campaigns
International Recruitment Campaigns
Contract Hire
Employees under our sponsorship can be outsourced based on the following type of contracts:
Long Term Employment (one year or more)
Medium Term Employment (six months to one year)
Short Term Employment (three to six months)
Casual Hire Employment Contract
In addition to the aforementioned services, Sawaeed plans on assisting organizations in the hospitality industry by providing supporting staff on a casual hire basis, Waiters, cleaners, and stewards, who are under our sponsorship can be quickly mobilized to service hotels or any event.

Uae Construction Companies List Of Construction Companies

UAE is known for its and Burj Al Aab. UAE is also known for biggest oil supplier in the world. There are lots of oil based plants that are itself very huge structure also. UAE is also known for its entertainment spots like horse race, desert dance, skydiving also Ice hockey. There are lots of companies that make UAE to be proud on itself.

Al Moosa Contracting: It is giving its services to UAE since 26 years. This is one of civil engeering companies with lots of projects like Nad Al Sheeba Grand Stables, Etension of Dubai Municipality building, 100 Low Cost Houses at Fujeirah, 100 Low Cost Houses, Hamriya, Private Rest Houses, Construction of Mosque, Warehouse and Office at JAFZ, Jebel Ali. You may visit for more information as well as to know more projects also at .

Actco General Contracting Co: UAE region based with international shareholders company, giving its the best services to UAE since 1975. This company has projects into lots of disciplines like civil engineerings, power plants, oil and gas projects, infrastructure/ utilities and airport facilities. It has services into many sectors like steel structure, civil works, energy services, water services and electrical engineerings. It has 3300 employees, giving their best response to their project. You may visit website

Ahmed Bin Dasmal Contracting Company: Established on 1989, this company giving its good services with clients satisfaction and budget also. This is providing services into commercial, industrial, residents and institutional also. It has lots of projects like Old souk, Nadd Al-Shiba Market, Flame Monumentrich style life routine with beautiful worlds recorded name building Burj Dhubai, Al Ittihad and Oud Metha Parks and Al Ghusais Bus Station . In addition, Apartment Complexes, Mosques, villas, and Car Service Stations. For any query visit website

Arab Center for Engineering Studies: This is geotechnical and material testing engineering organization and established 1983. It has sister companies with number of 12 in cities as well as countries like Aqaba, Dubai, Abnu Dhabi, Al Ain, Doha, Amman, Gaza, Riyadh, Ramallah, Jeddah and Khartoum and Sanaa. They have lots of huge project like GASCO INTEGRATED GAS DEVELOPMENT, ADGAS OFFSHORE ASSOCIATED GASES, DYNASTY TOWER, COCONUT ISLAND and CAPITAL CENTRE.

Arabtec Construction L.L.C: This is establioshed in 1975 and giving its good services to UAE till now. It has state-of-the-art equipment as well as a multinational team of 50,000 employees. Its completed projects are Burj Dubai lake Hotel, Sky Gardens Tower, DIFC truck Tunnel and newly awarded the atrium, silverene twin towers and on going Burj Dubai, infinity tower and ocean heights.

Dubai Construction companies as well as other in Middle East construction companies have their valuable services and making UAE to be proudfull on itself. Now and in upcoming construction companies have their bright future in UAE property market.