Leading the Innovation of Cell Phone Technology

Do you ever ask yourself, what happened before we had cell phones? Then you think back and remember how it all started. First we had the beepers where we had to pull over and call our friends from a pay phone. Then the first cell phones were created. I remember in the 90’s I had to carry around a big fake Louis Vuitton purse so I could fit the phone inside. It was a huge phone with a long black antenna that didn’t fold in. Now we have cell phones that keep getting smaller and smaller and smarter and smarter. Our cell phones are so smart we don’t even need keypads anymore. We now have smart phones with a touch pad and touch screen panel technology that allows us to access the internet, map out directions, take photos and video, listen to music, watch movies and even update our social media websites. Its technology at its fines and here are two mobile phones that are leading the innovation of cell phone technology.

The iPhone Apple announced the iPhone in January 2007. This phone is a multi-media smart phone with a multi touch screen panel. The cell phone is one of the first to implement a virtual keypad on a touch panel screen instead of a physical keypad. It was also one of the first phones to offer visual voicemail along and iTunes capabilities. When caller ID came out I bet 90% of people started screening their phone calls. Now with visual voicemail you can screen the messages you want to listen to and even listen to them in the order you want. With iTunes capabilities your phone is also a mini iPod that you can plug into your car or strap to your arm for a run. It’s completely flexible. The only thing Apple missed on the launch of the iPhone was GPS capability. But, not for long in July 2008 Apple introduced the new 3G iPhone. The 3G iPhone was faster, smaller, cheaper and had GPS capabilities. Both phones synch easily to your computer for software updates that keep making the phone better and better. The iPhone paved the way for advanced cell phone technology.

5800 Xpress Music Nokia is getting ready to unveil the 5800 Xpress Music mobile phone by year’s end. The new device was designed to give Apple’s iPhone some competition. Along with the iPhone the 5800 will have touch screen panel technology and music capabilities. Per an article from PC World the similarities between the two phones stop there. The Nokia’s touch screen virtual keypad will also work with the touch of a fingernail or stylus unlike the iPhone which uses the touch of your finger pad. The new Nokia went after a more user-friendly software approach as well. Some of the features include a contact bar with photos of friends that you most frequently contact that you can send text messages from. And, going one step further than the iPhone, you can also add feeds to your phone that will alert you when friends update their social networking websites. The new Nokia also supports flash software another element the iPhone does not have. Other cool features include video capture, handwriting recognition and louder surround sound speakers. And the best part about the phone is the cost. The new Nokia will cost half the price of the competitive touch screen phones in the market.

We’ve come a long way from beepers and large cell phones. With the advance in technology we can purchase not only a cell phone but a smart cell phone that doubles as your PDA and iPod and it’s small enough to fit in your pocket.

About the author: Lori S.M. Hollenback is a freelance writer for Innuity. For more information about touch pad technology or touch screen panel, visit CIRQUE