Drupal Vs Liferay Fight It Out With Narrow Differences

Drupal is one of the leading open source CMS systems written in PHP. It consists of thousands of modules and it allows the developers to modify or develop the module easily. It uses MYSQL as its native database. Liferay is also an open source CMS system but it is written in Java, it is great for building enterprise portal. This is compatible with social networking websites, corporate intranet and internet portals.

Simple and wonderful features of Drupal

Drupal enables the user to generate the content in a friendly manner. Mainly it has a complete and well developed featured CMS. Drupal supports multi language and multiple sites. It has numerous API. With the help of well developed API, you can easily create the modules which are needed for the system. The flexibility of the web design allows you to fulfill your business needs without any restrictions. Some of the other CMS tools have lots of restrictions for custom coding the application; Drupal has many pre-built quality modules. Search engine optimization is the important factor for getting traffic to the website. As this application is SEO friendly, it is easy to optimize according to the online business marketing strategy and likewise it has a greater user base, so it increases the products reach on the market. All the while it will increase the productivity.

Enterprising features of Liferay

The Liferay portal is available as a community edition and as well as enterprise edition. Most of the enterprises are willing to go for Liferay enterprise portal development. It allows to setup common characteristics to websites. The modification or editing is quiet difficult for beginner level programmers. It allows the users to access all the features such as add, edit, delete, and some more functions using admin panel. It has an open space for users, developers and administrators utilize the services which exist in the backend. For any user, the administrator can assign different roles with different levels of access for each module; this will enforce that only the users can access their modules. Thus it provides protection to the data. Due to this facility the data is secure and safe.

Advantages of Drupal

The interface is very easy. So it makes the users to start with it right from the word go. As it is a web content management system, it allows the user to develop the website very fast. Through its step by step procedure it is easy to add a module to the site. The demand for this WMS is very low and the programming implemented in this is PHP. Getting a good PHP developer is easy. Development period is very low.

Advantages of Liferay

It is a portal server. The module which is created for Liferay can easily be migrated to some other Java specified platform. It bears a strong permission system and its security architecture is superior. It has features for adjusting the page as private or public and it provides control over the pages for every user. It is developed by JAVA. Hence it is best suited for Enterprise application.

The main drawback of Liferay when compared to Drupal is, it requires more resources and it takes longer period of time to develop and implement the application in any enterprise.