Door To Door Sales – Becoming A Top Earner

Many door to door salespeople are working in the dark and using guesses instead of facts. To succeed in door to door sales, you need to keep track of your results and gradually improve. No one is great at the beginning and you will definitely sell more door to door if you know your numbers.

Those who do not keep track will become discouraged and quit. Because door to door selling is repetitive, often we lose track by the end of the day of how many people we have spoken with. If this happens, we are basing our door to door sales success on guesses and guesses can be very wrong. A few weeks ago, I worked with a depressed recruit in door to door sales who said he called on 45 homes and did not get one sale. When I checked with his field manager, we found that he had knocked on 45 doors but only 10 people answered his knock. There is a big difference in talking with 45 people and not getting a sale and in talking to 10 people and not getting a sale. So be very careful that you are working with real data.

I suggest you keep track in writing of the key numbers for success. Write the results after every call as you go to the next door. The first and most basic number to keep track of is how many doors did you knock on. A typical number might be 20 per hour worked. Be sure to write down your results. This is an indicator of how much effort you put in on any day.

The next number to calculate is how many doors were answered. This number tells you if you were working at the best time of day, if you were dressed properly etc. A typical answer might be 25% of the doors knocked.

The next important number is how many people did you have a sales conversation with. That is how many people let you begin your presentation and opening. This number tells you how effective you opening is. Try small changes in wording and approach and keep track of whether your changes increased your success rate or decreased it. A typical result might be 10% of the people you spoke to.

An important number to know is your closing rate. How many people do you get a sales from that allowed you to do your presentation. This numbers will tell you if you need to work on closing techniques. A typical closing rate is 33% of the people you do a presentation for.

The final thing I suggest you keep track of is objections. Write down every objection you cannot overcome. Keep track of how often each objection comes up and then work on ways to overcome that objection and see if your closes go up or down. You should know the final objection from all the people who do not buy. Keep track and see which ones come up most often. Those are the ones you need to work with.

By faithfully keeping track, you will gradually increase your numbers and become very successful at door to door sales.