Steps To Business Communication Success

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What is success? The answer to that question is both personal and institutional for those of us who work in the business world. In essence, success is the ability to accomplish the task at hand. Technically, it is “to achieve one’s aim to prosper”.

You need thriving business relationships to prosper. In fact, we can measure much of our business success in terms of the viability of business relationships. Relationship health is directly affected by the quality of communication. Use the following steps to achieve communication success and to strengthen your critical business relationships.

Step 1: Identify a few communication weaknesses.

Can you think of any communication challenges that you face? It’s time to brainstorm and quickly make a written list.

Here are a few questions to get you thinking about your own communication challenges: * Are your employees happy and satisfied? * Are your clients glad to provide referrals? * Are your partners and stakeholders well-informed and confident? * Do you feel motivated and inspired? * Do your conversations flow?

As you review the bulleted list above and consider your communication challenges, identify each challenge but don’t get bogged down with other details.

Step 2: Decide to address the most bothersome communication weakness.

This choice is yours to make. However, whatever challenge you choose, you will find that the other relationships are naturally strengthened as you develop proactive and positive communication skills. You do not have to fix everything at once in order to benefit from this exercise!

Now that you have selected your challenge, it’s time to stop and think about what makes it so challenging. In other words, if success was easy you wouldn’t be working on this right now. Many leadership or business management challenges are a result of busy-ness. Leaders don’t realize that others need communication that is: * Professional * Complete * Positive * Concise, and * Wholly relevant without any irrelevance

If you are a leader or a manager, communication is your job. People expect you to do it and do it well. The responsibility for communicating is yours. It would be literally impossible for others to compensate for your poor attention to communication.

In spite of the advice of gurus world-wide, there seems to be a reluctance to buy into this idea. We all want to believe that we can just do our jobs well and receive the kudos. We want to believe that we are responsible for our own success. The truth of the matter is that most of us will be hindered, more or less, when we ignore communication or become passive.

Communication may not come naturally, and you may need to work on it. Communication brings power to your professional and personal life. Critical relationships can thrive with your attention.

To gain an understanding of how to resolve the weakness, you need to look at your communication patterns. You will develop communication that is regular and has flow. Communication, however, is not just about giving out messages. Communication is listening and speaking, receiving messages and conveying messages. Typically, listening is the thing that gets us into trouble. We don’t do it.

Step 3: Listen to others for a week.

I know you’re grumbling! Is a week really necessary? Yes. We’re not just talking about passive listening either; you will ingeniously create opportunities for listening. Listening must be practiced, and acting on incomplete information may be more harmful than doing nothing.

Consider how long you have been without the power of listening, and realize that a week is a small price to pay. While you are listening, you are reserving judgment and allowing the answers to come to you. Others often already know where the problem lies. They may even have ideas as to how you can fix the problem. Active listening requires practice, so be patient.

You may politely and nonchalantly ask for input during this time, but keep things casual and neutral by not being too intense and by refusing to form or give your opinion. This gives others the freedom to develop their thoughts and express them without disagreeing with you. Be sure to take notes on potential solutions.

Step 4: Define success and the benefits in this area.

After a week, you will probably have many ideas about how you could move forward. First, take a moment to define your ideal outcome. This is your defined target. You may not feel that you can make the mark on the first try. However, you need to choose to believe that success is possible and likely, and that you will have a reasonably positive response to your efforts. Your attitude affects your motivation and your outcome.

In addition, think about what benefits you hope to achieve. How would life or business be better as a result of your desired outcome?

You are painting the picture of what you’d like to see. For example, “Our clients know that we value their relationship as well as their business. We don’t tell them this; we show them. Every call is answered in a polite manner. Each concern is personally addressed. We listen when they speak. We thank them for their input. We keep them informed of new products and company news. We are considerate in our pricing. We thank them for each purchase. In return, they have no interest in checking out other providers, and they remain loyal in spite of the efforts of our strong competitors. We have steady growth in our revenue.”

Step 5: Make your proactive communication plan, being sure to establish checkpoints.

This plan will come out of your definition of success and your listening activities. Some examples of proactive communication would be providing customer service seminars for your employees, taking on a visible role that reaffirms your commitment to personal service, starting a service blog discussing best practices, scheduling individual meetings to check in with employees, or establishing standards of excellence and rewarding employees who excel or improve. Notice that these items are not remedial. You are not resolving past problems, but establishing a firm foundation for the future.

Also notice that you would choose one activity to plan. For example, if you choose to focus on a customer service seminar, you will define the necessary tasks and place those tasks in your planner. Choose your communication activity based upon whether you need a long-term or short-term effort. Also, consider the availability of resources and plan accordingly.

You may have to practice needed skills. For instance, if you are planning to present a customer service seminar yourself instead of outsourcing, you may need to schedule time to develop your presentation skills. If you are nervous about your skills in an area, practice those skills until you become calmly confident.

Step 6: Implement your plan.

Implement your plan, keeping your ideal outcome in mind as you go. Review checkpoints frequently to ensure that you are on track. Involve others in the plans when possible, or have an accountability partner. As things fall into place, you may be surprised at how well everything is going! Once your activity is complete or the communication fix is in place, it’s time to take a realistic look at what you’ve accomplished.

Step 7: Evaluate the results.

Congratulations! How did you do? If you look at your definition from Step 4, you will be reminded of the gains have you have achieved. You may also note unforeseen obstacles that you overcame. Remember to thank those who helped you along the way, and make sure to reward yourself for your efforts.

Now you’ve seen the power of communication at work. Communicating will become easy (or easier) as you go through the 7 Steps to Business Communication Success again. Communication is the key to your success.

Security Training and Licensing for the Leisure Industry

Here in the UK all training courses related to private security be it individually or for a company, must be regulated by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and approved by the BIIAB.

SIA main duty is the compulsory licensing of individuals working in specific sectors of the private security industry. On the other hand BIIAB is the wholly-owned awarding body of BII, the professional body for the licensed retail industry.

According to the Private Security Industry Act 2001, section 3, schedule 2. Anyone looking to work as a private security guard, door supervisor or as a bouncer must have a valid SIA licence.

Other activities defined as licensable by the Act are: Cash and Valuables in Transit, Close Protection, Public Space Surveillance (CCTV), Key Holding and Vehicle Immobilisation (Wheel Clamping).

How to apply for a SIA licence?

Before applying for SIA licence to work within security industry, individuals must undergo a structured training course that results in a recognised qualification.

Once the training course is completed individuals are submitted to a test. This test is then sent to the entity responsible for marking, in this case BIIAB. BIIAB will return examination results on the same day which means that individuals will receive their test results in about 2 working days.

Having approved the test individuals can then apply for their SIA licence by filling out the SIA Licence applications. Once the application is received and an examination pass has been confirmed it will take between 7-10 days for the SIA licence to be issued.

Licence in hand you are then qualified to work within the security industry.

One of the most common questions that we hear from our students is: Does my SIA Licence for Door supervisor allows me to work as a private security guard as well?

The answer to this question is yes. The door supervisor licence is valid for both door supervision and security guarding.

Before enrolling on any training course keep this in mind:

1 – Check the training provider backgrounds. You don’t want to end up with a fake licence in your hands. 2 – Ask for their accreditations (SIA, BIIAB, Edexcel, etc…) 3 – Look for ex-students testimonials and feedback. The easies way to do this is by Googling the company’s name.

By following these 3 simple steps this will assure that you are enrolled onto a qualified training programme to work within the UK’s security industry.

In this article I described the “ins and outs” to work as a qualified employee in the security industry here in the UK. I would like to hear what is needed to work as a door supervisor or as a security guard in your country. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Basics Of Men’s Autumn Fashion

With spring and summer seasons finally coming to an end, combined with the autumn and winter months now well and truly amongst us. Its important to re-think your wardrobe and prepare for the autumn/winter collections. T-shirts and shorts are no longer required and warm clothes such as knit jumpers, leather jackets and jeans now becoming the staple of our clothing choices. With the combination of new colours and styles.

The previous years of mens fashion, particularly during the winter months, were predominantly focussed on dark colours. With black or navy knitted jumpers or jackets at the forefront. But in 2012 there is a large change. With colours being used to emphasise individuality and also style. Not to mention the come back of the leather bomber jacket. This type of jacket has made an alarming comeback with large appeal throughout fashion shows. Being a large testament to time, with its iconic look the leather bomber jacket, and leather jackets in general, are a men’s staple autumn/fashion item. The bomber jacket has high versatility and their usual cropped length, combined with an increased selection of colours help sets itself apart from any other piece of clothing.

Assisting the leather bomber jacket this season is the increased focus on military apparel. From aviator sunglasses to trench coats combined with the key green and khaki colours. So expect to see a high number of military inspired designs this autumn and winter. This includes fashion items with embellishments and embroidered epaulettes, helping make each fashion piece stand out. But lets not forget the current demand, especially for those in the UK, for outerwear. From lightweight jackets to leather jackets and heavy wool trench coats.

Moving from the heavy leathers and military inspired designs, lets view the lighter but highly essential fashion items this season. Such as the other staple knitwear. Jumpers are simple and attractive and more importantly warm. Featuring simple but classic colours and a variety of ribbed and cable stitching. Also, consider adding cardigans to your wardrobe this winter, as these not only provide another thick layering during the colder months but also help compliment stripe and plaid shirts. Helping provide individuality and colour into an often dull and colourless outfit.

Finally, lets focus on blazers, which are often underrated and overlooked. For example tweed blazers are an ideal layer to help fight against the cold. Although many consider the blazer as formal wear, that can only be worn at special occasion. In fact its versatility during summer and winter months is again over looked. The elegance and warmth it provides is unmatched, with its casual appeal becoming more present. For example, layering a blazer with many of the current fashionable mens t-shirts, and jeans with brogues is a smart and casual appearance, but also with a hint of elegance.

Consider all of these top fashion tips this autumn and winter, and learn to escape the cold whilst remaining fashionable and keeping up with the current trends. The key is to remember to always try going out of your comfort zone. It is by doing this new styles and unexpected clothing will become visible and increase your outlook and options.

Dressing Up Your Toddler In Celebrity Baby Clothes

Celebrity baby clothes can give your toddler all that is required to look stylish and hip. With so much importance given to looks and great dressing, appearance is everything, and the same goes for your little ones.

Believe it or not, celebrity moms also have to wade through a lot of stuff to find the ones that will look adorable on their tiny tots. But you have the benefit of getting everything ready and handpicked to make your bundle of joy the envy of all.

The Next One The Better

The problem that every mother faces is to find the right set of baby clothes. The truth is that every piece of clothing is so cute that you have a huge problem thinking what to buy? When you have a better understanding of the market and an insight into which celebrity baby is wearing what, you can have a fair idea of what to purchase.

Sometime ago, there was an e-mail on the Internet showing a celebrity baby wearing celebrity baby clothes. A few hearts must have wondered that when they would find something that would make their babies look as beautiful and haute as that one.

You Can Have It All

It is absolutely easy to have your cake and eat it too. There are many places where you can be rest assured to have what your hearts craves the most. You will get everything under the sun to help your baby look like the next upcoming model in baby fashion.

Whichever country it was made in, it is now possible to get all the celebrity baby clothes right in one place. Be it contemporary, traditional, chic, modern, and hi-fashion you can have all the baby clothing you desire. The celebrities might be going from country to country and store to store to get what they want, but you can get them right where you live.

A beautiful variety of every color imaginable, cool mix and matches and a perfect combination of baby apparel is available for your needs. You can also choose to make your toddler look chic in winter wear, summer clothes, or using baby spring clothes.

And that’s not all. Even the yummy mummies can dress it up in their choice of celebrity fashion. You can pamper yourself in the most enchanting variety of maternity wear, birthing gowns, and even sexy nursing bras.

If you see it on the posters, television chat shows, or fashion ramps, you can be sure that it will be available in a few days in the market. Celebrity baby clothes make it possible to dress up your baby in stylish baby clothes for any occasion.

When all this is possible and you do not even have to spend much for it, you can go ahead and shop until you drop. And why stop at clothes, you can get everything you want, be it clothes, accessories, or celebrity baby gear for your little pride and joy.

Your baby will be well on the way to become the next Tom Cruise or Victoria Beckham of high fashion with celebrity baby clothes.

What You Should Know About Theft of Construction Equipment

People often think that it’s basically impossible for construction equipment to be stolen, since it would be pretty noticeable if someone started driving a crane down the street. But, many construction equipment thefts are easy to conduct for quite a few different reasons. It’s actually really easy to get away with, and has become commonplace in countries such as the US, Canada, Japan and Europe. People should, therefore, be made aware of such thefts going on in their areas.

Because construction equipment doesn’t come with doors or locks, they are easy for burglars to break into. Thieves feel that hi-jacking construction vehicles is a piece of cake compared to most other types of vehicles. And people won’t be able to tell if the equipment being driven is being operated by a thief or construction worker. Most people wouldn’t recognize a piece of construction equipment if it was camouflaged somehow.

Thieves find it beneficial to steal this kind of equipment because it can command a high price on the black market. Forklifts alone can fetch a price of $12,000 to $50,000, and thieves could sell a generator for $150,00 a pop. Because constructions sites often have lots of these kinds of equipment, it’s easy money for clever thieves. Criminals are very fond of stealing construction vehicles for these reasons, not to mention the fact that most construction sites are unsecured and the vehicles are left out in the open with no protection.

The problem has become too severe to be ignored any longer. According to statisticians in Japan, roughly 450 pieces of construction equipment was stolen in 2008 alone. While in the united states, the National Insurance Crime Bureau found that nearly a billion dollars in construction equipment is stolen and sold each year on the black market.

To date, numerous government agencies and manufacturers of construction equipment have tried their best to prevent this theft from continuing. In the UK, construction equipment registration systems make it easier for the police and the companies who own the equipment to recover their stolen goods.