What You’ll Learn About During Our Sales Training In Miami

Are you a salesperson? Do you spend your days trying to convince your prospective buyers of your goods and services to become actual buyers of what you’re pushing? Moreover, are you located in the panhandle of Florida or in a nearby region? If so, then Dale Carnegie’s sales training in Miami is right for you. At Dale Carnegie, we have the training and the experience – well over a hundred years, in fact, as DC was founded in 1912 – to help build you up in sales, work logistics, professional application of learned principles, and more.

In our sales training in Miami, you can improve your selling skills in a flash. Over the course of a two-day, comprehensive session of sales training in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach areas, you can take on a whole new world of experience and growth the way you should be as a salesperson. Improve your numbers. Make your managers happier. Have a more productive and more profitable working experience. So what are some of the basics of what we teach at Dale Carnegie in our sales training, and how can you benefit from these ideas?

Before we begin discussing any of the principles necessary for strategic growth featured in our sales training in Miami, West Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale areas, it’s crucial that you understand what we call our iMap process. It’s a five-step analysis and action for developing a better way of doing business: intent, inquire, involve, innovate, and impact. Your intent is your organization’s long-term vision. When we inquire, we discuss where the company is now as opposed to your intent, and how we can achieve it. We involve ourselves in our sales training in Miami via assessments and surveys for the purpose of determining what needs to change. We innovate through intervention and proper training, and we impact your ultimate performance through coaching, aligning your personal behaviors with the company’s goals.

Moreover, when it comes to sales training in Miami seminars, more specifically, you’ll be learning about account development, coaching other salespeople, commitment strategies, hiring new employees, generating a higher return on investment, and most importantly – and most profitably – mastering the selling process. With everything from overcoming objectives to understanding the subtle nuances of social interaction and how they play out in business, selling, and customer or client satisfaction, you’ll learn more than you thought you could at our sales training in Miami.

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