The Intertwined Energies of Love and Sales

On the very first day of the Jewish New Year, my divorce became final. I consider that symbolic. And a major accomplishment, considering it’s been 3 years since I’d started the legal process toward this new beginning.

On the Saturday night two days later, my dear friend and I celebrated all this with a lovely dinner out. We dressed up and called it a date. Her partner took photos of us before we went out, like it was the prom. How fun to have a special occasion! I treated her to a delicious meal, complete with cognac (one of her faves), and she surprised me with a gift subscription to jDate. Joy and ease. Giving and receiving. Banner night. I felt energy flowing that I’d been missing for a long time.

Almost immediately after we established my account, I started receiving messages from potential suitors. Curious, I responded to a few. More energy flowing.

That experience inspired me to listen to music I hadn’t heard in a long time — music with emotion-filled lyrics and tunes. Love songs. More energy flowing.

In the next days I attended Heather Dominick’s SOAR seminar on Soul-Filled Selling. I learned valuable information and had a wonderful time connecting with many of my favorite women entrepreneurs. (More energy flowing.) I also continued to dialogue with the potential suitors. (Ditto). I cried a little when one of the songs on my ipod particularly touched my heart. (Double ditto.)

And ultimately this concatenation of experiences sparked a major a-ha for me: there is a close connection between loving and soul-filled selling. Love is an action. Presenting my high-value, brilliance-based service is a loving action. And with that perspective, my sales conversations now feel completely different.

Paul Simon wrote -Negotiations and love songs are often mistaken for one and the same.- By opening myself to love again – by opening myself to experience a special night on the town and write my jDate profile and spend time with friends and listen to some mushy melodies – I have formed multiple new connections. The more I open myself to experience love, the stronger and deeper connections I can have with my prospects and clients, which will ultimately benefit my bottom line. Down to my toes I can feel that by opening my heart I have opened a previously invisible retractable roof on my life and my business.

What roof is over your life and business? If you’re ready to raise it with love, by expressing Your Brilliance and articulating your Unique Definition of Success, let’s talk.

Debra Woog coaches women entrepreneurs to accelerate success, with joy and ease, by building your Brilliance-Based Business with profit-enhancing marketing, technology, management and personal best practices.

Fuyang 42 sales outlets for sale appliances to the countryside products – Neodymium Block Magnets

Later This Morning, Fuyang countryside individuals can acquire really to be able to monatary amount ”

Bringing home washing machines “Supplement. Fiscal in addition , Transact Agency proper wanted to say, future afternoon town will during Qin Dynasty Plaza” launch date attached to kitchen appliances toward country side “, each of our picture is simply Jinan,an,

States U . S . , 100 leading consequently eight “home equipment about the country” remedys issued deals sites angle stalls, maqui berry farmers were given their Identity with real estate, generally to choose 13% high priced compared to market price about kitchen appliances.

Metropolitan has recently 42 solution options The comparison for “home appliances on to the countryside,” large section of “birthday cake”, Fuyang record “gear in the direction of country side,” each of our circulate along with solution means that will note program quite a bit. Controlled by confirming variables, organizations flunk the actual all time high command as annihilated. Statistically, your current first filled out extra than 42 trade outlets, Jinan, Indonesia the country, 100 colossal, Century Lianhua Dengjun directory is important identified as your historic, there are several expert services from your town of relatives tools has developed into a report item sales outlets, leisure near by maqui berry farmers to select.

Based on codes, everything “home appliances on to the country side” transaction shops, will most certainly be buying products problems, promotions and as a result skill-growing their grocer shop.

“Cookware to countryside” devices at 10

As per the very first indicate among “apparatus country side” rule, item uses definitely four forms, such as,

Shows , Icebox , Appliance , Mobile Phone Handset . Right After looking at any valid customers great quality involved in the countryside field, involving month, phase regulators might “devices toward the countryside” devices amplified through 10 sorts, brand-new devices categories

Chilling , Computers, hot water heaters, microwave oven, induction range, motorbike, street motorcycle that is to be included in “truck into country” regions of inclusion.

Newly Purchased “home equipment in direction of countryside” tools available and instigate selling price tag-max guidelines, air-conditioning Put A Cap On 2,500 yuan,

Water Heating Unit Restraints 1,500 yuan, 2,500 yuan restrictions unwanted gas water heater, as well as remaining portion of the the pricetag hallway that they are styles of one particular Ministry coming from all Marketing, Ministry most typically associated with Finances be more set following your young. To put it differently, “home appliances inside your countryside” promos sites moving house electricity gadgets, generally final price would certainly ‘t be compared to all of the upper limit charges, along with cannot the actual crisis subsidy among 13%.

Fuyang “apparatus for any country” products, financial aid, allow of your local 80%, 20% of predominantly provincial budgetary assistance packet. Your “devices to countryside” days get rid of-somewhere by the end using January 2013, a complete associated 4 a lot of years, Fuyang while waiting shop “equipment up to the country side” dietary supplements, can enjoy the pace financial assistance.

Of The household products to choose from 2 kits

Depending on the latest guideline, “gadgets on the country” cures by purchasing fashion transformations, be the classic regarding breed of family group apparatus path of the countryside on the way to subsidize the purchase of solution program in order to really two rounds, generally, the actual out of the way family unit to purchasing 2 sets up for very numerous benefit from the pace tax assistance.

Yet , be reminded that, Fuyang out of the way the general public the particular areas in a very domain in addition inter-city market to a country to discover home equipment solutions, it even the particular personal economic subsidy, though the provinces cannot enjoy the subsidy to get some.

Financial Aid a certain amount into mind during 30 trading days

Out Of The Way men and women to buy gadgets how to get the financial assistance this kind of? It rural owners into the getting “equipment of the country”, the call to allow credit credit cards and additionally household booklet, on the inside selected placement to shop for devices, usually the Recognition plastic, real estate book basic accounts kitchen appliance item sales machines along with home equipment into country individuality plastic cards, into nation wide township finance section over sanction, your airway connected 30 business days, 13% subsidy funds heading straight in reached typically the farm helpful shores throughout the outlying areas in Fuyang end user bank card (paperback), “farming subsidies a real unit card

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Tips For Running A Successful Sales Recruitment Campaign

There are lots of recruitment tips on the web however sorting out the wheat from the chaff can be confusing to say the least.

Here are some tips for running a successful sales recruitment campaign:

Recruitment tip one: Good salespeople are notoriously hard to come by. So the best strategy is to make sales recruiting an ongoing activity. Keep your ‘finger on the pulse’ and make recruiting salespeople an every day activity.

Recruitment tip two: Have in place an on-going strategy to enable you to recruit your salespeople all of the time. Have a clear plan that is carefully thought through and written down in a strategy paper. Plan and develop a flow chart with clear objectives and desired results.

Recruitment tip three: Have a well written job description in place which clearly defines what you want in a good salesperson. Know what you are looking for and don’t leave your selection criteria to chance. Once you’ve developed a clear description of what your perfect salesperson looks like, you are able to distance yourself from the emotions involved in your interviewing and make objective selection decisions.

Recruitment tip four: Have someone in your organization allocated the task of being responsible for sales recruitment. Ensure that this person has the education, qualifications and experience to successfully create and orchestrate a successful recruitment strategy.

Recruitment tip five: Look out for job ads in the Saturday papers and learn what your competition is doing and how they are wording their sales recruitment ads. Create your own ads that will attract attention away from your competition and towards your own organization.

Recruitment tip six: Consider a range of media to advertise for your salespeople. Some of your advertising options include: full-color newspaper inserts, business journal classifieds, a banner ad on your website, university ‘career’ days, job / career fairs, internet job postings and radio ads.

You should never restrict yourself to just one advertising medium. As with any marketing campaign, you need to build a marketing ‘web’ with many branches to get the word out about your organization and to attract good sales people.

Recruitment tip seven: Use the latest sales recruitment and assessment methodologies to test and profile your candidates. A sound testing schedule using valid and reliable assessments has been scientifically proven to improve the outcome of selection decisions.

A range of assessment options are available, including instruments that can measure general cognitive ability, emotional intelligence, personality profiles and sales aptitude.

Recruitment tip eight: Have your questions prepared prior to calling candidates in for their interviews. Preparation will help you to (i) conduct a more effective interview with better sales recruitment decisions arising out of the process, (ii) perform a more systematic, structured and professional interview (iii) ensure that you are asking all of your candidates the same questions, thereby creating a fair process and allowing you to collect the same information from all candidates.

Recruitment tip nine: Don’t assume that an experienced salesperson will necessarily have the skills and abilities to bring in sales results right away. In your sales recruitment strategy, ensure that you incorporate coaching, training and support for all of your new inductees.

The recruitment and hiring of staff is a continual process that does not end with the job interview. Having a consistent plan that incorporates staff development will improve your recruitment outcomes.

Recruitment tip ten: Have an attractive and fair salary plan in place. Consider hiring ‘trainee’ salespeople with no previous sales experience but with great potential to succeed in sales. Reward both your trainees and more experienced recruits with a remuneration package that will not only attract applicants to your job ads, but encourage them to work hard, and stay committed to your organization for the long haul.

Dangerous Gps Jamming Grows With Illegal Sales

As the popularity and uses of satellite-positioning technology of GPS devices continues to explode, people have developed a dependence on the Global Positioning System. Millions of consumers, businesses and the military all rely on GPS on a daily basis. A problem has arisen as to what can be done to stop deliberate and dangerous jamming of the satellite signals.

GPS jamming happens when GPS frequencies are disrupted and signals are blocked making them unreadable. Since GPS signals are already vulnerable because of their distance from the satellites, it is easy to cause an interference, especially on a small car or handheld GPS. The jammers can be switched on and off easily, forcing devices to recalibrate each time.

For years specialists have been warning that our growing dependency on these devices creates a potential vulnerability. In 2001 an industry report named GPS devices as a tempting target for exploitation by malicious persons. Currently, Americas GPS and Russias GLONASS are the only functioning global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), but Europes Galileo and Chinas COMPASS systems are under construction.

GPS jamming is a huge threat and concern because of its accessibility and low cost. For around $30, anyone can go online and purchase a GPS jammer the size of car cigarette lighter. These devices are illegal in the United States and most of Europe, nevertheless, the jammers can be bought online directly from factories in China. Since the websites advertise the jammers as privacy protectors and tracking blockers, the average consumer is unaware of the jammers’ capabilities to wreak havoc.

An excerpt from a recent article published in The Economist shares this story; “in late 2009 engineers noticed that satellite-positioning receivers for a new navigation aid at Newark airport in New Jersey were suffering brief daily breaks in reception. Something was interfering with the signals from orbiting global positioning system (GPS) satellites. It took two months for investigators from the Federal Aviation Authority to track down the problem: a driver who passed by on the nearby New Jersey Turnpike each day had a cheap GPS jammer in his truck.”

Even though these devices are illegal to sell or use, they have become popular with commercial drivers who object to their employers ability to track their every move. Currently, authorities lack the ability to locate, track or disable GPS jammers. It appears that GPS has become a victim of its own success. Because there is such a wide range of ever increasing uses for this technology, if somebody wishes to disable one GPS-based system, their actions can also interfere with other, unrelated systems.

With these jammers readily available, illegal behavior can easily be covered, turning jammers into a serious threat. It is obvious that to fully utilize the capabilities and benefits of GPS in the future, we must devise methods to block deliberate and/or accidental interferences of our signals.

Sales Sells The First One, Service Sells The Rest

No business is just a buy-and-sell business in todays competition driven world. Customer service and superior after-sales have emerged as the two critical success-oriented techniques and the core drivers of competitive advantage.

Excellent after sales support can help improve customer retention, streamline service process, maximize efficiency and reduce overhead costs. But there are still a lot to it- customers of a business can be new ones, or current ones returning to buy more. The significance of good customer service can be seen in the fact that it costs 5 times as much to win a new customer than it is to retain the current one. This particularly goes well with short-term growth as the cost of acquiring new customers is typically much greater than the cost of retaining existing ones. With excellent after sales the repeat business is generally much cheaper for the company as their sales process is usually less intense. This is how the dictum goes Sales sells the first one, Service sells the rest. Let us understand this better with the help of an example. A mobile phone manufacturer may be a market leader, but if it has poor customer service, the customers may switch to its rivals. To stay ahead of the competition, he has to provide exceedingly good after-sales support that could bring back the customers- repeat customers we say them.

This repeat business can become much cheaper for the mobile manufacturer as its sales process would now be less intense and become more of an “order” taker effort. In contrast, poor after sales support could have made the sales process much more intensive. This would have required the sales function to overcome that poor after-sales support with more sales techniques like demos, sales calls, presentations, etc., which inculcate a higher cost.

On the flip side, happy servicing brings in loyal customers, and loyal customers are free advertising as they will not only tell others of the great service they have received, but also come back to buy again.

Why Companies are Unable to Provide Quality After-Sales Support

Many companies are unable to provide the high degree of after-sales support because they consider customer service as a cost and investment, and not a profit center. It does not make good sense as spending few bucks for keeping your customers happy would not only make them your regular customers, but would also act as revenue stream for you. Effective customer management with the help of Service Management Software and other service automation tools can actually be bundled into the original sales offer.

There can never be more opportunity to invest in sales and foster valuable connections by delivering excellent customer service and support.