How to Find the BEST Deals on Office, Warehouse, Industrial, Retail, and Commercial Space for Rent or Lease

Flexibility Leads to Affordable Office

If You Help the Landlord Help You, Both Can Benefit. Many start-up businesses begin their journey in the affordable and comfortable confines of home. Before they know it, these businesses out grow home base and need to replant their operation in a more formal setting.

Flexibility Rewarded

Flexibility is essential if you want to find great deals that meet your unique start-up needs. If you are considering a move to commercial office space, the best advice I can give is to be flexible in your needs and look for landlords who are flexible in regards to term, price, and overall service.

Often an entrepreneur’s need for flexible lease terms will dictate their decisions. When I talk with them, their biggest fears are that of survival and of managing their growth, which is why they don’t want to get locked into a lease. If your business hits a bump in the road and you have to scale back expenses quickly, you don’t want to be stuck with lease payments for the next three years.

Conversely, if your business starts to grow faster than expected, you don’t want to be trapped in a space that is too small. For these reasons, prospective tenants prefer minimum leases of six months to one year terms which most landlords shy away from.

Working with start-up businesses has taught me the value of developing ideas that are different and unusual. I noticed that when I started getting creative, new businesses became interested. Most importantly, I am committed to meeting the needs of every tenant, so in the end we can work together and come to an agreement. If my tenants need to expand I’m delighted and make every effort to provide them with new space. On the other hand, if they need to end a contract or shrink their operation, I assist them in this process as well. In my line of work, it is crucial to develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships. I would recommend finding a landlord who will treat you in such a manner.

Watch for Deals

Recently I met a gentleman who needed a flexible deal; I had a 734 foot space sitting empty. Consequently, we agreed that he would pay $375 a month, on a month-to-month basis, while the space was still actively marketed.

In return if a lease-signing tenant was found, the gentleman agreed to move to another office in the building or to one of our nearby buildings. He also got the right-of-first-refusal in case he wanted to stay put.

Part of my job is to listen to the needs of new tenants. I heard they had a strong desire for low-cost solutions, so I developed a standard package that offers 200 square feet for only $300 a month. The property has a caf, free Wi-Fi, conference rooms, garage parking and an exercise facility.

The price of $300 per month includes everything, except for phone service.

Ask Questions

Prospective tenants often rely on me, as an agent, to take the lead, handle most of the process and answer all of the questions. Sometimes they even look to me for advice about marketing their business. Overall, they are looking for a full-service package, not just someone to show them space and get a signed contract.

ADT To Put It’s Retail Security Suite On Show

ADT Security will showcase a new interactive display unit and demonstrate the futuristic capabilities of facial detection and tracking technology at the Retail World conference to be held in Sydney from June 27 to 29. While offering security benefits, both solutions promise to help retailers maximise profits through enhanced store intelligence and improved customer experience.

Ideal for department stores and consumer electronics retailers, ADT Security’s new Duonell Interactive Display Unit encourages customers to get hands-on with gadgets while they are switched on and fully functional. Where many stores hide expensive items such as cameras, mobile phones, GPS systems and other electronic devices in locked cabinets due to security concerns, this self-guided kiosk style unit enables retailers to openly display merchandise thanks to an in-built anti-theft device which emits a sound if a product is forcibly removed.ed.

In order to reduce customer waiting times and further encourage interaction, Duonell’s interactive touch-screen can be used to provide customers with important product information and video tutorials. Further sales growth opportunities can be achieved by using the touch-screen to display up-selling, advertising or promotional messages.

The Duonell Interactive Display Unit offers further benefit to retailers through valuable customer insights data. The unit’s computer system can produce downloadable reports that enable retailers to understand customer preferences and store activity, such as statistics about which products are more popular, and the average time a customer spends looking at each item.

Also on display at Retail World will be ADT’s facial detection and tracking technology which when used in conjunction with store performance analytics assist retailers in understanding more about customer behaviour than ever before imagined.

Capable of capturing visitor trend data such as traffic numbers, shopper direction, average time of stay and even demographics, these innovative new tools allows retailers to quickly spot trends, patterns and abnormalities so they can identify security issues and allocate resources accordingly.

Improved in-store marketing is another benefit, as retailers can then use the information generated to better structure messages, and place product and promotional items in areas receptive to their target market. Using discretely-positioned video sensors it is possible to analyse and count customer faces automatically, classifying them by age and sex. These advanced tools even have the ability to identify the number of viewers specific products attract and how many of these viewers then proceed with a purchase. Reports can then be generated which help retailers learn how best to engage and convert customers.

Retail World will be held at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre from June 27 to 29, with ADT Security present at stands 2 and 3. As the exclusive worldwide distributor of Sensormatic Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems, ADT Security will also have a range of the latest anti-theft tags, labels, pedestals and deactivators on display.

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A Retail Clothing Store Business Plan

Your retail clothing store’s business plan requires a well-thought out customer analysis which describes what type of customers will make your store succeed.

Not Too Broad, Not Too Narrow

When choosing your customer target markets, make sure that they are neither too broad nor too narrow. The broader a target market, the more expensive and difficult to reach it and sell to it. For example, if the target market is simply “Residents of the Tri-state Area” this will tell you and readers little about the most effective means of reaching them.

Think further about who the most profitable customers within these broader markets will be and whether there are distinct groups of profitable customers worth mentioning. Profitable here refers to the total revenue that a certain customer will bring in through clothing purchases over a certain period, the customer’s likelihood to remain loyal and keep purchasing after that period, and the cost of achieving that customer through marketing and sales work.

If customer groups are too small, readers will be concerned that there isn’t enough potential revenue from the target markets for the store to show a profit. Remember that readers will not believe that you can ever achieve 100% of a market. You have to show that you will be able to break even with much smaller market shares, especially in the early days of your store.

Three or Four Segments Is Good Enough

To prove the excellence of your store’s potential, you may be tempted to write a list of target markets segments that you can target. Resist this temptation, and clearly show your focus on three or four segments at most for the short-term. If the amount of revenues that you can achieve from these groups seems limited over time, then you can go on to describe some future target markets, labeled as such, to detail the next steps the company can take when the original targets are tapped out.

Customer Values

For customers in each segment you describe, write about their specific reasons to buy from your store based on their values. Show the difference between each segment, because if two segments have the same values and needs, they could probably be lumped together as one. Don’t detail your promotion methods and product line again here as a way of explanation – those are covered elsewhere in your plan. Do be clear as to why each group listed is a good target for your clothing store.

Diy Embeded Touch Screen On Your Retail Glass Storefront

If you are interested in installing an interactive touch screen in a public, unsupervised location, it is recommended that an embedded touch screen solution be used. There are several different types of touch screen technologies, including Infrared IR Bezels which are placed over the top of the physical display.

Although IR Bezels are tremendously useful and powerful, not to mention easy to setup and implement, this may not be the right fit for high traffic public places. You should consult with a touch screen specialist if you have questions regarding touch screen technology and what type will be the best for your application or desired result.

An embedded touch screen solution is most likely going to utilize capacitive interactive touch screen technology which senses the location of the user’s touch of a finger or stylus on the surface itself. This type of technology is made possible with a thru-glass touch screen film that is applied to the substrate behind and out of physical contact with the user.

Let’s face the facts that occasionally there is the possibility for prying fingers and hands to want to touch things that are not supposed to be touched. It is recommended that you consider the implications of leaving your components exposed for high traffic, non-monitored public places such as airports, train stations, etc.

You have probably heard this statement in your lifetime, “Use the right tool for the right job.” That is exactly what we are endeavoring to communicate to you. Be sure that you have the right tool for the intended purpose and desired result.

By using this type of product behind the surface of the display, you can limit the exposure of technology and increase usability effectiveness at the same time. Embedded touch screen solutions give you the opportunity to create an interactive display out of traditional flat panel TV’s. You can also create interactive digital displays from any glass or clear plastic surface, changing it into a fully functioning touch screen.

Often this is a perfect solution for large format displays at tradeshows and retail storefront displays. By embedding the touch screen behind the touchable surface a very safe haven for the technology is created. This will also provide a futuristic and very intriguing environment to engage potential clients.

Rear projection film screens are often used with embedded touch screens, providing AV integrators, business owners and end users, architects and designers with the flexibility and scalability demanded in a world that will accept no less. Integrating the technologies is part of pulling it all together and can easily be accomplished with a few brief tutorials.

Go ahead and think “Big”. Both rear projection films and embedded touch screens are available in small to large format standard sizes, up to 126″ Diagonal Widescreens with the capability of being customized to your requirements.

Connection of the embedded touch screen to the brain or computer that recognizes the user’s touch is made possible through the use of a standard USB cable. This is commonly known as a USB touch screen and makes integration a breeze. Setup is as simple as installing the capacitive touch screen film behind the substrate and then you apply your rear projection film to the touch film. If you are using a traditional flat screen TV the process is a little different and you should contact your consultant or dealer for the correct procedure.

Once installation of hardware is complete, you can install the required drivers and plug in the USB cable. Calibration is simple and requires the touching of a few highlighted points on the display. Now you are set. Although you can use the touch screen for anything that you would normally use the computer’s mouse for, most often custom software or programs are incorporated to enhance and make the most of the touch screen capabilities.

If true multi-touch functionality is a feature you require from your touch screen, be sure to mention that to your customer service representative as it may make a difference in the product that is specified. Should you have questions or specific application requirements regarding embedded touch screens, it is recommended that you consult with a professional before purchasing this technology.

The Role Of Men’s Wholesale Clothing Distributors In The Retail Chain

Men’s wholesale clothing distributors fulfill a very important role in the clothing retail chain. If there were no wholesalers, many shop owners will go out of business. Let us briefly examine why this is the case.

If you are the owner of a men’s clothing store, or even a stall holder, you have to purchase your inventory from one ore more suppliers. The bigger the variety you sell, the more difficult it will be to make deals with all the various manufacturers. In most case they won’t even be interested to sell in such small quantities anyway.

You also face the additional problem that nowadays a lot of clothing is imported. There is simply no way that exporters from China, Europe or India are going to be interested to ship a few hundred items to an individual shop owner – these exporters want large orders, usually container loads.

In come the men’s wholesale clothing distributors. Their role is to source clothing from the various manufacturers and make it available to retailers. The benefit for the retailer is that he has a large variety of items to choose from, all under one roof.

The variety alone makes it worth his while for the average retailer. As every store owner well knows, more variety means more sales. And if you have a men’s clothing store selling general lines of clothing, as well as specialized items such as sports clothing, clothing accessories and boys clothing, you won’t find everything under one roof except at a wholesaler.

One other reason making it a good deal to buy from a wholesaler is the fact that, because they buy in bulk, they get much better prices which they can then pass on to the retailer. As an individual buyer purchasing one or two hundred items at a time, you will never be able to negotiate this type of prices with the manufacturer.

Often wholesalers will provide credit to retailers that have been buying from them for a certain time. If you as a retailer can arrange such a line of credit, you could probably sell the item even before you have to pay for it. This means none of your own money will be tied up in inventory.

Even if you have a specialized order, such as a customer that wants a few hundred T-shirts with his company logo, your clothing wholesaler could well be able to help you. These guys often have a close working relationship with so-called cut, make and trim (CMT) manufacturers who are able to fulfill custom orders. Buying from men’s wholesale clothing distributors therefore makes a lot of sense for a retailer.