Commercial Remodeling Guidelines For Retail Stores

A successful commercial remodeling project should make the retail location look more attractive and welcoming, while also increasing efficiency and comfort for employees. If you are giving your retail space a facelift, consider the following tips to help you give your location a leg up on the competition.

Find a Reliable Contractor
Remodeling takes away from the time your store is open to customers, so it’s crucial to hire a contractor who meets deadlines. Additionally, look for commercial construction contractors that are licensed, bonded, and insured. Do not be afraid to ask a contractor to meet with you before you make a final hiring decision. If a contractor does not arrive to a preliminary meeting on time, you may have good clue about what working with him will be like.

Make a Great First Impression
First impressions are important, especially for retail stores. Aim for a look that intrigues and welcomes customers. To make your customers feel safe, create a layout that allows a visual scan of the entire store upon entrance. Further enhance the customer experience with shelving units that are not too tall, aisle spaces that are comfortably wide and merchandise that is beautifully arranged in a logical manner.

Use Light to Your Advantage
Lighting can create a certain mood and spotlight products you want to accentuate. Consider using low ambient light with track lights to point customers to featured merchandise. To create a relaxed mood while complementing products, build lights into shelves and custom cabinets.

Paint According to Your Goals
Different colors trigger different emotions. For example, the color orange makes most people feel cheerful. Paint your retail space in a color that will help you achieve your commercial goals.

If you own a bakery, it would be wise to choose the color red, which is known to make individuals feel hungry. Green is a color that can trigger emotions such as growth, health and hope–great for a location that promotes wellness or sells plants. The color blue promotes the feeling of love, tranquility, acceptance and understanding–perfect for a retail store that sells spa products or gifts. Yellow is known to boost a customer’s memory and can help them feel joyful, smart and organized–ideal for a store that sells stationery products or organization solutions. Use colors to produce emotions that complement your product line.

Remodel to Enhance Your Brand
Northwestern University professor of marketing Philip Kotler has written, “In some cases, the place, more specifically the atmosphere of the place, is more influential than the product itself in the purchasing decision.” In this way, retail remodeling can enhance your brand.

Retail space remodeling can be an intimidating process. However, as providers of Portland remodeling services, we here at Sitka Projects can say that retail owners who plan carefully achieve excellent remodeling results. Knowing your target audience and having a firm grasp on your goals for the customer experience are the first steps in making a mediocre retail space explode with life.

The Implementation Of Kpi In Retail Banking

Looking at the typical bank, it would be so easy to assume that managing or operating a bank would be somewhat of a breeze. However, this is not so, especially when it comes to retail banking. There are so many factors at play here that concrete and accurate analysis can be very difficult for any bank manager or proprietor. Fortunately, this endeavor can easily be achieved with the help of KPI in retail banking.

What exactly is a KPI? This is actually an acronym that stands for Key Performance Indicator. This is a quantifiable factor that is used to measure the current performance or status of a business or enterprise, matching this against the goals and objectives that were once set way back during the foundation of the enterprise itself. In laymens terms, KPIs are measures used to determine how far along a business or enterprise is in its path towards achieving goals and objectives. Such is the purpose of the KPI, and this is very much needed when it comes to retail banking as well.

So, what are the KPIs that should be used in the industry of retail banking? These are actually the factors that are related to the overall performance of the retail bank. This is a very broad definition of the type of KPI that you can use in retail banking. To be more specific, here are some of the following metrics that you can use.

One of the metrics that you can use is the total cash deposits that the bank holds in a month. This should be included since this can measure how effective the retail bank is in attracting their customers and clients to make as many deposits as possible. After all, a retail bank earns its profit from the deposits that their clients make, right? Thus, this should be a metric to be included. In relation to this metric, the average annual deposits should also be used as a metric.

Another metric that you can use is the average number of depositors for each branch of the retail bank. Retail banks do branch out over time, especially when business is going well. Thus, it is important to determine the average number of depositors in each given branch. This still pertains to the ability of the bank to attract depositors.

The ratio of active depositors to dormant depositors should also be included as a metric here. We all know that not all accounts in a bank are active. Having a large number of dormant accounts is something that banks want to avoid because this would only mean bad business for them. Thus, this should be included as a metric as well.

The rate of borrowing risk should also be calculated. Banks are primary lending institutions, and when it comes to lending, banks should very well gauge the risk that comes with granting loans. For this, the bank should exert efforts in determining the possibility that the borrower would end up not being able to pay his loan once it matures. There is also that risk that the borrower might default.

These are just some of the KPI in retail banking that you should consider including. With these KPIs, the retail banks operations can run more smoothly.

Growth Of Indian Lingerie Retail Market-popular Lingerie Trends

Lingerie has been an integral part of every womans wardrobe and many innovations have been brought into the design or style ever since the time it was first introduced. There are many reputed lingerie brands in India which have come up with their designs to suit the Indian body type, choice and sensibility. These are priced at various affordable ranges to meet the budget of all sections of the Indian market. The recent Indian Lingerie buying trend among women shows a drastic change in the selection of such inner wear. Lingerie is no more considered just an essential inner garment but apparel that can accentuate the curves making one look and feel feminine like never before.

The different Indian Lingerie brands have designed such inner wear apparels for catering to all segments of buyers in India. One can select their pick of such inner garment according to their need and purpose. Choose from among the right size to get the perfect fit which is a vital factor in the making of such lingerie. This is why it becomes indispensable to buy intimate garments only after trying out the fit and size. In the recent times, there are many women who go out lingerie shopping unlike those times when women used to consider wearing inner wear as just mere bare necessity.

Nowadays, women in India bear less inhibition and are more open about the kind of lingerie they want to wear or don under a particular outfit. Owing to this drastic change, there are many international as well as Indian lingerie brands which have come up with a bold and exciting line of womens lingerie in India. There is simply no end to the variety available in such lingerie. Depending on the budget, women can now buy their pick from those cheap and affordably priced varieties or even from those expensive ones.

The price of such lingerie is largely dependent on the fabric which is used in the making. It might vary from cotton, lycra, mesh, satin, polyester, lace and others. The buying choice of women is entirely related to the occasion or dress when it comes to lingerie. For wearing on formal events or those special moments, one can choose from those under garments made of fabrics like lace, net, mesh or satin. This is surely going to compliment their style or dress for chosen the event. Again if you are looking for something for daily wear or suiting a casual occasions you can try from those lingerie line made of cotton.

One cannot just ignore the comfort factor when it comes to buying lingerie. Great intimate wear is all about finding the right fit, quality, colour, style and trends. The changing mindset of Indian women along with their changing dressing style has brought about a lot of transformation in the designs. This phenomenon has given rise to a lot of international influence in the design of such inner wear apparels. The sudden influx of renowned international brands in the retail lingerie market of India has led to organized growth of this industry and has provided that much-needed boost to the economy. The phenomenal growth sales rate in the retail lingerie market is enough proof of the booming profit derived from various lingerie majors.

Best Online Retail Store Partner China Wholesaler Hotsaledeal

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How Retail Integrated E-commerce Aids Businesses

Having an online store as well as a physical store has been beneficial to many businesses and suppliers; customers and retailers are able to easily browse a wider selection of goods that might not be offered in a local brick-and-mortar store. In effect, sales have increased; as much as 46% of retailers buy more from brands and wholesalers that sell online.

Not only is shopping online easier, but the search capabilities that sites – and search engines – have to offer reduces the time spent trying to find the specific merchandise or goods needed. Customers and retailers can then compare suppliers to figure out pricing, shipping, and selection; they can make the proper choice to fit their specific business needs to maximize profits. In addition, retailers and customers do not have to visit the brand’s distribution center in person, which saves time and money if they are located on the other side of the country. Plus, retailers and suppliers are able to reach a wider audience by having an online store and the capability to ship across country.

Another thing that makes retail integrated e-commerce important is the information that can be generated and how it can affect the amount of stock kept on hand. By comparing the sales of the virtual store to the sales in store, then retailers can determine how much of a product needs to be stocked on location. Increased online orders can lead to additional sales in the brick-and-mortar stores, due to increased stock availability. Plus, online orders that turn into in-store pick-ups can boost traffic to the physical establishment. Retailers are able to better track demand by watching the trends of their sales and comparing them, as well as better utilizing their inventory space while increasing the inventory turnover rate; businesses can run more efficiently.

Retail integrated e-commerce allows brands and retailers to transfer sales seamlessly. All data and records on sales are automatically saved to the databases, so businesses can derive detailed information quickly, leading to better business decisions. For businesses starting out and researching a retail integrated e-commerce solution, a company like Infigra e-commerce can help by providing the expertise and the online platform you need to buy and sell quickly and easily.