Ganoderma Organo Gold Coffee Network Marketing What You Need To Know First Part Eight

If you were my personal enrolee or distributor into the first line of my ganoderma organo gold coffee network marketing business and you approached me for advice and said that you wanted to take out ads or place classifieds or build by mail or hand out tapes to people, I would say no to all of these methods. If you wanted to pursue all those methods there are many educational mediums that will teach you those procedures and how to make them work for you. What you need to know, is to study what works and what duplicates. This is accomplished by working your warm market. You need to learn how to develop friendships and lifetime relationships. This is where your future lies. You can take an ad and sponsor many people. You can build by mail and sponsor a lot of people but when those people get another really good direct mail letter from someone else about the latest and greatest new deal that is paying a little more on the third or fourth level, they will all roll over and join that new deal.

When you sign up all those people who responded to the display ads in the newspaper because you have made your signup fee very cheap, what will you do in six months when the next great deal pops up and they have a free signup and all your people then roll over to sign on with that deal. Then you hear of the businesses that will build their network marketers downlines for them. You should not be interested in having these types of people in your ganoderma coffee network. You need to learn how to build lifetime relationships. You need to build the line once and then get paid from that line forever. This is achieved through solid relationships. So what you need to know first is how to build those relationships.

You will learn here how to mould a friendship into a directorship and a directorship into a distributorship and a distributorship into a directorship. The last aspect of ganoderma organo gold coffee network marketing business that you need to know first is ‘The System’. You need to have a complete duplicatable step by step system. This means that the basic presentation that you do at any destination is the same one that all your people in your network are conducting at any other destination. So your whole network wherever they are in your country or in the world are all following the same step by step presentation wherever they are delivering it. The same pre-approach packet is used. The first set of materials you give your prospect is the same on your first, second, third, tenth, fiftieth levels to however deep your network gets.

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Intro To Marketing Thinking About Target Markets

A target market is the market segment to which a particular product is marketed. Target market is a key concept for your business. The more you know about your target market and how to position your product to sell to that market, the more successful your business will be.

Target Segment Identification

Target segments or markets are often defined by their demographic attributes such as age, gender, geography or income. They are also often grouped by preferences such as trendy, organic, etc. In B2B marketing, target markets are typically defined by industry and business size.

Consumer Markets

Consumer markets can be specific to a part of the globe or can sometimes be global in nature such as Baby Boomers, those people born from about 1946 to about 1959 in World War II affected countries. This huge segment of the population has been defining market trends since their birth and will continue to do so as they age. In most countries, these consumers are generally better educated and more affluent, and are often the consumers of high end merchandise as well as merchandise that creates quality of life.

In western countries, another segment that has recently been gaining notoriety is the ‘tweenies’. These are the aged eight to twelve year olds, no longer children in terms of maturity and taste but not yet teenagers. This sought after group, armed with discretionary income, are the likely segment for those selling electronics and gaming equipment as well as fashion merchandise.

There are also a number of groups that have less household recognition but are very important in the marketplace. One such example is LOHAS. This segment of cosumers who subscribe to Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) is an enormous marketplace ($228.9 billion in the U.S.) for goods and services focused on health, the environment, social justice, personal development and sustainable living. The consumers attracted to this market have also been collectively referred to as Cultural Creatives. Approximately 30 percent of the adults in the U.S., or 50 million people, are currently considered LOHAS Consumers. The interconnections between global economies, cultures, environments, and political systems play a large role in the holistic worldview of the typical LOHAS Consumer, but equally important are the interconnections of mind, body and spirit within individuals.

Business Markets

Business markets have huge variation based on industry, size, location and governance.

The healthcare industry, for example, has enormous needs for products from basic office supplies to sophisticated electronics, software and equipment, linens, personal consumables and so on. Does the notion of serving the healthcare industry seem too daunting to you as an online reseller? Or, is it too large a segment to be meaningful? Try thinking about smaller segments within this industry such as physicians’ offices who buy not only traditional medical supplies but also office furnishings including artwork, paper goods, promotional items, waiting room reading materials, electronics such as pagers and so on.

Manufacturing industries require every manner of tools, specialised and generic parts, machinery and so on. Again, too daunting? Narrow your segment to auto parts manufacturers; narrow again to auto parts manufacturers with revenues of less than GBP 10,000,000.

Who are your target markets? Sports enthusiasts? Travelers? College students? Families with young children? Identify the markets that you sell your services or products to as specifically as possible. The better you know your market, the better you can plan your marketing campaign.

Characteristics of Target Segments

The value of identifying target segments is that they are groups of people with similar points of view and/or similar needs or purchasing patterns. By understanding those segments, you can position your products in the optimal way.


Once a target segment has been identified and described to the extent possible demographically, it is useful to understand that segment’s needs. Are they looking for value and efficiency? Do they need support because they have too much on their plates? Are they analytic and particular and have the finances to support that approach? Are they empty nesters looking for ways to enjoy their new lives? Are they people with a strong devotion to a holistic and spiritual approach to life and are willing to make life changes to operate that way?


What kind of resources does your target population have? Are they middle income people who want a bargain or want to buy products that look high end but are economically priced? Are they high income people who prefer to surround themselves with one-of-a-kind creations and seek out fine craftsmaship? Are they wholistic folks who prefer to buy natural and organic and will search the Net looking for goods that match their special needs?

Methods of Receiving Information

Where do you find your target segment and how do they receive information? Are they socialising in MySpace or searching eBay for bargains?

Purchasing Behavior

Does your target market purchase frequently? Do they follow sales and buy at a good price or read supporting materials and buy quality? Are they constantly seeking out new sources or do they show purchase loyalty?

The answers to these questions give you the information you need to optimise sales.

Social Media Marketing Tips That Every Marketer Ought To Know

Social media marketing might be very complicated in case you are new to digital marketing. Should you instantly end up misplaced, author Shama Kabani has a guide to help you blaze your own trail in the world of online advertising and marketing. The time period, “social media advertising and marketing”, refers to using social networks, blogs, and other on-line media as marketing tools. Widespread social media

Social media permits anybody to interact in an efficient and very precious permission advertising marketing campaign. Anytime a consumer or person subscribes to a RSS feed or en electronic mail publication or provides your fb app or joins your group, they are saying, “I want to allow you to into my life, don’t make me remorse it!” Interact with followers and followers on social networks to drive brand consciousness, advocacy, loyalty, and sales. Run social campaigns, section, and goal the suitable audiences with the fitting message. Retain and achieve clients by way of well timed response to social media posts.

Regardless of the importance of social media to any companys promoting plan immediately, there are far too many companies that haven’t but created social media profiles for their enterprise and merchandise. social media ( represents one of the most essential aspects of a healthy on-line advertising campaign. Social media advertising even impacts the standard promoting wherein an organization engages, akin to print and native graphic promoting. Social Media For Business Looking to learn extra detailed details about implementing social media in advertising? Get more information about social media and how one can use it for your small business.

Weve discussed solely a small handful of social networks. There are hundreds, if not hundreds, of others, and new ones spring up day-after-day. That signifies that your clients may have many various ways to find you. A current case study was carried out by Toyota to see if utilizing rising cellular techololgy would improve internet site visitors, leads with QR codes. Toyota developed a marketing campaign which ultimately drove site visitors by creating a campaign which included using the 2-D barcode also known as a QR code. By scanning the QR code it drove traffic to the car firms web site and integrated social media sites. The results have been very constructive!

Whereas writing social messages, you may easily attach images or videos to ensure your posts get observed. Bear in mind, we eat with our eyes first! Show off that new menu item or specialty cocktail by together with a good wanting excessive res photo along with your put up to visually have interaction your viewers. However the campaigns arent all onerous-hitting and serious. As an illustration, one of the vital widespread campaigns this yr, and a strong contender within the viral video class, is Bubbas Hover from US agency Thinkmodo, which noticed top golfer Bubba Watson using around in a hovercraft modified to function as a golf cart.

With adjectives in tow, you can now take your models voice and work it out into specific methods by deciding on the tone youll use in numerous communications. In the event you bear in mind from above, voice is the big-image view of how you communicate on social media, and tone is the individual instancesthe conversations, the channels, the interactionswhere voice is applied. By way of using widgets, members can promote their numerous social networking activities, reminiscent of Twitter stream or blog entries of their product pages, onto their LinkedIn profile page. 23

Ian Driscoll worldwide marketing manager

The perks of running your very own home based business are really obvious, but exactly what is frequently forgotten are the subtle issues that will certainly be come across along the road. You could never ever predict each change in law, technology, or business world; nonetheless, you can ready on your own with advice that permits you to adjust and relocate with the globe around you./p>

Do you have a workplace with the needed materials that you really feel comfy in? If you have a peaceful space without diversions, you’ll quickly end up being focused on job.

Behave to your customers. Many people are fantastic to manage, however you will unavoidably encounter a miserable buyer, which is discourteous to you. Recognize that it isn’t really worth your time to suggest or to name-call. Addressing impolite people with kindness normally calms them down and besides, you do not have time to obtain into fights, anyhow. You have a company to run.

Arrange to have a toll welcome 800 number related to your home business. Taking this action permits you to keep your individual information private. If your business is successful, having an 800 number likewise leaves your residence number complimentary to take calls from your friends and family, which may have problem getting through or else.

Definitely look for the assistance of others in home based business that are similar to yours. You could either produce your very own network or find a set up one. These people could originate from totally various industries, yet they, too, will certainly be making every effort to run a successful home business.

Develop a flier for your home business. Promote your firm by sending out the flier out to others and posting it in different locations in the neighborhood. You can likewise scan the flier and put it up as an attachment on your website page. Each of these actions will enhance the visibility of your company.

Make certain you reply to any type of customer questions in a quick fashion. Take note of your messages to ensure every question obtains addressed. This will reveal consumers you love your business and they will certainly return to do company with you for their future acquisitions or company necessities.

Keep coupons with you in any way times. Decline your item promos off when you visit your medical professional’s workplace, dental expert, beauty consultant, school, daycare, and any other area you constant. If you trust these service providers and know them well, ask if you can leave some examples for their customers to try.

In order to make as much money as possible, your home business should have a professional looking internet site. Whether you make your website on your own or employ somebody to do it, make sure that the marketing on your website is proper, and be sure there are no missing out on links or photos. If your company has an incompetent looking site, you will certainly lose customers.

If you go along with the details noted below, you will certainly find yourself in a better position from a successful perspective and still keep the flexibility and leisure of overcoming residence. Naturally, some adjustments will certainly be required, however the factor is to proceed adapting with the circulation and staying two steps ahead of the competitors.

If you are aiming to take your business to the next degree then you may well should make use of the solutions of Ian Driscoll who presently is leading the Flexkom International company procedures within the UK. Learn more at

Affiliate Marketing Success Rate…shocking But True!

For some, the time frame to success is far less with some people getting to the money making stage a lot quicker.

This can be possible with a number of ingredients like the time you are willing to devote to learning and the time you devote to developing your business, also the level of finances that you have available and the affiliate business you opt into.

Before you opt into any affiliate marketing business online you must first understand your chances of success. I could be like the thousands of others online that claim affiliate marketing is easy and anyone can do it! Make money here make money there! Some would have you believe that you can make a virtual ATM online spitting thousands of dollars at your request!

The TRUTH is this is not a complete lie and there is some reality to what they say, but it will take for you to learn a lot of information and be able to link it all together and be competent in all areas of your marketing and most definitely your advertising methods before you could achieve a virtual ATM on request!

Out of everyone doing affiliate marketing online right now the success rate is appalling! Only four percent and maybe slightly higher are actually successful the other 94% to 96% are struggling or even worse making nothing at all.

Now that might sound dreadful huh! That’s only 4% to 6% that are actually doing well, but there is some light to the end of that tunnel! Every one of those people that are in the successful percentage, they made it right! Which means it’s possible and very achievable the only hard part is learning how they did it and applied it!

One thing is for sure for the leaders in the affiliate marketing scene they all understand the following:

#1.When the going gets tough the tough gets going!

#2.They all understood if someone else can do it then so could they.

#3.They structured there day and time in a manner that progress was inevitable.
#4.They didn’t stop pushing forward and striving to advance there skills.

#5.They looked for ways and means to level or advance on there competition!

#6.They understood the importance of study and learning.

Truth is you can never stop learning! And the reality is the internet is constantly evolving, which means your online efforts and strategies should be evolving with it! If not you will be left behind, there is only one way to success! That way is forward.

So if learning, studying or genuine hard work is not your thing then maybe affiliate marketing is not an option!