Importance Of Management Development

Basically, management development is a term that describes any number of activities that reflect a planned effort to enhance employees ability in various individual and team management techniques. Very simply put, management development includes development of skills such as planning, organising, leading and developing resources. A key skill for any employees is the ability to manage their own work and control their career path. Highly motivated and self-directed individuals can gain a massive amount of learning and other benefits for their organisation by implementing an aggressive management development programme.

Management development refers to the process of training and developing managerial talent within a company or organisation.

But why do I need to waste time on training and development? Why not just hire the people I need when the time comes?

Nurturing in-house management talent may not seem important, but it is one of the most important aspects of the development of any organisation. This is the case for several reasons, some of which are listed below:
1. In-house management development programmes give employees the chance to utilise special leadership skills that may posses. These employees will certainly bring an enhanced perspective to management as they will know the working of the company from the ground up as opposed to managerial talent that is brought in from outside the company.

2. Employees will feel more loyal towards the company as they will see that the company is also invested in promoting their career growth and progress.

3. Finally, the overall cost of developing management talent in-house as opposed to trying to recruit talent from the outside world will be much less. A good management development programme may cost during the initial setting up phase, but will not cost much more after that. Individuals who have risen up from the management development programme will be happy to volunteer their time and mentor other employees. In general, a good management development programme will save a lot of money for any organisation.

Management development is a process that begins paying for itself very rapidly. You will begin to see the creation of a core team of individuals who are committed to the growth and progress of your organisation. In the long run, this can only mean increased efficiency and profitability as the management talent in your organisation grows stronger and stronger.

Maintenance Management System in Hospital (Ultrasound & CT Scan Equipments)


Recent maintenance practices in hospital (health care equipments and services) and use of computerized maintenance management system (CMMs) based hospital information maintenance management system (HIMMs) provide good practices during evaluating performance and effectiveness of equipments. But unfortunately, CMMs and maintenance activities i.e. Breakdown maintenance (BDM), planned preventive maintenance (PPM), productivity is not solve problems at all. Several reasons are: 1. CMMs not solve problems of repetitive failures, BDM , PPM for long term 2. CMMs also not predict life cycle and durability of equipments for long period For this reason, need of such system that can predict and resolve problems at all.

This research project is aimed to provide two ways to solve problems by using theoretically mathematical equations from literature review and modify equations for particular for repetitive failure, BDM, PPM and equipment productivity. Second way CMMs software is to design which is completely reliable; predictable critical factors for not only now, but also long term purpose. The results in terms of system assist facility managers or clinical engineers (biomedical engineers). Sustain life of equipments, easy to replacement and repaired etc.


The objectives of the project are: 1) To evaluate maintenance management system in hospital (health care equipments and services) 2) To modify mathematical equations for measuring maintenance activities of ultrasound equipment and CT scan equipment

METHODOLOGY: Data Collection Strategy: Data collection strategy is obtained from visited and observation biomedical engineering department. Select two imaging equipments -ultrasound machine’ & -computed tomography machine’ from various hospitals like Hospital Serdang, Hospital Putrajaya etc., to collect equipments inventory data. Data collection strategy is focus equipment assets history. It includes planned preventive maintenance (PPM), Breakdown maintenance (BDM), Schedule work, work orders (w.o), action taken, vendor services, parts management, utilities, and reports. Data collection is need because: a) Calculate repetitive failures, BDM and PPM b) Measure Productivity and Equipment effectiveness c) Life and use of equipments for long term purpose Analysis of Data Collection: Analysis of the data depends upon asset history of particular equipments. Identify repetitive breakdowns, planned preventive and productivity performance in both medical equipments. The strategy for analyze data is to specified no. of failures, no. of breakdowns and no. of planned preventive for last three years. Analysis of data collection is required because: a) Interpret particular problems b) Apply modify equations to solve problems Mathematical Analysis In general, previous studies on maintenance management system provided mathematical formulas and equations not at all overcome problems of equipments. In medical equipments i.e. reliability equations and availability equations are not enough to measure maintenance performance of ultrasound and CT scan. Predicted Breakdowns

In this project, provide specific and modify equations which is use to solve medical equipments maintenenace problems. (Stephen, 2004) This equations are modified on the basis of productivity and reliability maintenance management.. Stephen defined equations: Breakdown (Excepted)= S (No. of Failures) * Frequency of Failure / Total No. of Failures, But modify equation will be: Breakdowns (predictable) = (a1+a2+a3—-an) * () / Tf Therefore a is no. of repetitive failures, an is nth term of failure which is expecting failure with time, is frequency of failure occurring in duration week, months, Tf is total no. of failures per years. Conclusion In the end, evaluating MMS in hospital is prime consideration for clinical engineers. This modify equations of equipments will improve maintenance practices overall and overcome failures, breakdowns. Successful in implementing and applying mathematical equations will definitely increases productivity and overall equipment effectiveness. Nonetheless, due to the necessity to ensure maintenance management system, figure 4.9 data analyzed and interpreted from maintenance part of the asset of equipments contains several factors that serve as the determinants to the success of maintenance practice for health care sectors. By using mathematical approaches and data analysis from maintenance part of the asset of equipments contains several factors that serve as the determinants to the success of effectiveness of equipment and best maintenance practice in health care industries.

RESULTS: 1. From above calculation, the result shows that repetitive failures, BDM, PPM always key parts and critical factors in maintenance practices.

2. Breakdowns maintenance in ultrasound much more and predictable during last three year so it would be a greater expensive alternatives if equipments not replaced on time. 3. CT scan has low rate of breakdowns maintenance during last three years so it would be predicted that less equipment expensive alternative so no need to replace equipment.

4. Medical Equipment’s productivity factor in ultrasound is 36 % in last three years due to more and more Break downs maintenance and Planned preventive maintenance occurred which is not good for productivity, life of equipment. Step should be taken in early stage of breakdowns. 5. Productivity factor in CT scan is 38 % previous three years, because of less BDM but more PPM. 6. Overall equipment effectiveness of Ultrasound is 38.90, it means equipment is in poor condition and unlimited break downs, more failures occurred. Require proper testing, calibrations, changeovers parts, adjustments. It will contribute to increase in effectiveness in rarely manner. 7. OEE of CT scan is 72 %, it is mean that equipment is in good condition because of breakdowns and failures are limited. In occasionally testing and commissioning, inspection is requiring. It will mostly increase effectiveness in rapid manner.

8. It will increase productivity & It will maintain overall equipment effectiveness.

9. Lastly, it will assist clinical engineers to make decision on need basis of particular equipment or replacement.


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Management Consulting Jobs Paving the Way for a New Future

British business has had to change rapidly and drastically over the last few years. The constant pace of new technology alone makes major overhauls in the way that companies do business as a thing of every day note. The thing is, though, not many companies are really equipped to make these kinds of changes unaided. They do not have the staff or the expertise to successfully cope with swingeing alterations to the company way of life. This is why management consulting jobs exist. A management consultancy is there to hold a company’s hands as its working processes change, and the ways that it interacts both with its clients and their own work process alter to incorporate new tech and new ideas.

What most companies need, when some serious new industry technology is on the horizon is an IT director capable of not just teaching the company how to use the new stuff, but of making it enthusiastic about doing so. The cloud computing revolution that is poised to roll across most Western businesses over the next couple of years is a case in point. People need to be educated about why getting rid of their own software is a good idea otherwise they won’t do it – and then they will be left behind as everyone else gets the benefit of cloud sourced packages from other providers. Management consulting jobs are there to make sure that these transitions happen in a timely and successful fashion – in other words, to stop British businesses from accidentally falling out of step with their own industries.

A management consultancy tends to hold candidates that have more than simple industry experience under their belts. A good IT management consultant, for example, will not necessarily have a track record of experience with this company or that one. Rather, he or she will have an intuitive understanding of, and enthusiasm for, the whole edifice of information technology. It is someone like this who will be able to lead a company through the often confusing stages of a tech or software change and into a new and better working environment. Successful candidates in management consulting jobs are able to cross boundaries and borders in order to draw everyone in a company together. They are like teachers, sent out by a management consultancy to educate and reform in as painless and quick a fashion as possible.

Now, more than ever, of course, the British management consultant is in huge demand. Keeping up with tech and streamlining practices is the only way in which modern British businesses can hope to ride out what looks set to be the toughest recessionary year yet. The management consultant is the life line for every British company – its biggest and best chance to change the way it works so that it can react quickly and with agility in increasingly competitive market places. The management consultancy and the management consulting jobs it promotes and supplies has more to do over the next 12 months than ever before – to promote and encourage change without demoralising workforces.


Prism executive recruitment consultancy offers recruitment services for management consulting jobs, executive recruitments, management consultancy in systems integration and outsourcing markets throughout UK.

Rentec Direct Property Management Software A Cost-Effective Investment

Considering the current breakthroughs of technology, you can take advantage of the benefits you can get to maximize and streamline your property rental business. As a property manager, either you own a commercial rental and leasing or multifamily property rental business; you have to look at what property management software has to offer to save you time and money.

There are several organizations that can provide you with a property management software. Even so, do not just simply select the first product you come across with. It is advisable to shop around and look for software that provides the tools and functions you need to run your rental business.

Currently, RenTec Direct, a team of property owners, investors and managers offers the most innovative and sophisticated property management software you can find in the web. The organization offers three different types of property software, namely:

Property management Software – which is ideal for Professional Property Managers, it offers an extensive and secure solution to assist you in managing and tracking unlimited properties, owners and tenants.

Landlord Software – is made for landlords who manage one or many properties, it includes all of the tools needed to manage and track unlimited properties and tenants. Simply for your accounting both throughout the year and at tax time. And lastly the

Association Management Software – is created specifically for self-managed organizations to assist them to easily record dues, assessments, repairs and other recurring expenses related with your association.

Since this Property Management Software has all the basic features you need for your real estate needs, RenTec Direct Property Management Software eliminates the manual processes you might experience like tracking occupant payments and the vacancy rates.

Their Property Management Software can also handle accounting functions necessary to run your business effortlessly including keeping and even tracking rent and tenant accounts and so much more!

Using a property management software is indeed essential for your rental business.

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Online Purchase Order Management for Financial Success

Online purchase order software applications can be the answer to making the process of obtaining the products your company needs easier than ever before. Experience the convenience of developing purchase invoices using web-based catalogs with built-in search capabilities. When approved, your purchase requisition can be effortlessly converted to an online purchase order. Automation of this entire procedure promotes greater efficiency within your business, as it speeds transaction time and minimizes steps to complete online purchase orders.

Online Purchase Order – If you are searching for ways to better manage your company’s expenses, ensuring that business funds are being appropriated in accordance with established policies is high on the list of priorities. A key component of wise financial management in this regard is online purchase order creation with’s web-based purchasing solution. This innovative software tool makes requisition procedures quicker for requesters who are put in charge of making company purchases.’s online purchase order system allows requesters to effortlessly create an online purchase requisition by accessing the catalogs of vendors previously uploaded into the system, or visiting ecommerce vendors following a -punch-out- process. Your company-approved vendors will be accessible to all of your requesters, and the process of product and service procurement will be documented every step of the way. Following completed appropriations, requests are made available to designated company approvers to authorize or reject the transaction. All parties involved in the transactions will be notified via e-mail. Once requisitions are approved, they are easily turned into online purchase orders which can be sent to vendors to fulfill the order request.

Purchasing Management Software – One of the most attractive features of’s online purchase order system is the built-in flagging of purchases made that do not comply with company purchasing guidelines. In this manner, you conveniently are able to guarantee that issues like fraudulence and mismanagement of funds are identified in time. The online purchase order system makes every part of the procedure easy to monitor, track and document.

Financial administrators will appreciate the efficiency of a fully managed online purchase order software solution to minimize unapproved procurement, thwart attempted fraud and make report creation as easy as a few mouse clicks. Automated purchasing solutions available at are the key to simplifying your business’ online purchase order process.

About the Author:

Online Purchase Order – delivers spend management products & services for businesses that automate manual, time consuming paper-based processes for company purchases, payable invoices and expense reports, while enabling visibility and control of all company spending.