Career Opportunities with a Food and Nutrition Management Diploma

What was earlier referred to as home science is now a well designed food and nutrition management program. With this, the scope of the course has also increased multiple folds. It’s no longer restricted to studying how to ensure good health of your family or how to cook food in order to retain all its essential nutrients or how to effectively run a food establishment of your own.

The program opens doors to numerous attractive career options for graduates in forever growing healthcare and food service industry. Food and nutrition management graduates can work with hospitals, nursing homes, extended care facilities, senior residences, high volume catering services, airline food services, industrial cafeterias, food manufacturers, community agencies, public health nutrition and international food organizations.

Nowadays even schools, colleges and other childcare organizations have requirements for food and nutrition experts. Employers are keen in hiring graduates with well rounded knowledge and strong interpersonal skills, who could apply their knowledge of normal and clinical nutrition and business skills in a variety of settings.

About Food Service Program

You need to have a diploma in food and nutrition, in order to begin with a career in food service or manufacturing industry. A food service program prepares you to pursue challenging careers as managers in healthcare, fitness and food industry. You gain knowledge and skills related to
Sanitation, safety and hygiene
Kitchen production
Food services
Food properties analysis
Food service management
Aging and society
Purchasing for food services industry
Medical nutrition therapy
Supervision practices
HRM in food services
Recipe development and costing
Labour cost control
Healthcare menu planning

The course also familiarizes you with financial management and marketing and merchandising for food services operations. You also learn about practical aspects of quantity food preparation and service.

In addition to attending theory classes, you are also required to conduct various experiments from time to time to learn the physical properties of food.

Once you complete this two-year diploma course, you can either begin with private practice or choose to work with food manufacturing and service companies. You are expected to operate in accordance with the code of ethics set by the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management.

You will be equipped to pursue challenging careers in the fields of
Food and nutrition counselling for weight management, healthy eating, diabetics management, eating disorders
Food service
Food and nutrition management at spas, hotels, schools, culinary schools, etc
Food and nutrition consultancy for cookbooks, newspapers, magazines and other educational programs
Sales and marketing
Public relations for hospitals, food businesses, fitness centers, etc
Research and development
Community service
Healthcare reforms with NGOs or government organizations
Menu planning at hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, seniors’ residences
Procurement of goods and services with food businesses
Food production procedures standardization
Food distribution

Of late, fitness has become the buzz word. Food and nutrition planning cannot be separated from physical fitness and mental well being. You are what you eat. Besides, the career options associated with nutrition planning have made it one of the most sought after areas.


In the 1st day, the water is reduced to the minimum, the fresh clean water are run gently into the production tank.

On the 2nd day, the unhatched eggs have to be removed and freshwater continue to run into the production tank.

On the 3rd day, larvae yolk sac would have be exhausted thus, they require feeding, the 1st form of feeding are in the use of artemia -this can be feed to the fish for about 2 weeks, then feed the fry with 0.3mm coppens, then 0.5mm till around 4-6 weeks.

During these periods, the most important issue is the removal or reduction of pollution within the water body.

Also, sorting of the shooter must be done gradually, physically until a point when all the fish can be evacuated and then sorted into their different sizes prior to sales or transfer to a juvenile production tank.

Within 4 weeks a fingerling of about 1g are bred and can be sold for between N6-10 and a production cycle can be up to between 10,000 and 50,000 fingerlings within intensive production.

On the whole, for the benefit of a starter of the business the following checklist should serve as a step by step guide.


Holding Tank: A wooden vat, a plastic tank or concrete tank of any manageable dimension for practical purpose a 4ft by 4 ft can be used.


Male and female must have the following characteristics.

Male: a. Average age 1 year

Large or medium in size

The external genital must cross the anus

Female: a. The vulva must be reddish or pinkish

Average age of 1 year

On palpation or gentle press the egg must come out, the colour of the egg must be greenish yellow.

Medium size – for egg handling (800-1kg). But larger size can also be used with an assistant.


Saline solution

b. Pituitary gland or ovaprim or derivatives

Hand towel

d. Plastic bowl

Scissors or blade or knife


Latency period between 9-12 hours at 260c

Spawning should take 24 hours and above

Start feeding from third day and feed sparingly to avoid clog of uneaten food at the bottom of tank that can cause pollution

Feedings of fry should be done at least every 2 hours and sparingly

Change feed size as the fish grow up in sizes

Sort or remove shoot-out fry as they emerge physically.

Frequent change of water is a very important factor for success.

Avoid stress as much as possible.

Removal by siphoning of the bottom clog or sediment.

Introduction to Event Management System

Event Management is the process of developing and managing an event in a project management perspective. Events vary widely, ranging from first year birth day party of a neighborhood child to an international gaming event such as the Olympics. Whatever may be the case, efficient management of the event is necessary to make it a grand success. The recent trend in this field is the use of event management system that is discussed in detail here.

Event Management System Overview

If you want to organize your event in a more proficient manner, then you can seek the help of event management companies that are ready to help you in any developmental stage of the event. The event management system they follow can execute your event efficiently as well as professionally. The service is similar to the online billing and reservation system that companies often hire for billing and reservation purposes.

There are companies that offer specialized event management services for household events such as wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, anniversaries etc, in addition to organizing seminars, conferences, expositions, trade shoes etc. The event management companies use to hire services that serve the various needs of event management. The services include sending invitations, receiving and accepting registrations, reception, decoration, and catering.

Most of these companies make use of online event management software using which they automate the time consuming process of ticketing, attendance, registration and other such complex process.

Online Event Management System

There are several companies that deal specially with online event registration and management. When you hire such service, you are sure to increase the number of participants and make more money by conducting your event successfully. The event management software enables online registration, promotion, selling tickets and collecting payments online. You can stay away from the hassles of registering and managing attendees manually.

All you have to do is to develop a web page for your event, where the attendees can register and make the payment. The software will validate the registration and process the payment instantly and send an automated mail to confirmation e-mail to the participant. It will store the user information and the details provided by them in the database. The data can be downloaded any time and you could check the amount collected as and when required.

If you want to hire a company to conduct your event effectively, you have to make a detailed research on the reputation of the company. Their expertise and also check for testimonials/ customer feedback. Choose a company that is an expert in the field. The event management system the company employs must effectively transcribe every scheduling of the event.

Event management involves the efficient development and management of any event. There are several event management companies that are ready to organize your events and make them a great success. The companies nowadays employ event management software that has eased the complex process of ticketing, attendance and registration. So, if you plan to conduct an event, then you can straightaway hire an event management service and earn huge profits by conducting an adorable event.

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Pharmaceutical Opinion Leader Management: Cultivating Today’s Influential Physicians for Tomorrow (PH109)

Pharmaceutical Opinion Leader Management includes detailed strategies for identifying, recruiting, building and maintaining thought leader relationships. The study guides opinion leader management executives with best practices for physicians in all tiers, including local, regional, national and global influencers.

Backed with real-world metrics from more than 40 companies, this study is the perfect guide for :

Setting thought leader management and MSL program budgets and headcounts

Identifying and segmenting opinion leader candidates by tier

Building thought leader relationships through new opportunities

Tracking the number of KOL relationships already established

Documenting KOL activities

Study participants included vice presidents and directors of medical affairs, product directors and managers, marketing consultants, thought leader development managers and MSL team leaders. The fair-market value benchmarks contained in this study are aggregate data collected directly from executives at participating companies.

Methodology :

Analysts developed the information upon which this study is based through both primary and secondary sources. We process for collecting and analyzing information encompasses two distinct tools: quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews. Both tools are necessary for understanding not only the hard metrics included in this study, but also the reasoning behind the metrics. We aim to answer why some companies spend more than others.

Port’s Companies, Therapeutic Areas and Interviewee Titles :


Altus Pharmaceuticals Baxter BioScience Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Biogen Idec Biolex Therapeutics Biovail

Therapeutic Areas

Autoimmune Cardiology and Thrombosis CNS/Psychology Consumer Products Dermatology Diabetes (Type 1) Diabetes (Type 2) Gastroenterology Hematology Infectious Diseases

Metrics Overview :

The following is a list of metrics included in Pharmaceutical Opinion Leader Management. It summarizes the main categories and types of data in the report. Typical organizational structures Thought leader management groups By company size MSL programs Reporting relationships Dedicated vs. non-dedicated By company size Average staff sizes Thought leader management groups

Table of Contents :

From Development To Commercialization: Early-Stage Activities :

In the early stages of product development, thought leader activities are typically science-oriented, and the thought leaders will often serve as advisors to the product team. At Company 13, the business development and the new product development groups work together to develop a new product. New product development performs its own market research for potential products and calls on thought leaders to help identify true market needs. The department hosts meetings where pipeline products are discussed, and thought leaders are invited to suggest products or types of products they would like to see developed.

Tier 2 Thought Leader Profile :

While Tier 2 thought leaders do not have quite the level of recognition that Tier 1 thought leaders attain, they remain important influencers, as they carry years of clinical experience, give speeches and write for publication. Tier 2 thought leaders at surveyed companies have an average of XX years of clinical experience. They produce an average of XX publications per year and give an average of six promotional speeches per year.

for more information, please visit our web site :

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Visitor Management Software Makes Security of Confidential Premises Promising

In the present times, managing visitors in a traditional or manual way can be tough considering the growing incidents of trespassing. Hence, the software based visitor management is worth a consideration.

Gone are those days when paper and pen doodling in register will be sufficient to manage visitors. In fact, in the modern era, where technological advancements have become highly resourceful for all the spheres, then, security should also be focused on with the assistance of this high-tech resourcefulness. In short, software based surveillance has become a source of assistance for all the business organizations. This management system to monitor visitors is based on biometric mechanism which has been in turn made even powerful by installation of face recognition solution. The need of this visitor tracking solution has been felt by the institutions those are highly sensitive and prone to trespassing.

On the other hand, this computer based application has been packed with easy-to-use interface which enables the officials to readily track the users within a matter of few seconds. Government offices, business organizations, schools, colleges, airports and all the premises those have limited accessibility for the permissible users have been utilizing the visitor management software for ensuring safety of the campus. Most of all, there has been comparative rise in the anti-social activities from past few years, thus, this biometric system for tracking visitors is being effective for the various organizations. Interestingly, it should be added that the software is made in a competitive way in order to monitor large number of masses with its high resolution CCTV camera.

This technology-driven solution plays significant role in keeping a check on malicious activities with its video surveillance. The web cameras are attached in this system to manage visitors besides serving varied functions ranging from scheduling appointments, entering facial details of visitors in the database to enhancing the productivity in terms of security. Moreover, the visitor tracking system proves to be source of utmost utility if its maintenance has also been considered at frequent intervals. Practically speaking, no matter how wonderfully the software package is performing, to increase its productivity, you are recommended to seek customer support services. The customer support solution will fix the glitches which might be not so intricate yet if they get unnoticed their severity could probably a major concern.

Furthermore, it will not be wrong to say that this software based visitor tracking should be invested on by all those offices where visitors’ commotion is frequent. In simple to comprehend terms, whether a business organization is in its initial stage of establishment or been in the market for a larger span of time, the visitor management system not only offers a sure-shot security solution instead the task of monitoring visitors manually gets eliminated too. Apparently, manual visitor management can be tiring yet create vacuum for discrepancies despite involvement of laborious efforts. Therefore, by installation of best visitor software, it is possible to put an edge over all the interruptions further letting your business to be free of anti-social elements. From the above stated information, it can be summed up that this new age solution for monitoring large arena full of visitors is a potential investment for all sized businesses.

Visitor Software Delhi Designed and Developed by HR Software Solutions is well equipped and unique module for Visitor Management Software India and Its Management.