Creating Handmade Quilts Design Is an Artist Innovation

Creating handmade Quilt designs done is an innovation. The ability to weave a quilt with ones owns hand is nothing other than a brilliant talent. Handmade quilts which have fascinated people for over centuries have been charmed people for centuries. With demand for hand woven quilts rising every year the art has become all the more exclusive and valuable.

The artists and weavers are producing quilts in greater numbers and in better designs now to cope up with the increased demand. The new age artists are mixing to put in the contemporary look in a better way. Traditionally, handmade quilts were made from natural fibers like wool, cotton, rayon and silk. These fibers were subject to deterioration in quality after repeated use over years; the mixed fibers are better options, that way too. The handmade quilts generally take many days to be made and hence are costlier. On the other hand, the number of talented quilt artists is on the decreasing side and that is another reason the art is turning rare and the price is enhancing to a level, where they are becoming priceless and gradually a collector’s piece.

These weaknesses caused due to the traditional fibers are gradually been covered up by the artificial fibers. Artificial fibers being synthetically produced could be of varying colors and textures. Supply could be made as per demand so that wastage or scarcities are prevented. Being of a tougher texture these fibers are more easily used in weaving and knitting machines.

Mixing and matching of fibers has helped to create innumerable varieties of quilt designs. These longer lasting quilts are in great demand across countries and communities. Apart form the texture the patterns and designs are innumerable and striking. Exclusivity has become customary with these quilt designers. Amazing combination in wool, silk and nylon fibers in a range of colors have created waves in quilt variations. Some finished with embroidered motifs or laced floral designs create a timeless appeal to these designer quilts.

Many designers make prototypes of daily life scenes or festivals on quilts. These quilts look much more attractive in different shades. Festival quilts are sold in large numbers during festivities and special occasions. These come at a comparatively higher price because of its intricacies and conceptual designs. Designer quilts are gradually becoming popular among buyers. These made to order designs done with extra care and to its finest level.

Exclusivity has become an underlining criterion among quilt makers. Handmade quilts are often made from fibers colored with natural dyes. This is crucial in protecting environment. They are market with great hand crafted varieties and are trusted for their creativity and craftsmanship. The cheaper machine made variety can hardly compete with them.

Either way, the buyer is the greatest profiteer in this bargain. With hand woven designs and patterns the choice is wide for a buyer. Quilt designs form an art form and always looked upon with great regard.

Quilt designs have never before been such an interesting field of study and innovation. The handloom weavers are experimenting in their own ways to create amazing designs to please customers.

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Next Generation India – beyond servicing, drive the world with innovation…Where is Odisha’s share

India, as a nation, is going through a transformative stage during the past 2 decades. On the IT-related business front, India has made great strides by creating software giants like Wipro, Infosys, Mindtree, TCS, Cognizant etc., and many more smaller companies sprung across the country of more than 1.2billion people. The entire world respects India for her leadership in services industry – means doing more with less than the rest of the world can do.

How did India get there? It is because India’s educated graduates with good English speaking skills substantially contributed to the revenue of the country – from a foreign currency deficit country to foreign currency surplus country. But as world becomes flat, doing services business in other parts of the globe like Africa, China and Russia becomes competitive, and things move to those countries too. So what is next for India? How can India go to the next level? Let us take the special note that it is just the education system of the India has contributed to where India is now, but to go to the next level, we need to change the way we educate our kids now. When can a country of 1.2billion people step up to architect and develop world-class products instead of servicing to the successful manufacture of somebody else’s product? When can the universities in India germinate companies like Google, Facebook and Yahoo. This is not an easy task – it comes from the way the minds are cultured.

So how do we culture such minds to innovate? It is a long nurturing process – a combination of the society around us, the education system around us. Is our society business friendly? Does our parents encourage us working for ourselves or working for somebody else? Does the environment around us encourage to take my passion to the next level? Probably not.

Based on the Kaufmann foundation, America’s non-profit promoting entrepreneurship, 500,000 people started companies in America in 2009 alone in the midst of global recession. The venture funding has created 35 million jobs in America during the past 35 years until 2005. Based on a recent Survey, young people between the age of 8 through 24 likes to start companies, thus contribute to the community. This age group believes that better community is built with the quality of people plus the small businesses in the area – not by the government and not be the mega companies. This itself speaks something about the way education happens in America. Most parents encourage their children to take up high profile government jobs like administrative services etc. and private jobs in large so-called multinational firms. The job security is still a curse in disguise around the country. The education system tells us what has happened, but not how and why certain things happened.

An concerted effort needs to be built to inform people, educate people, and tell them that what see around them is not the whole world. Demonstrate them how to make money, how to make investments, go by examples. The government may consider starting a course on entrepreneurship and social values at the high school level. This is where the global organized effort is required, and so global organizations – InvestBhubaneswar and TiE Bhubaneswar are required.

In contrast, if we look at major US universities like Stanford and Harvard, the culture is different. There is no bureaucracy, and everybody is called by their first name, and everybody commands respect by the capabilities. The professor position is not a permanent position until the professor demonstrates his/her capabilities during the first several years of the career to get tenure. Being in Silicon Valley, in the midst of world class startups who have made it big to create billion-dollar companies creating employment for best-minds around the world, I must say that it is the society and education that matters. The Stanford University in Silicon Valley fosters an environment for the minds to bring out the best. The university strives to attract the best minds around the world – not limited to home country, and then have the best minds around the world interact in one environment conducive to innovate. When innovation happens, this gets translated into business. That is how CISCO, Yahoo, Google and several others started. It is to be noted that Stanford University is not supported by government, but is a private university that lives off of endowments from its long list of patrons and tuition fees.

How long will a country of more than a billion people only be driven by the world by providing services instead of driving the world with class products proudly saying – Made in India? Why cannot India create the conducive atmosphere to attract the best minds of the world even leave their mother country to immigrate to India, and help innovate? I think India can do this, and it is the private sector, who could more efficiently do this than government. As long as governments sets policies right, clears hurdles fast as they come, treats and cares for the businesses with dignity, it will work. Currently, India is trying to get innovation universities around the country, but does the country have the right mind-set – even if policies exist, to create innovation universities like Stanford University in the current context. Probably the answer is no. When IIT kind of elite institutions are marred by irregularities, how can we expect them to innovate? In several cases, the top decision makers of such institution does not have the vision and capability to make the right call for key positions. When you approach such schools to innovate, first item on the agenda that comes up is the money that you can put on the table for your activities, and then talk about innovation with the industry. This comes from people who do not have any intention to do any good for the society at the end of the day, no respect for innovation, and no motive to innovate. When innovation university comes up, most likely such people become the heads of innovation universities, and so you can imagine what is next. Just to put in context, why are private institutions like Indian School of Business in Hyderabad and Great Lakes Institutes of Management, Chennai doing better than government-run IIMs. It is the vision and passion of the people behind such institutions to only create the best. And it comes with a price, which is worth it. As a matter of fact, Government cannot create such institutes of excellence in the modern era. By the time Government springs into action taking its own time, several processes may be already obsolete.

In India context, the proposed Vedanta University, with the large endowment from one of the world’s billionaires, has the vision and the financial strength to create the best in class university similar to Stanford and Harvard in US. Looking by the vision plan of the university, it seems conclusive that this is an opportunity of a lifetime for the local people in India to get bestowed upon such a world-class university. The university has the layout to attract the best minds – both students and faculties to the university, and the preserved nature of greenery and rivers, and ocean is key to free-flowing of the minds to dream and innovate. The self-contained campus ensures everything in a striking distance conducive for a 24×7 research environment, providing safety and atmosphere to the staff and their families. Just imagine, when innovation happens, businesses shape up around it, and thus creating high-paying jobs in the area, and in return creating several support downstream jobs.

Currently, it is Puri, the coastal town of Odisha is lucky to have been chosen for the university. Living in silicon valley for decades close to the Stanford University do realize what it takes to build a university of Stanford’s stature, and happy to learn that a similar university, Vedanta University, is coming up in Puri, Odisha. It is up to the local people to realize themselves the benefits of such an university in their city, co-operate only to expedite the set up of this university, create world-class employments in their city, and thus helping to shape up the future of Puri like Silicon Valley in California, USA.

Purna Mohanty is a member of the Invest Bhubaneswar effort to globally brand Odisha as a business destination, an entrepreneur and semiconductor professional based in Silicon Valley, CA.
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Unleashing The Power of Innovation in Educational Sector

Nothing possibly moves faster than a thought or an idea. A
creative thought or an idea when managed and executed appropriately
leads to complete enterprise development and sets a benchmark for future
innovation. In the recent past, global academic institutions have been
using innovative idea management methods to generate intellectual growth
and expansion. These mostly take place in the form of open contests,
events and other participating platforms, where the audience at large is
encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas.

Making use of Innovation at School Level

an effort to address and solve some of the challenges and concerns
present in the education system, NEA i.e. National Education Association
and U.S. Department of Education initiated an open innovation contest
to drive innovative and creative solutions. The “Challenge to Innovate”
was a chance for numerous US educators to participate and to present
their ideas on a wider scale. This contest realized that the level of
school education has great potential and could be improved further.
There is a huge scope to modify the traditional broadcast teacher model,
to one, where the candidate can get more involved with the learning

Innovation in education sector is not just limited to
academic brands taking creative initiatives. Top notch brands engaged in
education initiatives too have made use of unique idea generation
techniques in order to foster knowledge sharing and academic growth.

IT giant Microsoft has been walking on this path. The brand asserts
that nothing is more crucial to the future prospect of a country than
fostering education amidst young people. Their “Partners in Learning
Program” is closely associated with local schools, communities and
government, on initiatives to help teachers use technology efficiently
and to impart better education to children. Microsoft through this
technique has assisted about 8 million teachers and over 185 million
students. The brand firmly believes that innovation is the key that
helps to unleash creativity, talent and passion in everyone.

academic and other global brands can leverage innovation by investing
in advanced idea management solutions and crowd sourcing software
available today. This will encourage key industry influencers and other
people to voice up their opinions and engage in progressive discussions.
Essentially, it will create an ambiance of collective intelligence with
a thread of imagination. Furthermore, when it’s the education sector,
nothing works better than free flowing ideas and imagination. As it is
all about learning and re-learning that expands the education sector as a

Carp fishing boilies and new innovation fool a fish spray

Fishing is very popular in UK.Fish for carps are called boilies in UK because carp baits are boiled in water.Fishing boilies are used to get attention of fish.It is kept near to equipment used for fishing like fishing rod. Boilies are made from various food ingredients and insects it.

Fishing boilies needs to be made from extra care, many good fishing boilies provider usually have handmade fishing boilies. As well as it is made with the help of chef. Baits or pellets must be tasty and smell good in water to attract fishes. There are Ground baits which are also helpful for attracting fishes.Ultra Ground baits are made from ingredients without fillers. It can be used with breadcrumb or pellets. Boilies with different ingredients like red and chili boilies,marine halibut boilies,roasted peanut boilies.These all boilies are made with special chef and it can really attract fishes by excellent smells coming out of it.Nut flour can make attractive textures with your fishing boilies.

Similarly to attract fishes apart from boilies one new products is becoming popular -fool a fish-.Fool a fish is a carp baits and lure uv spray.It works like visual aid to fish.It can guide fish to your bait.When you use Fool-a-Fish,fish see your bait like a thousand tiny mirrors.

In UK many companies are providing fishing boilies and pellets.Over the internet there are good providers of fishing boilies in uk.Some of them have their own specialties like handmade fishing boilies,money back guarantee.Stringent quality fishing boilies and many more.

Recently oracle boilies has made new research in boilies making and It is complete different process.Instead of using base mix and then adding flavors to make boilies.Oracle baits uses original flavors like for groundnut peanut boilies uses roasted crushed peanuts held together with fresh eggs. Also inject extra wizardry with fish a fool innovation.That will keep boilies more visible to fish in water.These baits are more visible to fish by reflecting UV lights. Fish uses UV light to see in dark water in the sea.

This article is dedicated to people who likes fishing and wanted to know about carp fishing boilies.

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Innovation – It is Essential to Competitiveness

forces, including a rapidly expanding marketplace (globalization)
leading to diversity among consumers, increasing competition, decreasing
budgets and personnel are as much at the heart of difficult challenges
confronting technology companies these days as the tight economy. Even
in the best of circumstances, staying competitive is more difficult than
ever. In the worst of situations it can feel down-right desperate.

“rise-and-fall” nature of today’s environment is evident all around us.
The secure, stable markets of yesteryear are rocked by disruptive
technological advances and increased competition while small start-ups
rise seemingly unchallenged, to great heights. Why? The conditions that
determine competitive advantages are changing at an unmatched velocity.
Creativity and innovation are the keys to the success of organizations
in bracing up to and rising above these challenges.

After three
decades of dismissing product innovation with claims that it doesn’t
increase the bottom line, many companies have now come to the conclusion
that ongoing product innovation is the
essential factor for organizational success. The former attitude comes
about in no small part because history abounds in examples of
organizations that have expended tremendous amounts of money and effort
on product innovation programs that had little direct value in the

Almost all now appreciate the role of product
innovation in their prosperity, most are still in search of effective
and efficient ways of producing that innovation. Aligning resources and
practices or culture when there is a lack of background in generating
product innovation is a daunting and formidable task.

In fact,
improperly conceived product innovation programs can be almost as
dangerous as a “sit still” policy. In the mid-1970s for example Exxon
correctly identified office automation as a significant opportunity.
They also correctly understood that they shouldn’t attempt the product
development internally and purchased a company in the space. What they
did misjudge was the speed of product innovation in the office
automation arena which was vastly different from their own. The result
was unmitigated failure as they were never able to innovate near the
front edge of the curve.

The truth is, successful product
innovation should match the capabilities of the organization, the needs
of its customers, the realities of available technologies (and their
actual progress) as well as the impact of new emerging technologies,
budget, the market impact and organizational goals.

everything going on in every market, the environment and economy, the
circumstances speak volumes to many organizations about the need for
change. The marketplace opportunities currently point toward the need
for breakthrough product innovation over the incremental variety. This
requires imagination, insight and a fundamental organizational structure
that can examine and exploit creativity – one that enhances innovative
efforts to realize both short and long terms goals.

But how? To determine the electronic product innovation strategy best suited to the situation, consider these factors.

this information in hand, a productive and flexible innovation process
presents itself and a logical sequence for tasks emerges

An organization can
hold its competitive edge and stay ahead through a focus on and
effective use this golden key – innovation. Innovative companies are
those that keep their eyes & ears open to opportunities presented by
change and that can respond with fresh ideas and correctly targeted
action to keep them growing and profitable.