How To Use Hr Scorecard For Publishing Industry

Evaluation of human resource performance has become one of the most popular recent trends in business performance assessment. Balanced scorecard is widely used to optimize performance and evaluate efficiency of human resource departments, especially in huge transnational companies and corporations. Business owners came to understand that human resources are worth to invest in, as such investments proved to be the most effective in the long term. One should not underestimate the power of human resources, and the recent financial crisis is the best proof that efficient and dedicated personnel can help company solve problems and even perform better in post crisis economy.

HR scorecard for publishing industry is gaining popularity. There is a tough competition in the market of both online and offline media. Thats why efficient use of human resources is a precondition for success. Publishing business is not an exception here.

Perhaps, the right choice of key performance indicators for HR scorecard in publishing business is the most important stage of BSC implementation. It is very important to find critical success factors for an effective HR policy. Publishing business has its own peculiar features, business environment and specific nature. It should be taken into account when creating key performance indicators in all categories of balanced scorecard.

Lets review a couple of indicators that might be very helpful in assessment of HR efficiency for publishing industry.

Average equipment cost per employee. Such an indicator is truly considered to be very representative. Personnel uses various equipment in publishing business, like printing machines, powerful computers etc. Inefficient use of equipment may result in huge expanses. In order to optimize production expenses per employee, it might be very helpful to keep track on this KPI. On the one hand, an employee should get everything he or she needs to fulfill duties. On the other hand the company should not overpay. Based on the evaluation results, human resource managers may think of the ways to optimize expenses by forming teams of the right size, allocating the right amount of resources, office space and equipment. Employees may share the same equipment without feeling uncomfortable which will decrease average equipment cost per employee, and thus the company may save money which can be used, for example, for training or personnel coaching.

New hire turnover during the first 12 months. Publishing business involves advanced knowledge and experience in working with specialized equipment. Thats why if a company hires and educates new employees it sometimes spends a great amount of money. If the new employee eventually leave the company having worked less than 12 month, the company is more likely to suffer losses. It is very important to create suitable working conditions for freshly hired personnel, so that newcomers can use obtained knowledge to benefit the company. New higher turnover is a very indicative measure that directly evaluates efficiency of human resource department. Logical leap, the lower turnover is, the better for the company.

Finally, it should be mentioned that when evaluating HR performance one needs to keep balance between interests of personnel goals of the company.

What The Sugar Industry And Fda Dont Want You To Know! – Miracle Fruit.

Article Written by Mr Steven Havill Sr (SEO Expert and Specialist) A client of the

Miraculin or Miracle Fruit has the potential to wipe out sugar related diabetes, not by sweetening food but by changing the way our taste buds interpret food.

Imagine eating the sweetest fruits out of the season, or enjoying healthy unsweetened dark chocolate that tastes like the finest milk chocolate from Holland, and doing it without adding a single calorie or grain of sweetener. Yes, this is possible and has been for decades.

Didn’t you know?

For the last 50 years, our society has been pounded with the evils of

smoking, drinking, eating red meat, and that we should cut as much salt and fat from our diets as possible. Under the guise of healthy living, we are being programmed to replace our intake of butter with margarine or red meat with soy alternatives. This brings me to my point. We are being sold a bill of goods and any questioning is quickly muffled by the industries who control our food. We are told to eat this or that instead of that or this, but only if it is beneficial to the industry promoting it.

One such industry is the sugar industry also known as BIG SUGAR!

There are very few things in life that are as good yet so harmful to you as refined white sugar. Sugar is by far the largest worldwide addiction that is openly protected by the FDA. White refined sugar is not a food. It is a chemical. It is an addictive drug. Yes, that’s right, an addictive drug and when you remove it from your diet you can experience withdrawal symptoms. Refined sugar is used in everything from bread to fruit juice. Fruit juice! No way, they use fructose in fruit juice.

So called “Natural Sweeteners”;

If you consider fructose a safe, natural sugar, think again. You’ve been had by one of the biggest nutritional bait-and-switch ploys in years. Fructose does not come from fruit, it IS refined sugar! High fructose consumption has been fingered as a causative factor in heart disease. It raises blood levels of cholesterol and another type of fat, triglyceride. It makes blood cells more prone to clotting, and it may also accelerate the aging process. So the next time you see a commercial touting the virtues of Fructose as the actor sucks on her popsicle… know that they are lying to you.

Even though there are healthier natural alternatives, BIG SUGAR continues to protect their interests in much the same way big tobacco has for decades. They own both the sugar and sugar replacement markets which meant that getting other, healthier alternatives are slim at best and getting these truths nonexistent.

Artificial Sweeteners;

Artificial replacements are known to have carcinogens. They cause CANCER and the companies making them know it. They have been rebranded constantly to keep consumers from understanding the true hazards of ingesting such products. Imagine renaming a product, changing the color of the box and calling it healthy! Such artificial sweeteners are; Acesulfame potassium Nutrinova, E950 (FDA Approved 1988), Alitame Pfizer (Pending FDA Approval), Aspartame NutraSweet, E951 (FDA Approved 1981), Salt of aspartame-acesulfame Twinsweet, E962, Cyclamate Abbott, E952 (FDA Banned 1969, pending re-approval), Dulcin (FDA Banned 1950) Glucin, Neohesperidin dihydrochalcone E959, Neotame, NutraSweet (FDA Approved 2002), P-4000 (FDA Banned 1950), Saccharin E954 (FDA Approved 1958), Sucralose Kaltame, Splenda, Tate & Lyle, E955 (FDA Approved 1998)

Natural Sweeteners that truly are healthy (honestly!);

Naturalists and foodies are just now starting to expound the virtues of natural sugar alternatives such as stevia, mannitol, glycerol and the primary subject of this article miraculin. Miraculin is a glycoprotein extracted from the miracle berry or miracle fruit plant, a shrub native to West Africa (Synsepalum dulcificum or Richadella dulcifica). Rather than acting as a sweetening agent, miraculin changes the way our taste buds interpret flavors. It makes sour limes and lemons taste like lemon aide. It makes healthy unsweetened dark chocolate taste like fine milk chocolate. And it does all of this without adding a single calorie or grain of sweetener.

The ad read; Are you diabetic? Would you like to eat chocolate cake again? How about a chocolate cake with no sugar that tastes like the most decadent brownie you’ve ever tasted? Are you overweight? Would you like to eat fruit that tastes like candy, instead of candy that is killing you?

YES! Of course I would, while thinking to myself that this has to be a con. After hearing all the hype about Miracle fruit I started researching this so-called miracle plant. I was going to get to the bottom of this thing and find out for myself. I was amazed at what I found out, and it prompted me to purchase a package of miraculin tablets. These are freeze dried miracle fruit berries with a little corn starch added to hold the tablets together. They are all natural and won’t interact with any medicines negatively. I started looking for a place to buy some miraculin and found a site ( that offered lightning fast shipping. I placed my order and for $15, I received 10 tablets in about 2 days (yes they shipped lightning fast just as they had promised), and I was ready to give it a try.

Keep in mind that I myself am a sweetaholic and I crave sugar. I drink my coffee sweetened and have become addicted to flavored (artificial) creamers. I do love fruit, however, getting good naturally ripened and sweet fruit is next to impossible these days. With that said, for my test I got a melon that was not very sweet, out of season and the flavor was, well… blah! Imagine biting into a piece of candle wax with a dash of sugar on it.

After chewing on the miracle berry tablet and rolling it around in my mouth for a minute or two (as directed), I took a bite of my blah melon. OH MY GOODNESS! It was like I’d never eaten a cateloupe before. Is this what God intended fruit to taste like? I can’t wait to try a miracle fruit berry now. I’ve read that they are twice as potent as the tablets and are the purest way to really exploit the power of miraculin.

A little about my research on Miracle Fruit;

The Miracle Fruit was first discovered and brought attention to by the western world by explorer Chevalier des Marchais during a 1725 excursion of West Africa
when he became aware that local tribes in West Africa were using this berry to add flavour and appetise their otherwise bland foods. Then In the 60’s
and the 70’s an Entreupreuner Named Robert Harvey who had studied this amazing berry after Des Marchais’s discoveries managed to raise tens of millions of dollars to create an all natural alternative to sugar using the Miracle Fruit.
He sucessfully managed to synthesize the active ingredient inside the berry the natural protein known as Miraculin.

He began making Miracle Fruit Tablets because as like most Tropical Plants the fruits on the plant have a very short shelf life which is the reason many Fruits from the Tropics do not make it to the Western world.

Diabetics were going crazy for them and kids were choosing miracle fruit popsicles over popsicles with artificial sweeteners by an enourmous margin. This is when other Corporations became interested and Robet Harvey was turning down offers for billions of dollars as Miraculin looked like it was poised and ready to become an all natural alternative to Sugar. Just as the berry was about to launch Harveys office was raided by industrial spies, His files and research was stolen, he got into high speed car chases in the middle of the night and people were following him. Not long after In 1974 Robert Harvey Recieved a letter from the FDA saying the miracle berry products are not allowed into the market in any form what soever which led him to shutting down his entire operation.

The Laws from the FDA regarding miracle fruit are quite uncertain and suspicious. Many inquiries have been made regarding miracle fruit. Thier stance is that they consider miracle fruit as a food additive. Miraculin cannot be used as a food additive, effectively locking it out of the food chain. However, the fresh berry itself can be used legally and this is regulated by the USDA. Unfortunately the USDA seems to be stuck in a regulatory limbo.

This amazing berry is great for your health, yet it is not legalised to be in commercial food and drink products although legal to be sold on the internet in its natural forms.

How could anyone at the FDA not promote something so pure, so good and so potentially life changing is beyond me. And worse still is the fact that they are determined to keep anyone from enjoying the benefits of this miracle fruit. Have they actually tried it? I’d have to think not, but then they also want to ban Vitamin C at the request of BIG Pharma! Who BTW, also have a vested interest in BIG SUGAR, reference “Artificial Sweeteners” above.

Industry Superannuation Funds

When choosing a superannuation fund, a lot of people want to choose the one that charges them the lowest in management and investment fees and gives them the best investment return. Data from the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) shows that over the past decade industry super funds have consistently outperformed retail funds by giving its members higher returns*: thats more money for your retirement.

What is the difference between an industry super and a retail super fund? Retail super funds are retirement funds established by financial institutions and insurance companies that were initially for white collar workers. As one may assume, these companies established retail funds with the intent that they generate profit for shareholders. The competing goals of profit and security for its members retirement funds are seen by some as problematic.

Retail funds tend to have a lot of added bells and whistles, for example advice. The chief executive of the Industry Super Network, David Whiteley, said this in an interview with the ABC in March 2010″For every 1 per cent extra paid in fees to a super fund, members are receiving one-and-a-half per cent less in returns,” and that the average retail fund “is an underperforming and expensive fund.”

Industry super funds are non-for-profit organizations that were started by unions and other industrial organizations for workers in the industries they represented. An industry super does not have shareholders to please. Industry super funds dont pay commission to financial advisers and planners or to insurance companies, which are costs that eat into the value of your super.

The figures in recent years paint a clear picture. A 30 June 2009 SuperRatings study compared the net benefit of one of Australias most popular industry super funds to that of the average retail fund over a period of five years. The difference was staggering: the industry super out-performed the average retail fund by a difference of approximately $4000.Another SuperRatings study showed that another leading industry super fund on average returned $4.30 for every dollar deducted in fees over a five year period ending on 30 September 2010; the average retail super on the other hand returned only $1.70.

In March 2010, research by the Industry Super Network found that retail funds delivered 1.8% weaker annual returns on average when compared to their industry competitors. The Australian reported in December 2010 that industry super funds took all top 10 places in industry researcher Chant Wests ranking. These funds on average had an annual return thats 4.3 per cent above the inflation rate over the past seven years.

Industry superannuation has consistently outperformed its retail counterparts over the past decade for another reason. Industry super funds generally invest in unlisted assets like infrastructure, private equity, and direct property. Retail funds, however, tend to invest in liquid assets, like shares, property, and bonds, all of which are tied to credit. This is especially worrisome after the global financial crisis that began in 2008.

Industry supers are a wise option for those who are concerned and cautious about their post-retirement financial security. While industry super funds were previously open solely to those within the industry the fund was started for, industry super funds are generally open for anyone to join regardless of their occupation since 2005.

Why Humidity Measurement Is So Important To Industry

The amount of humidity in the air can have a good deal to do with how we feel and also effect the machinery we are using every day, especially the sensitive computers, visual and photographical equipment and many business operations and machines to name a few. The humidity is the amount of water vapour in the air, measured by dew point meters and humidity meters.

If the temperature drops below the freezing point, it can cause changes in how the linear motion and seals operate in machinery, especially within motion picture cameras and sensors, by increasing the formation of ice or vapour within the operating systems. This can result in the shutdown or failure of the circuit boards or control panels.

HVAC systems are another place where it is important to measure humidity in order to keep the cooling systems of buildings in working order and not burn out the compressors or motors of the units. By recording and keeping track of the humidity, the controls can be adjusted to compensate for the changes in the humidity and keep the HVAC units operating correctly.

The reason these transmitters are so important is that many of the food, pharmaceuticals, and computer chip manufacturers use them to keep track of the water vapour in the air or food. The latest technology of these sensors uses computer chips to measure over 2000 different values of the humidity in the environment and other factors that could influence the production of the foods, medicine or industrial products.

The meters are used in areas where it is important to identify the amount of water vapour that enters into a part of the manufacturing process, such as using compressed dry air or gaseous mixtures to manufacture the components of seals used in various linear motion devices.

A dew point meter gives an up to date continuous recording of the dew point temperature of a selected target or target area. The dew point meter can be used to record the temperature of gasoline while it is being pumped into the automobile. The variety of dew point meters are all engineered to be utilized in different areas of whichever manufacturing process is required.

One fact to remember when using humidity and dew point meters is that the higher the outside temperature or the temperature of the room the more water vapor will be inside the room or picked up by the meters.

The relative humidity is measured by RH units and that varies with the air or gaseous medium being measured. When combined with the monitors of a computer program, the meters can keep track of a very narrow range of data. This data is usually used in technology that requires very delicate and limited ranges of tolerance in the air or gaseous quality; for example as regulating the water vapor as parts per hundred, million or even billion.

The use of both types of measuring systems is useful in determining if there is dangerous weather in the next few days. As the outside temperature rises, the amount of water vapor can contribute to the chance of tornados developing. This is useful when considering the weather forecast that would be in place when the space shuttle lifts off, for example.

In addition to the technology uses, they are used to measure humidity in the air in the world famous museums, to protect and preserve priceless artifacts from damage. Photographic collections can also be affected by the increases in humidity. Photographers use the instruments to also keep their equipment safe, as the condensation of the interior of an expensive camera can be costly.

Serving the Australian appliance industry with a professional touch

Australia the city of people is a place where one can find countless commercial and residential junctures. An increasing number of settlers and visitors vastly rely on the daily appliances for a convenient and smooth lifestyle. Since the urbanites bank upon these appliance systems therefore there is a growing need for appliance repair in Australia. Efficiency and promptness are two major features of appliance repair in Australia as the fast track lifestyle of this city needs quick alternatives instead of living with the problem. These appliances are inevitably a very important aspect of the daily lifestyle followed in Australia.

Appliances that are used by the people living in Australia are not limited to providing comfort, instead in the absence of these appliances a lot of gruesome issues will come up leading to a disturbed lifestyle. Inoperative appliances can disrupt the mental stability and peace by turning life stress full. Also they can ruin the normal flow of life. If you intend to take up the problem all by oneself then this is probably not the best means of handling the situation. A self-initiated repair job can actually worsen the situation to a level where you will have to shell out bigger bucks in order to get the repair fixed by a professional repair specialist.

Irrespective of where you live in Australia it is really important to understand that the best means of tackling the situation is by calling on a professional repair specialist who owns the exact knowledge about your repair requirement and also the means by which he has to fix the problem using the right tools. The best thing about professional specialists dealing in appliance repair across Australia is that they provide round the clock service across various locations at highly reasonable prices. The closest possible source of help is very significant for immediate appliance repair in Australia. Instant solutions will mean instant relief and hence people usually opt for mobile repair specialists.

Solutions with minimum expenditure and maximum benefits are what professionals aim towards delivering. Most appliance owners cannot opt for a new appliance when the old one breaks down or does not function appropriately hence in such a situation the best alternative is to call on a repair specialist who will charge minimal amount of money for maximum benefits. The ease that people experience for getting their appliance repaired is something that calls on the appreciation that this industry courts. A very well acknowledge appliance repair group functioning across Australia is which deals in multiple brands and various appliances. They specialize in different residential as well as commercial appliance repair jobs including Thermador range, Sub-Zero refrigerator, stove and oven and most major appliance brands and models.