Franchising Business Commercial Franchise Lawyers

Franchising Business Commercial Franchise Lawyers – We have all heard of the term, and most of us know people involved in it. After all, it now contributes more than 10 billion to the UK economy, across numerous business sectors. But what is it really all about, and how are some businesses so successful at it, whilst for others it brings disaster?
The concept is fairly simple. In a franchise, an established business (the franchisor) grants someone (the franchisee) the right to trade under the franchisors trade mark or trade name.
Most franchising is actually business format franchising. This means that the franchisor develops a business concept, including a trade name and operating methods, and they train the franchisee in how to run their business using this concept. The franchisee operates his/her own business under the franchisors name and under some fairly tight controls and guidance. These are set out in a franchise agreement, and usually an operations manual as well.
At heart, a franchise agreement is essentially a trade mark licence, with a number of operational instructions and controls placed on the franchisee.
In many cases, the franchisee is given an exclusive territory in which to operate during the term of the franchise agreement.
For franchisors, franchising can therefore be an exceptionally quick route to business growth, with low overheads and low risk. We will look at this in more detail later on in this article. For franchisees, franchising can provide an attractive opportunity to own and operate their own business, but one which has a proven business concept and which provides training and support. Franchising can in some cases also provide a very rare opportunity for genuine work/life balance.
Sadly however, as with everything in life, it is not always that simple. Although survival rates for franchisee businesses are much higher than for other business start-ups, franchisees all too often fail. Some lose substantial amounts of money, often through no fault of their own. Below are some of the perils to avoid:
Peril No. 1 – Not doing enough homework before handing over your cash
Most franchisors can talk a good talk. It is their job to convince you that their franchise offering will bring you wealth and success. However, whilst many franchisors are scrupulously honest and professional in their dealings with prospective franchisees, some of them are unfortunately not.
Remember when you take on a franchise this is a business to business agreement. There is no consumer law to protect you, so your legal remedies may be very limited. It is your responsibility to check out what you are being told, and never to take promises and forecasts on face value.
It pays to remember the age-old saying: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!
Membership of the British Franchise Association – requiring the signing of a charter for ethical franchising – is a good indicator of an opportunity worthy of consideration, although there is no substitute for properly checking out and researching a franchise.
Peril No. 2 Taking on a franchise which does not play to your personal strengths
You need to think long and hard about whether taking on a franchise will suit your personality and skills. You may imagine, for example, during a frustrating day at the office, that nothing would be lovelier than leaving the rat-race and running your own cafe. But beware of the grass is greener over the fence philosophy. No matter what franchise you take on, it is likely to involve hard work, and this will never be satisfying unless it is something that you are passionate about.

An Overview of Master Franchising Business Opportunity

With new business opportunities come up in the franchising industry, aspiring entrepreneurs are finding the concept of -Master Franchise- as a better option. Master franchising is a very dynamic and lucrative business concept of the franchising industry. The Master Franchisor is provided the responsibility of helping develop and grow the franchise brand in an exclusive territory. The master franchisor buys the development rights to an exclusive territory. In many cases this territory can be quite extensive. The master franchisors work towards generating new business opportunities within that specific area.

Key responsibility areas of a master franchisor:

To facilitate franchise sales of the particular brand to qualified prospective buyers. The franchise company will provide assistance in the process of selling a franchise business.

The Master Franchisor needs to own and operate at least one unit within his territory. This unit will be help in generating a revenue stream, where prospective buyers can come and see the working module of the business.

The master franchisor also has the responsibility of providing training to prospective buyers.

The master franchisor needs to analyze the territory popular and the number of potential units a specific territory can accommodate.

Also needs to work out on new business opportunities so that the brand gets more popular.

Essential qualities of master franchisor’s

To buy the best master franchising business opportunities ideas, an entrepreneurs needs to possess certain qualities, such as:

Familiarity with the local market of the territory for which master franchising is offered.

Experience in the relevant industry. This is not always essential but having experience can be an added benefit for the franchisor.

The master franchisee must have the budget to purchase the franchise rights, set up units and develop the franchise business in a particular territory.

Having management skills is must for owning the rights of master franchising.

Various sources of income for master franchisors:

With master franchising business opportunities ideas, the franchisor enjoys new ways of generating income which is generally higher as compared to any other normal franchise business.

Franchise fees: In a master franchise network you receive a franchise fee when you sell a franchise. In a typical master franchise program the owner gets a good share of the franchise fee.

Ongoing royalties: With the opening of a new franchise outlet within the territory of a master franchisor, the owner gets benefitted of additional royalty income for the rest of the life of that franchise. This is the ultimate income source.

Products or additional services: Often products or additional services needed by the franchisees are sold at the master franchisor’s outlet. This is a great source for additional income. But for this you need to look out for best business opportunities in master franchising category.

Real estate: If real estate is involved with the franchisee’s location, often the master franchisors gets involved in the development of sites and doors get open for receiving other types of real estate related income.

In conclusion, master franchises are best option for entrepreneurs with sufficient financial resources to develop a network of franchises in a specified country or region. However, you need to look out for the best business opportunities in this area to enjoy success.

Oil Change Franchising – Is it the Opportunity for You

Lets take a look at why oil change franchising makes a whole lot of sense and what to look for in a company that’s offering oil change franchising opportunities.

Start Up Expenses Every franchise requires some out of pocket money from you and oil change franchising is no exception. In addition, getting any kind of business up and running takes a fair amount of work in the beginning, but none of this should stop you from getting into what many think is a great long-term investment.

More and more oil change franchising companies offer start up assistance to people who want to own a franchise. This help comes in the forms of financial assistance, site selection and special training so that your business has the best opportunity to succeed. Finding a company thatll help you with these can make all of the difference between success and failure.

You’ll also want to be on the lookout for an oil change franchising company willing to help you with marketing and advertising so that the public is aware of what you offer, when you offer it and any specials that happen to be running.

Demand for Oil Change Franchises A good barometer for the success of any business is customer demand. Is your product or service something that people are going to need or is it something that theyll likely buy on a whim? People are busier than ever before and don’t have the time to maintain their vehicles like they used to.

It doesnt matter if theyre men or women, theyre not going to be satisfied with making an appointment, taking the car to the local garage and leaving it for a few hours just to get an oil change. They want to be able to stop in before they pick the kids up from school, or while theyre out running errands, and have the work done in 10 or fifteen minutes so they can be on their way.

This is one of the reasons that oil change franchising makes so much sense for a business owner. And getting your oil changed isnt something thats seasonal like other business opportunities. Its something that people need to do all year round regardless of the weather outside.

Ease of Set Up Franchise businesses vary as much in what they offer as they do in how easy they are to get started. Some require minimal know-how and a relatively small amount of space while others demand intense training, a large staff and huge inventories.

Oil change franchising falls somewhere in between. Most facilities take up very little real estate and don’t require much in the way of building costs. Some oil change franchising companies even go so far as to offer modular buildings that go up quickly at a relatively low expense to the investor.

And while the actual business of changing oil is pretty straightforward, there will be some training needed when it comes to computer systems, hiring and staffing, and disposal of waste material. A good oil change franchiser will provide you with the right help with these things in the beginning so that you get off on your best foot.

The Bottom Line So is an oil change franchise the right business for you? Well, only you can say for sure. But there are plenty of benefits that make it a very attractive opportunity and a good long-term investment.

And when looking for a oil change franchiser, make sure they’re going to be with you every step of the way. It’s surprising, but there are a lot of companies out that throw their franchise owners to the wolves, which makes no sense for the company or the oil change franchise owner.

A good oil change franchise company will treat you like part of a team and still let you run your business.

Franchise Business Opportunities And Food In India

Expanding of business at the same time involving interested entrepreneurs in the same has of late gained big momentum. Opening of chain outlets or stores no doubt add to the extensive market presence and an enhanced brand identity. But that involves a good amount of investment besides liability and other factors associated. This is where a franchise business comes into play. Franchising, the practice of using another firm’s successful business model, had been at a nascent stage for quite some time. Today, it is not only in India but also across the world that franchise business is gaining impetus. Offering franchise business opportunities, concerned companies not only see their business expand even beyond geographical boundaries but also get returns. No investment, no maintenance, no liabilities! The franchisor’s success is the success of the franchisees.

Explore the various segments where franchise business opportunities are offered, consider your interests and accordingly choose the right company. If you choose a reputed name, you can look forward towards making some big money in no time. Building a brand rapport takes time and when you get a brand the rapport of which is already built you do experience a win-win situation. You can opt going for a food franchise. Of course, you will have to invest for the set-up, food processing equipments, follow space and food menu conditions followed by the parent group, pay royalty, pay part of income generated and more. Compared to other segments, you need not invest big in a food franchise. You will have to consider the location. The better the location, the more lucrative will be your food franchise chosen.

When we speak of food in India, we cannot think of a counted few items. There are countless food items specific to each region; most of you must have not yet explored the regional food in the towns and villages of each state. Start exploring, especially if you are a travel freak and love exploring cultures. You will be surprised at the countless delicacies with each dish tasting different. Well, food in India commonly offered in the restaurants is same in the menu no matter which part of the country you visit. It can be South Indian food or North Indian food. And again food in India is not only limited to meals; there are sweets, snacks, chaat, namkeen, vegetable snacks, and more.

Those who have tasted South Indian food never let the taste disappear from their palate. Whether it is breakfast or lunch or dinner or supper, they would love to have any of the South Indian food items to appease their appetite. Right from plain dosa, masala dosa, onion rawa masala, rawa plain dosa, rawa masala dosa to plain uttapam, vada sambhar, mixed uttapam, sambhar idli, etc. you have a myriad range of options in the menu to choose from! It is not only in South India but across the country that you will find South Indian food in the restaurants.

Significant Contribution Of Food-cart Franchise Businesses In The Philippines

Franchising had become a popular trend in the Philippines due to the many new franchise businesses available in the market today that can offer significantly lower franchising cost compared to what franchise businesses in the past. These kinds of popular Franchising business Philippines are food-cart and food-stall businesses.

Popularity of Food-Cart and Food-Stall Businesses
Food-cart and food-stall businesses had become wide-spread all over the Philippines today. The reason why is because of franchising businesses which had promoted these types of small businesses to average Filipinos.

The advantage that made these types of franchise businesses popular, according to many experts, is because of its affordability, making it easier for the average Filipino to start their own profitable business.

Simplicity of Food-Cart Businesses
Part of the reason that made food-cart and food-stall franchise business in the Philippines simple, other than its relatively lesser expensive franchising cost, is its requirements.

Unlike larger franchise business, such as convenient stores or restaurants, a food-cart and food-stall businesses normally requires smaller investments in terms of location and space.

The simplicity of these businesses made it easier for Filipinos to manage their own businesses, even though they lack the necessary knowledge in handling a business.

But what made these small businesses even more popular, according to many experts, is that it doesnt necessarily require franchisees to have attained experience in a managerial position or have acquired a degree in business administration.

Contribution of Franchise Industry to the Economic Growth of the Philippines
The popularity of food-cart and food-stall businesses in the Philippines had largely contributed to the growth of the franchising industry of the Philippines. However, other than the growth of the sector, franchise businesses had also contributed to the growth of the Philippine Economy.

The PFA, or the Philippine Franchise Association, is the pioneer and biggest franchise association in the Philippines. It is the voluntary self-regulating governing body for franchising in the country with 180 franchisors and allied members nationwide.

According to them, the growth of the franchise industry had also contributed to the economic growth of the Philippines. This includes the creation of thousands of enterprises and generation of hundreds of thousands of jobs, making franchising an important tool in the countrys economic growth. Additionally, the franchise industry had also contributed to the growth of the Philippines as the franchise hub of Asia when it comes to the development of franchise concepts.