Kfc Franchise – What You Need To Know

A KFC franchise is just part of the umbrella of the Yum Brands empire. Yum Brands is the largest restaurant franchise system in the world. KFC franchises are located in over 80 countries worldwide and have sister franchises like Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Long John Silvers and A&W.

There are quite a few advantages of being part of the Yum Brands family however, owning a KFC franchise may not be right for you.

First and foremost, any potential franchisee must be prepared to own more than one franchise. Therefore, if you want to open a KFC, you’re also most likely going to need to open another franchise in the same location. That’s why you see so many groups of fast food stores in the same location. A good idea would be to consider owning multiple franchises on multiple sites.

Yum Brands has quite a reputation for having ambitious business owners as their franchise owners. To be considered on their “good list”, you’re going to have to own at least three KFC franchises. In fact, ambitious franchise owners will get help from Yum Brands on building up their franchises.

The upfront cost to get into a KFC franchise is why so many people do not qualify for this particular franchise. Go ahead and plan on spending 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 to start up your KFC franchise and partner brand franchise. Furthermore, your net worth has to be above 1 million and you have to have liquid assets of at least $360,000. On top of that, you must have experience in the food service industry or least your partner must have that experience.

Plan on spending at least a year going through the whole process from start to finish. If you qualify based on their requirements, you will meet with the Yum Brands leadership to see if the relationship would be a good one for both parties involved. Then there would be the work finding a site and all that other fun stuff.

Bottom line is owning a KFC franchise can be very profitable and a very solid investment even if you can qualify for the high demands of buying a KFC franchise.

Popularity Of Food-cart Franchise Businesses In The Philippines

What are the kinds of businesses are popular in the Philippines today? According to many experts, franchise businesses had become a popular trend in the Philippines. And part of the reason why businesses is because of the many new franchise available in the market, such as food-cart and food-stall businesses which are considered today as some of the most wide-spread businesses in the Philippines today.

Popularity of Franchise Businesses in the Philippines
According to many experts, franchise businesses became popular in the Philippines because of the many new franchising concepts which gave Filipinos the opportunity to own a profitable business. This is when food-cart and food-stall businesses were introduced in the Philippine market. And unlike other franchise businesses, these franchises are far simpler and smaller.

Benefits of Small Franchising Businesses
Unlike in the past in which most franchise businesses in the Philippines were large businesses, such as convenient stores, fast-food restaurants, and many more, food cart-and food-stall businesses are smaller, which could only occupy a small space in a high foot-traffic location, such as in malls, shopping centers, bus and train terminals, and even in wet markets and sidewalks.

Because of its versatility and flexibility, these types of franchising businesses became popular among many Filipinos who are looking for a simple business that they can easily manage by themselves.

But other than its simplicity, another reason why food-cart and food-stall businesses became popular is because of its lesser expensive franchising cost compared to other franchise businesses in the Philippines, allowing more Filipinos to have the same opportunities that many wealthier Filipinos have had with Franchising business Philippines.

No Requirements Needed
Unlike larger franchise businesses, which normally requires one to have experience in management as well as have attained an MBA, these small and simple franchise businesses usually don”t require anything other than the franchising fee. And although its more expensive than starting a business from scratch, these businesses, however, can offer Filipinos the profitability that start-up businesses usually lack.

Business Loans for Franchise Businesses
Business loans had also gained a lot of popularity in the Philippines because of franchise businesses. A popular example of those that offer such services is Ka-Negosyo (business-partner) by BPI. It is a branch in BPI which give Filipinos the advantage of franchising a business, or starting their own business, by giving them the capital they needed.

Ka-Negosyo is one of the few popular loan firms in the country that can offer Fast cash loan Philippines which gives them the opportunity to acquire their capital faster compared to other loan firms in the Philippines.

Franchising In A Nutshell

if you are thinking about starting up in business under your own steam it is critical that you choose an option that is related to your interests and skillset. You must also be sure that the market of interest is constant and not a trend.

Alot of people looking at starting up in business for the first time are looking closely at franchising. We can look at why this is and how to decide if a franchise option is a good option for you?

So lets look at who and who is not best suited to run a franchise business.

Business format franchise profile definition

A business format franchise will usually comprise of the following components, It should be:-

A business system that has been proven
Can be replicated
Has national and local support in place
Ruled by a contract
Posesses branding and recognition that contribute value as intellectual property that is owned and protected

What makes a good franchisee?

The franchisor is the owner of the brand. The local operative is called the franchise owner or franchisee. Each thriving franchise owner needs to have at least the following attributes for the franchise they are running to be successful. They will be:-

Able to Have the ability to replicate the proven franchise system
Be enthused about the franchise system
Have the ability to serve their customers passionately
Have a good manner when handling people
Be secure in the knowledge that their family has been behind them from day one
Have the where with all to come up with finance in order to purchase and operate their chosen franchise

Bad franchisee profile

Not everyone is cut out for being a franchisee. Considered carefully is franchising is really what you want to do if you:-

Are not sure that you have your familys support
Don’t have enough funds to set up your chosen franchise
Are not prepared to follow other peoples ideas
Have difficulties organising your schedule and prioritise tasks

Obtaining Pet Store Franchise

If you really love animals, and being around them, what you can do is have your own pet store. The advantage of having your own pets store is that you are surrounded by animals which you love, and make money at the same time. Plus, you can save, because you can now get pet supplies for your own pets at a cheaper price. The next thing to think about is whether to start from scratch or just acquire a pet store franchise.
To Franchise or Not to Franchise
Before jumping into any conclusions as to which is the better way to go, you must survey your options. Weigh the pros and cons of building a pet store from starting from scratch or obtain a pet store franchise. Sometimes starting from scratch is a lot more difficult than obtaining a pet store franchise.
If you decide to start from scratch there are a lot of things to consider. You have to identify which type of pets you want your pet store to carry. There a lot of animals, so you need to narrow down your options. Think of the area on which your pet store will be situated. Realize your target market and base your choice of animals on the sell ability of that type of pet in that type of area.
Next thing is you have to know whether you will also stock your store with pet supplies, like dog food, fish food and other pet store supplies. Another thing is advertising will you be able to advertise your store to gain enough followers. The good thing about going with a pet store franchise is that you will be bringing an established name, and with it the advertising needed, and also the product name and the products itself. You will have a sort of manual, a guide on how to run your pet store.
So if you want to purchase a pet store franchise it’s a good thing to remember that you have to know the specifics of that certain company’s business franchise information. Pet store franchising involves a lot of research on your part as the franchiser.
Before getting hold of a pet store franchise, there will be a franchise agreement between you and the franchise center. A franchise agreement generally outlines all the franchise information like what rights you have, what are the rules and regulations, and the relationship between you and the mother company.
As the procurer of the pet store franchise the franchise agreement also contains the information of what you are allowed to sell, the advertising inclusions, the degree of uniformity and the parameters to which you can operate. If this all sounds a bit confusing, you can always go to a franchise lawyer.

Buying a Franchising Has It’s Benefits, Are They For You

A franchise is a legal agreement that allows an independent business owner (franchisee) to trade using the trademark, trade name and business format of the franchisor (owner of the original business) in return for a fee and ongoing support fees or royalties.

There are many benefits to buying a franchise. The number one benefit of becoming a franchisee is that you will not be starting from scratch on your own. When you buy a franchise you have two distinct things on your side. First and foremost you can take advantage of the name recognition of the franchise. This alone many times will help you to drive traffic to your business from. And of course, as a franchisee you will receive support from the franchisor. Again, this helps during the start up process because you are not forced to do everything on your own.

Another benefit of buying a franchise is that you will be able to control your start up costs. You will get all the details you need from the franchisor, and from there it will be up to you to come up with the exact amount of money that you need. In many cases this beats starting your own business because your costs will fluctuate more than you care for them to.

There are quite a few benefits that go into buying a franchise. If you are interested in owning your own business, you may want to consider what becoming a franchisee has to offer. The benefits are great, and the potential for success is huge!

In a recent interview Carlos Marquez founder of Tri Tax Franchise, said “I hear and read lots of business opportunity advertisements telling people that starting their own business will allow them to live their ideal lifestyle,” Marquez says. “Ultimately that’s true, but people still need to work. Being in business for yourself is rewarding, and certainly being in the tax preparation industry gives you lots of flexibility year round. But people need to realize that starting and operating your own business is a daunting task. That’s why having the support of a franchise is so important: it takes two.”

There are many ways to research the different franchises that are available in the market place. Perhaps the easiest method is to use the internet to identify the different opportunities that are out there. If you use any search engine and type in ‘franchises’ or ‘franchise opportunities’ or ‘franchise directories you soon start to build a list of possible franchises that you are interested in.