Do You Need To Worry About Pre-Employment Background Checks

The pre-employment background check is becoming more and more common place. As employers work to protect their places of employment from individuals that aren’t the best for the job or could pose a dangers to others, these background checks happen to be the tool of choice. After all, your past can say a lot about the person that you are and the person that you are likely to be, too. Yet, if you don’t have anything to hide in your past, should you really worry about what happens when a background check is done on you?

You Don’t Want It

Even for many individuals that have nothing in their past to be worried about, this type of privacy invasion is enough to bother them. In most cases, you can refuse to have one done, assuming that it isn’t a legal requirement for the position with the home such as when you are working with children or in the police department. Yet, doing this could potentially stop you from being hired anyway. Someone that refuses a background check is okay, but someone else that applies for the same position with the same qualifications and passes that pre-employment background check with flying colors is more likely to obtain the position.

Another concern that many have is the fact that the information on their pre-employment background check could mistakenly provide the wrong information. Perhaps there is information on your background check that is wrong. You could be suffering without realizing why. Or, perhaps it will uncover something that is potentially harmful but shouldn’t have anything to do with the current position in question. Sometimes, information can be taken out of context by the investigator and it could, ultimately effect your position with the company. Even some information that may be illegal for the investigator to consider in the hiring process could turn up. Although they technically can not use this to not hire you, it may leave them with a bad taste in their mouths, which could sway them the other way for other reasons.

Background checks are a potential nightmare for some individuals. If you have nothing to worry about, or so you think, you should still run a background check on yourself to determine if there are any potential problems lurking there. Doing so can at least give you peace of mind. Everyone needs to know what is in their background check.

Employment Law Miriam O’Reilly Wins Age Discrimination Case Against the BBC

Employment Law: Miriam O’Reilly Wins Age Discrimination Case Against the BBC

Miriam O’Reilly has won her age discrimination case against the BBC after she was dropped as presenter of BBC One’s Countryfile.

53-year-old O’Reilly took the Corporation to an employment tribunal over claims that her age was the reason for her dismissal from the rural affairs show, which also let go of three other female presenters in their 40s and 50s.

Ms O’Reilly claimed she was axed from the show in April 2009 because she was -a woman of a certain age-, and furthermore, she claims she was -hounded out- of her other work commitments due to the negative publicity her departure from Countryfile had attracted.

The tribunal heard that a Countryfile producer had said to Ms O’Reilly: -You’re going to have to be careful about those wrinkles when High Definition comes in.- It was also claimed that a Countryfile cameraman had offered Ms O’Reilly a can of black hair dye whilst filming on location in June 2008.

Countryfile bosses insisted that the dismissal of four female presenters, one of them being Ms O’Reilly, was because the show needed a -refreshed- look as it was being moved to a prime-time slot on BBC One.

The tribunal upheld Ms O’Reilly’s claims of age discrimination and victimisation, although her claim for sex discrimination was dismissed. She is now set to receive a six-figure sum in damages from the BBC.

The BBC has apologised to Ms O’Reilly, who had worked for the Corporation for 25 years, in a statement, saying: -We accept the findings of the tribunal and would like to apologise to Miriam. We will be speaking to her.-

The statement also said that the BBC was -committed to fair selection in every aspect of our work-, and that their senior editorial executives would be receiving additional training on appointing TV presenters, as well as producing new guidelines on fair selection.

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Good Employment Prospects For Nursing Degree Holders, Guardian Reports

The Guardian newspaper has reported that in 2009 almost 85% of nursing degree graduates found full-time employment, with 94% of those finding jobs as healthcare professionals.

Just over 74% of those nursing degree graduates working in healthcare went straight into nursing, while the rest took other roles supporting the delivery of healthcare, according to the report.

Of the nursing degree graduates who did not enter full-time employment: some opted for extra study, whilst others combined further study with work. Only 1.7 % remained unemployed.

Journalist Angela Foster wrote: Work placements give an insight into what it is like to work in a busy department and the skills needed. And a degree rather than a diploma puts you a step ahead on the employment ladder.

With this apparently high level of employability, particularly in the current economic climate, enrolling on a nursing degree has become an attractive option for many.

Margaret Holbrough, a careers adviser with Graduate Prospects, said:”Nursing graduates are trained to work within the health sector and other related environments with all types of patient, but often specialise in caring for particular types of patient, such as adults, children or people with mental health or learning disabilities.”

In addition to good career prospects, nursing degree students also benefit from a government funded bursary to help them meet the cost of studying.

The University of Southampton is just one higher education institution that is routinely flooded with applications to study for a nursing degree. It was the first university in the country to win accreditation for its Bachelor of Nursing, or BN, nursing degree courses in 2011.

Southamptons employability rates for nursing degree graduates in 2009 were an impressive 8% better than the average national statistic of 85% reported in the Guardian.

The Center of Excellence Tomelloso Companies Enhance the Mechanical and Metal

The government led by Maria Dolores Cospedal has provided more than 3.1 million employment workshops in the province of Ciudad Real

Spain, July 19, 2013 – The Minister of Employment and the Economy of the regional executive, Carmen Home, said that the center of excellence that the Government of Castilla-La Mancha launched in Tomelloso by the School of Industrial Organization, will help empower businesses of mechanical and metal sectors.

Home, during a visit to Tomelloso employment workshop on home help, recalled that the development of the seven centers of excellence in our region have a funding of 2.5 million euros and help to encourage innovation in our region in each of these sectors.

Future Center of Excellence, according to the minister, is based on the Youth Employment Plan and will be dedicated to the metal sector where the province Tomelloso Real City have a very important role. In this way, noted, new companies setting up in Tomelloso will be more competitive and make the business continue to give good news to the region.

In another vein, the Minister of Employment and the Economy has stated that the program Castilla-La Mancha region of entrepreneurship, has a budget of five million euros to promote entrepreneurship projects in our region.

In this regard, he announced that the government led by Maria Dolores Cospedal launched in Tomelloso – in collaboration with the city-one of the 48 courses of senior management for entrepreneurs, with the aim of contributing to economic recovery and employment in the province, Castilla-La Mancha.

Employment and Entrepreneurship workshops

During his visit to the workshop home help that is being developed in Tomelloso (Ciudad Real), the minister said that our goal is that the ten students who are conducting this training can carry out a business initiative.

In this regard, he said employment workshops and entrepreneurship that are developing throughout the region, 25 of them in the province of Ciudad Real by 3,115,000 euros investment made by the Government of Cospedal do not end in the formative period as a Upon completion of the classes, students will receive extensive tutoring they can use to turn your business venture into a thriving business capable of generating employment.

Home has insisted that the goal from day one we set in employment workshops and entrepreneurship is to be projects that trigger the development of the regions, generate wealth and therefore jobs in our region.

He highlighted that we have always prioritized the development of services that have a career in our towns and cities, such as the case in Tomelloso home help, for which we have contributed financially with funding of 112,246 euros.

Also pointed out that education is a priority to ensure that our young people can join the labor market to achieve success from self-employment as well as the investment of more than 352 million active employment policy, in order to ensure that our region can look forward to a more promising than it did in the past.

Finally Home stressed that Tomelloso is a city of entrepreneurs being able to make the best of herself to gradually continue creating jobs and accelerating recovery in our region.

Press Contact: Consejeria de Empleo y Economia Media Relations Consejeria de Empleo y Economia Address: Avda Ireland No 14 512-212-1139

How To Receive Free Verification Of A Social Security Number On The Internet

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has created the Social Security Number Verification System (SSNVS), an online system that offers employers free Social Security verification for new employees. Employers can verify the numbers and names employees give to employers match and are correct on their W-2 forms.

To learn more about this free Social Security verification system, keep reading.

The Enumeration Verification System Basics for Employers

Employers can register for the Enumeration Verification System by visiting the SSA’s website at From this page, the employer must first register for a username and password. Once registered, they can obtain instant results by searching for employee Social Security numbers.

Why You Should E-Verify All New Hires

E-Verify (formerly known as Basic Pilot) is a free online-based tool that lets employers conduct employment verification checks of new employees with the Social Security Administration and all DHS databases.

Essentially, once a job applicant presents their documents showing both their identity and employment eligibility, an employer has 3 days from the official hiring date to perform an E-Verify check. By using the E-Verify tool, an employer is granted civil and criminal immunity for all the employees it runs through the system in good faith. The legal benefits are massive and it’s a free service.

Though running regular E-Verify checks on all new hires is an essential part of protecting yourself legally, employers must sill be diligent and responsible. A good employer will aggressively hunt down Social Security fraud and potential abuses by checking the origination of certain Social Security numbers and verifying a photo identification.

The Enumeration Verification System for Lenders

Loan companies are also often prey to instances of Social Security number fraud. This system allows lenders to input a loan applicant’s Social Security number and name. After processing the request, they will receive a “no match” or “match” which will show if the Social Security number is correct.

This verification service is run through third-party vendors and is not free. However, it’s a critical tool for verifying identity and preventing fraud.

If you’re searching for free Social Security verification tools, your only option is with the Social Security Administration or through a lender’s vendor. To conduct Social Security number checks, you must be registered with the SSA as an employer and have the proper signed documentation from your new hires.