Most Common Clauses In An Employment Contract And Agreement

Employment contracts and agreements defines the terms and conditions of the working relationship between an employer and an employee.

The contract shows the duties and responsibilities of the employer to the employee and vice versa.

Although each company has its own template, an employment contract usually contains the following clauses:

Parties Involved

This will specify that the agreement is between the employer and the employee.

Position and Duties

The employment agreement should also specify the title of the position that the employee will be holding, together with the specific duties that the employee will perform as set out by the job description that will be attached to the agreement.

Place of Work

This refers to the location where the employee will be tasked to perform his/her duties.

Working Hours

This refers to the required number of hours the employee must meet.

The employment contract should specify the number of hours the employee must work per week and the number of days in a week.

It should also specify the time that his/her job starts and finishes.


In this part of the employment contract, the employer can specify the equivalent annual salary that the employee will receive.

The contract should also specify the following:

The period that will be covered for each pay day
The day the payment will be made
The method of which the payment will be given

Public Holidays

This part of the employment agreement specifies that the employee is entitled to be paid for the time worked during a public holiday.

Conflict Resolutions

This part of the employment agreement can specify the process and policies that apply in resolving possible conflicts in the future.

This could include the grievance processes that can be used by the employee to report any practices or policies that they feel are unfair or unjust.

This clause may also include the preferred alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process to resolve employment disputes.

The most common type of ADR process is arbitration because it is much more similar to a court proceeding compared to other ADR forms.

Other Clauses

The employer may also include other clauses that aim to protect the operations and the interests of the company.
Some of them are:

Non-compete clause This prevents an employee from accepting employment from a competitor or start their own venture that will compete with your own company.
Non-solicitation clause This clause prevents your employee from soliciting your clients, customers or suppliers.
Non-disclosure clause This prevents an employee from divulging non-public or proprietary information. The contract should stipulate what defines confidential information.
Anti-raiding clause This prevents former employees from soliciting current employees to leave their employment.
Anti-disparagement clause This prevents employees from making statements that opposes the interest of the company.

Employers are advised to seek help from an expert employment law attorney to make sure that all important areas are covered and that no existing laws are being undermined.

Where Can You Apply For Employment For Retirees

Do you want to find employment for retirees? Has your income been reduced by the hits on the staggering economy?

Has the threat on Social Security and its future solvency caused you some sleepless nights? Whatever the motivation behind your decision to do so, you have been placed in an interesting position.

Are you up to the challenge?

During the years you spent working for your previous employer, or employers, can you recall all the times you day dreamed about doing some other kind of work than what you were doing at the time?

Own up to it! We all experienced these flights of fancy.

But you quickly dismissed those thoughts, didn’t you? You chased them away as futile things. Well, now is the time to dust off those ideas and take a hard look at them.

The modern day labor market is a vast, varied and fertile ground for anyone up to tilling the soil and planting new kinds of seeds.

This is not pie in the sky stuff! It is cold, hard reality.

The latest scientific studies have proven that older brains, like we seniors possess, are not empty chalk boards wiped clean of ideas.

The results of these studies solidly indicate that the mental capabilities of seniors have actually expanded in capacity.

What does this mean? It means my friend, that you are capable of new ideas, strategies and acquiring and expanding brand new skills and abilities.

Let me pose the question once more. Are you up to the challenge of plunging into the employment market in search of unfilled job ideas from your past?

Because if your answer is a resounding yes, then there is a sea of opportunities awaiting you.

In order to function, and thrive in the job market today, versatility is necessary. It is not only helpful, it is vital.

Employment for retirees has led to some interesting avenues of jobs for senior citizens.

A retired police officer is designing and building backyard tropical gardens and habitats for homeowners.

A retired criminal lawyer, a woman, is working in a bridal shop and arranging wedding gatherings for brides.

A retired army colonel is rebuilding old, classic automobiles for customers of an auto body shop.

A retired high school teacher, a man who gets around in a wheel chair, works as an instructor of physical fitness classes in a large weight training business.

What do these retirees teach us. The sky is the limit. Just because you are older in years does not mean that new things are beyond your grasp.

Look out over the labor market and spend some time picking out the types of work that interest you.

If you want to try your hand at a job that differs from what you have done in the past, do it. Remember, you do not have to go after a full time job if you want to just work part time.

Employment for retirees is a new and novel idea to some employers. They may have never even thought about the concept.

But if you approach them and demonstrate how it will actually benefit their business, you just might find yourself on the payroll for the effort.

Challenge yourself and write something new on your mental blackboard!

Non-bank Lenders Offer $10k Special To Bad Credit Borrowers

Folks with less than sterling credit, and many with good credit, are finding it hard to get an unsecured loan, especially from traditional lenders such as brick and mortar banks and credit unions. Those with poor credit will find that getting approval for a personal loan from a non-bank lender is far greater than getting one from a traditional lender

Also, traditional lenders are operating under a self-imposed credit crunch and have tightened their underwriting criteria, reduced loan amounts, and limited new lending. Most will not even consider a loan application that does not show a sterling credit history. But, that is why non-bank lenders exist and they can offer a wide array of lending programs with no credit check and for amounts up to $10,000. These loans require no collateral and qualifications are relatively easy to meet.

Employment Tenure and Salary

Most any lender, whether traditional or non-bank, needs to establish some minimal guidelines to increase the possibility of repayment. Usually that begins with having a steady job with an income that shows a good debt-to-income ratio. Lenders like to see at least 90 days on the job with the same company. Some may require six months. Anyway, the longer you have been employed at one place, the better. Lenders consider steady employment to be a sign of stability.

Direct Deposit Bank Account

To be seriously considered for a personal loan from a non-bank lender you should have a valid direct-deposit bank account. A checking account would furnish you with the minimum requirement. However, if you also had a savings or money market account, your credibility would be greatly increased in the eyes of the lender. Usually a lender likes to see three months worth of bank statements to approve your loan. Hopefully it will be pretty clear of serious red marks such as NSF checks, excessive overdrafts, and similar bad marks.

Who Are You and Where Do You Live?

Many non-bank lenders operate online. You may never even see each other in the process of application. Many of them can check your credentials using online resources. But if they cannot, they will ask you to fax or send a scan of a bona fide picture ID. They may also require a utility bill as proof of residence. Some lenders may require other documents. Usually, the greater the amount you have requested, the more documentation you may be asked to supply.

Shopping for the Best Lender

Your credit score, your income, your residency all play a role in the approval process and will influence your approval. Understand that some lenders will approve your application while another may reject it. Do not be discouraged. Sometimes a lender just might be in a bad mood. They all have different policies and different approval thresholds.

Anyhow, make multiple applications and you will get multiple approvals, thus allowing you to choose the best rates and terms. The internet has made it extremely facile to apply and get approved for a loan without spending too much time or energy. Approval is quick and you can usually have money in your account within 24 hours.

Greek Speaking Jobs In London

For this reason, those seeking a Greek speaking job in London or anywhere in the United Kingdom should dig deeper than the sensationalist tabloids that promote bad economic data while failing to focus on the real positive developments going on through Europe. In London and in the United Kingdom at large, the job market — while fragile — remains as open as it ever was, and is a strong option for those considering a Greek language job.

Famously Diverse Population Needs People from All Corners

London is an exceedingly diverse place to live and work, and its community of Greek citizens is as large as anyone could find outside Greece itself. And that presents a number of big career opportunities for those looking for Greek speaking jobs. There is, first and foremost, a burgeoning small business market in the UK which was not slowed down even a tick since the economic downturn.

Recently business-friendly policies and practises make it possible for Greek jobs to migrate northward toward London, where individuals and families routinely open their own retails stores, restaurants, and other operations in Greek neighbourhoods throughout the city as well as the traditionally more diverse areas in Greater London.

Furthermore, Greek jobs exist throughout the United Kingdom for those who speak both languages fluently. Unrest in Greece, while likely a fleeting phenomenon, has pushed many to reconsider their living arrangements and take up residence in the United Kingdom — generally in London, but in many other areas as well. For that reason, services like translation and transition for new arrivals is in constant demand both with government and private sector employers. It’s a great way to obtain a job and immediately meet new people with whom you have much in common.

No matter what type of Greek speaking job in London you wish to find, it’s sure to be available. There is, quite literally, one of everything in this city of millions and the economic and employment outlook only continues to improve. As the battles of austerity become memories rather than current debates, London will stand out in Europe as one of the cities that weathered this economic climate the best.

Final Thoughts

The United Kingdom has escaped the economic recession unscathed, nor has the Greek economy. But both countries are on the road to recovery as positive signs trickle in — in the form of employment numbers, job openings, and stock market indicators. The time to pursue employment in Greek speaking jobs has never been better.

When seeking a Greek speaking job in London, it’s worth recognising that conditions on the ground don’t always reflect the headlines in major European newspapers. Doom and gloom certainly sells better, but the reality is far less gloomy and instead much more full of opportunities for Greek speaking jobs — and all jobs in general.

Do You Need To Find An Employment Litigation Lawyer

If you require the services of an employment litigation lawyer because of allegations being made against your company by a former employee, get in contact with one in your area as soon as possible. It is important to fight back against false allegations in a timely fashion. Speaking with a legal professional can help shed light on the options that are available to you. It can also help to clarify whether there is a case going forward, or whether a quick and simple resolution can be found without going to court.

What you may or may not be aware of is that there are federal and state laws that are imposed upon both employers as well as their staff members. When disputes arise, they generally relate to the obligations and rights that are attributed to either party.

If you find yourself dealing with a situation where a worker felt that their rights were violated while working at your business, you will require the services of an employee litigation lawyer. Mounting an expert defense is paramount to clearing your company of any wrongdoing. While you should attempt to have the matter resolve quickly, if further legal action needs to take place, your attorney will be at your side working on your behalf every step of the way.

An employment litigation lawyer deals with issues related to employment and labor law. If a worker or former worker of yours brings a wrongful discharge claim, a discrimination claim, or a wrongful termination claim against you, the legal representative you hire can work to get the charges dismissed. Anything associated with benefits such as pensions or insurance, claims connected to hours of work, wages, workers’ compensation, or unemployment compensation are all issues that require the assistance of an experienced and skilled legal practitioner. No matter what grievance has been brought against you, hiring a qualified attorney to deal with the situation can help you resume your daily operations. Often, trying to take the matter on by yourself can lead to an undesired outcome.

No matter what the problem is, don’t expect it to go away on its own. Be proactive and take the necessary steps to fix it. Provide your attorney with all relevant documents related to the matter and be open and clear about the circumstances that led up to you relieving the plaintiff of their job duties. Don’t leave anything out. A strong case can be built for you if the facts are all laid out and everything has been disclosed. To protect yourself and the business you worked hard to build, you need the right legal representation.