BCC Chief Warns New Corporate Pension Rules Could Harm UK Employment

The head of the British Chamber of Commerce has warned the Government that the latest corporate pension laws could seriously damage employment prospects in the UK

David Frost, Director General of the BCC, says the new laws, that were passed by the Labour government at the beginning of the year, make for a -complex web of regulations- that bear little resemblance to the original proposals announced in 2006.

Furthermore, Frost claimed that, in the face of so many on-going changes to employment law in Britain, many employers would hold back from recruiting more staff unless the legislation became simpler to understand.

As part of the new legislation, from 2010, employers will have to automatically enrol their staff onto a workplace pension scheme, and be re-enrolled every three years, unless the employee specifically opts-out of it.

In a report published this week by the BCC responding to a Government review, Mr Frost said: -There is a whole raft of changes and employment legislation coming through between now and 2014. At a time when we’re trying to grow the economy, this could dampen demand for jobs in the UK.

-Employers are worried about getting it wrong and then ending up in an employment tribunal.-

The BCC report makes a number of recommendations to the Government in order to simplify the new regulations. For example, the report suggests that employees should not be enrolled onto automatic pension schemes until after their 13th week of employment.

Mr Frost said: -It is absolutely right that we encourage people to save more for retirement. But doing so after 13 weeks would allow for staff turnover or any other changes that go on during the first few months.-

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Getting Through The Screening Process With Your Lawyer Resume

When employers are reviewing lawyer resumes, they tend to focus first on items that will immediately eliminate them from the yes or maybe pile, and turn them into the rejection pile. Why? When you consider that employers can receive hundreds of resumes per position per week, a quick form of triage is often the most time-efficient way to get through a lot of resumes. In other words, looking for screen-out factors in lawyer resumes provides an easy way for employers to narrow down the list of candidates to contact for an interview. How can you get your lawyer resume through this screening process? This article will identify some of the most common screen-out factors, and describe how to address them so that your lawyer resume can make the first cut.

Numerous Short Transitions

Employers universally favor hiring lawyers that have had few transitions in the course of their practice. Therefore, to the extent that you can avoid changing jobs every couple of years or so, you should. That being said, with current economic times, and depending on ones circumstance, thats not always achievable. Why are numerous short transitions a potential problem? When your lawyer resume shows numerous short-term stints with various employers that can send a signal to an employer that you are not likely to stay long enough to justify the expense of hiring, training, or relocating. Worse, it may place doubt into the employers mind as to the quality of your job performance, as well as your level of commitment.

Some lawyers who are aware of this potential screen-out factor, opt to omit their dates of employment altogether. You should never remove the dates of employment on your lawyer resume. Rather than help your case, your omission will now raise a red flag. It will only bring more attention to the fact that you have made a lot of transitions in a short time period. This is something you do not want to highlight any more than necessary. Therefore, rather than omitting the dates, use years, rather than months and years, to help soften the transitions. You may also want to use a functional rather than a chronological resume to highlight your skills rather than your work history.

Gaps On Your Resume

If you have a gap in your work history, you are not alone. However, gaps can be viewed as red flags by employers who are evaluating your performance, commitment, and marketability. While some hiring managers will give some weight to economic circumstances, gaps can quickly become screen-out factors if they are long, numerous, or unexplained.

If the gap is created in ones last position, providing the end date of employment and sending out the resume without any explanation is a mistake. Whether the gap is created when a lawyer is no longer employed, or because of unaccounted time between jobs, these gaps need to be addressed. Whenever possible, you should aim to fill a gap with professional experience or other practice-related activities. If your gap is going to last more than six months, consider pursuing and LL.M., doing contract work, joining a non-profit organization, or setting up your own solo practice. If it is not possible for you to fill the gap with professional or educational activities, be sure to explain it.

Whenever possible, you should address the gap directly onto your lawyer resume. For example, if you were part of a practice group recruited from one firm to another, and there is a six-week gap between firms, explain the reason for the gap in one line of text under the firm you eventually joined. If the gap is longer than a few weeks and you were unemployed for any length of time, you may want to include this in a special section of your lawyer resume, assuming you were engaged in some form of professional activity. If you have a long resume gap that is due to family, personal, or other circumstances, you should describe this gap in your cover letter. You should provide a couple of lines to describe the reason behind the gap. Again, there is no need to provide an expansive explanation; a short and to the point explanation is best.

Non-Legal and Irrelevant Experience

Many lawyers like to include all of their experience on the resume, including non-legal positions and activities, in a misguided attempt to highlight a diverse background. Unfortunately, not being selective as far as the experience that is included on a lawyer resume will make it appear unfocused. While you should include all of your legal positions, non-legal positions should be excluded from your lawyer resume, unless you are a junior-level lawyer with little professional experience, or the non-legal position is related to your practice or current job search. For example, if you are an intellectual property lawyer and youve worked as an engineer, that type of experience should definitely be included in your resume. If you are an energy lawyer, and you worked as a plant manager for an energy company, that type of non-legal position should also be included as it is relevant to your job search.

Typically the best way to identify what non-legal experience to include is to ask yourself whether it is relevant to your current practice or job search. The same rule applies to activities and hobbies. Your lawyer resume is not a biography. It is a marketing tool designed to land you an interview. Therefore, it’s best to keep personal interests, hobbies, and other non-essential materials for the interview. If you are keen on listing organizations, affiliations, volunteer work, or extracurricular activities on your lawyer resume, only list those that are relevant to your practice as a legal professional, or that are directly related to your targeted job. Again, if its not related to your practice or the position you are applying to, do not include it.

Typos, Misspellings, and Grammatical Errors

As a lawyer, your resume is considered a writing sample and work product. Therefore, you cannot afford to have any typographical errors, misspellings, or grammatical mistakes, as these errors will immediately raise concerns about the quality of your work and attention to detail. In other words, your lawyer resume must be flawless. This is definitely a time where you should be sweating the small stuff.

Lawyer resumes containing typos and spelling errors almost never make it passed the initial screening stage. While resumes do not have to adhere to the strict rules of grammar, cover letters do. To address problems related to typos and misspelling, make sure to use a spell-check using your word processing software. You can also run a grammar-check, but beware that some of these are not always accurate. Whatever you do, dont stop there. Some errors cannot be detected by spell-check or grammar-check software alone, which is where most of the errors on your lawyer resume, will arise. Therefore, be sure to follow up with a thorough proofreading, and review the resume several times before you submit it. The last thing you want is a typo getting between you and the job of your dreams.

Employment Eligibility Attorney Helps Verifying Employment Status

Its been years that you are running an organization on the soils of USA with a good number of employees. You are doing well and want to stay here for lifetime. So, you must have authenticated your eligibility and identity to avoid any legal issue for working here in the United States. According to the Immigration Reform and Control Act, every employer must verify his individual identity and eligibility by filling up the verification form known as I-9. Every employer must preserve all duly filled-up forms for at least three years right from the hiring date. So, if you have not yet filled up the I-9 compliance form, get in touch with an employment eligibility attorney and get all your issues sorted.

According to law, no one is allowed to run any organization without having the I-9 compliance form. Its the only document that can prove that an employer has the legal right to work. The U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement rules have been made so stricter that employers should comply with each and every rule or otherwise they will be subject to legal actions. While filling up the form, employees might come across legal complications and other questions. In this respect, an employment eligibility attorney can be a perfect guide.

By accessing the internet, you will come across several websites that can help you provide information on employment eligibility lawyers. Make sure that you choose the best of them or rather someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in this field.

Remember, the proceedings should be done in an orderly manner which can only be possible with the help of an employment eligibility attorney. These legal experts are aware of all the rules and regulations that can help one proceed in the right manner. Its advisable not to hire someone new for this case or otherwise you might fall into complications.

Those who are foreigners must take permission to get legally employed in the United States of America from U.S. employers. However, those who hold green cards do not require permission since he/she is considered a permanent resident of the US and is allowed to work there for lifetime. On the other hand, a foreign diplomat will require a work permit to extend his stay in the US.

A work permit or EAD or Employment Authorization Document looks like a laminated card which is issued not only to employers but also to a visa lottery program, a family member and even to an asylum.

Los Angeles Employment Discrimination Attorneys

We have represented those who have sustained injury resulting from a violation of their civil rights in the workplace. Common claims include sexual harassment and discrimination on the basis of age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, nationality or ethnic background.

Disability Discrimination – Fair Employment and Housing

Our client was a baggage handler for a major airline. After suffering several work-related injuries, the airline tried to prevent him from returning to work even though he demonstrated that he was still capable of doing the job.

We demonstrated that the company was discriminating against him on the basis of his disability and failing to fulfill their legal duty to make reasonable accommodations for his condition.

Result: Confidential Substantial Settlement and the client was given his old job back.

Disability Discrimination – Fair Employment and Housing

Two female clients worked as administrative assistants for a water treatment company at two different offices. Both were the victims of sexual harassment by their male superiors.

We were able to show that both men made frequent, unwanted, advances at both women and that the company failed to take action despite both women making complaints to company supervisors.

Result: Confidential Substantial Settlements in both cases.

Racial Discrimination

Our client, a teacher, was continually harassed by her supervisor, based upon her Hispanic ethnic heritage. The supervisor accused our client of being an illegal alien, regularly made racist comments about Hispanics and otherwise berated her in a loud, aggressive and intimidating manner based upon her ethnicity.

Our client experienced severe mental anguish and emotional distress, became unable to work and incurred significant medical expenses.

Result: Confidential Substantial Settlement

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A Few Tips On How To Obtain Employment News Through Online Job Search Websites

Job search is a matter of great concern for today’s youngsters that they vigorously search for jobs through many ways like newspaper ads, employment agencies, and job search websites and so on. But among these different means of acquiring a job, websites are the most commonly used method of job search by the youngsters and freshers since most of the employers are now searching for recruiting their employees through websites and online services only. But on the contrary, the truth is, in these days of tough employment opportunities in India, online job search is very important for the job seekers. They are the most advantageous modes of recruitment and easy way of job searching since its very fast and inexpensive. When applying online, people can find the latest employment news and apply for the best jobs that suit their skills, educational qualification and abilities.

However it’s not that easy task as it’s said regarding the job applications on these online job search sites. The truth is, even though the internet is a great marketplace for manpower, unless you do it correctly, you’ll be rejected or thrown to the least of all the millions and millions of candidates on the cyberspace. Here are some of the online job search tips to apply to different websites such as Sarkari Naukri and how to come out successfully with the online job hunting activity.

– The first step is to create a professional email address for yourself with which you should sign in to the online job search websites. There are always some good techniques in selecting a professional user name such as including your name and also a few numbers from your birthday date and so on. However you choose the name, the mandatory requirement is to keep your email to be updated with all hourly updates and notifications about the different kinds of Government jobs or private jobs available in the different regions of the country till-date.

– Your resume should be uploaded in a universally readable form with fonts like Times New Roman or Verdana in the font size 10 to 12. It’s better to keep your resume in PDF format so that the recruiters would find it easy to read and analyze the resume.

– Be tactful and clever in managing your personal profile information since this would be the content that the potential job searchers would be going through in your profile. You should be very careful in not leaking out all information to all viewers of your profile.

– Another possible guideline is to be genuine and truthful to the employers who call you on for an interview. In case of unavoidable circumstances, you have to ring up and explain that you won’t be attending the interview.

With all these guidelines in mind, you can start searching for your government jobs in different job search websites with confidence. OnlineBharath, founded in April 2010, is an employment website featuring the best and the latest employment news on all types of jobs including Public Sector Units, Central and State Government jobs, vacancies and Walk-ins in India. For further details, please visit http://www.onlinebharath.co.in