Why An All Round Cleaning Company Will Be Better Than A More General One

What does your cleaning company do? Now that might sound like a bizarre question surely cleaning companies clean, dont they?

Well yes they do, but the ones which provide the best services do far more than just clean. Thats why it pays to think about the company you are using to see if you have enlisted the help of the right one for you.

If your current cleaning needs are quite basic, you might be wondering why you should even be considering hiring alternative commercial cleaners instead. The reason is simple. Every business changes and grows over time, and what is adequate for your needs now may not be right in just a few weeks or months from now.

There is also the question of services that you might only need from time to time. Lets say you have a need to move offices for example. Even if you are only moving to different offices in the same block you are in now, it isnt a simple process.

There will be furniture to move, boxes to pack and then unpack at the other end, and cleaning to do when you leave your old premises behind. There might possibly even be cleaning that needs to be done before you can move in to your new location.

Could your current office cleaners achieve all that for you?

The chances are they wouldnt. That means you would have to put in the effort to find and shortlist a number of new and unknown companies long before the move itself takes place. You would then have to decide who to opt for and get to know them to a certain extent before the big move took place.

Can you see how awkward this could be? Wouldnt it be so much easier if you could simply get in touch with your contact at your existing cleaning company to ask them to give you a hand?

An all round cleaning company would be able to do this quite easily. They would have the resources, the staff and the experience to organise such a move and handle all the cleaning as well.

You can probably see that with a moving company and a cleaning company involved, you would have staff from separate companies tripping over themselves to try and get the job done. Whereas if you only rely on the one company that you know and you are familiar with, you can rest assured that everything will go smoothly.

There is no doubt that a versatile company has many more benefits than one which concentrates only on cleaning. You can probably think of many other things right now that could be done by just the one all round company. Wouldnt it be easier if you had one point of contact instead of several at a number of different companies?

So if you are thinking of changing companies in the near future, bear in mind what an all round cleaning outfit can do for you.

Five Critical Steps to Be Customer Focused

In todays highly technical and fast paced world one piece of advice is very true listen to the customer. Unfortunately, selling complex technical products or solutions (or anything else), causes most salespeople to focus on product features rather that on their benefits to the customer.

This product focused approach to sales is from the old school. It focused on specific features and benefits that would be of interest to a prospective customer. Salespeople would immediately commit to memory as many of these product features as possible.

After a dissertation on the associated benefits that went along with these product features, the prospect is suppose to sign on the dotted line because the salesperson certainly must have found a “hot-button” during this product review.

But something bizarre happens. The prospect is often overwhelmed by all the facts and technical data that has been dumped on him. When you sell only on product features, you leave yourself open to price shopping by your prospect.

The smarter method of selling that is much more effective is called customer focused selling. Simply stated customer focused selling is first finding out what the customer wants and then providing the solution for his or her situation. Sound simple, yet it is surprising how few salespeople practice this method. Perhaps its because they spend so much time learning about the hardware and software features they sell, that they would burst open if they couldnt tell their prospect all they know. Another reason is that salespeople sometimes (too often) would rather talk than listen to their prospect. Here are the five critical steps to be customer focused:
Customer focused selling means the customer does most of the talking. How does the customer do most of the talking? The salesperson must probe and ask open ended questions to determine the customers business needs and personal wins. Open-ended questions ask the listener for more specific information. Open ended questions begin with words like what, when, how, where, why, and when. They ask for peoples opinions, facts and feelings. They open the conversational door. Examples: “What results are looking for in a new supplier?” ” What makes that business issue so important to you?”
To get the prospect to be more receptive to your probes and questions, try to cushion it with a softening preamble. Try, “May I ask you a question? ” or, “In your opinion, what factors do you consider most important in selecting a new supplier?” Be creative and ask a few thought-provoking questions that will provide you with information about this person as well as facts about their company. Differentiate yourself from other salespeople by asking what important challenges the prospect is facing this year and how they differentiate their company from the competition.
Probe to understand the business issues that are most important to them. For example, a General Manager might say Improving Productivity is a top priority. Probe to see what makes that issue so important, exactly what “improving productivity” means to him or her. Once you understand the important issues facing your prospect, ask open-ended questions to uncover problems with their present system or approach and identify the benefits they need because these will become opportunities for you.
Then probe to find their personal win. The owner of the store on the corner dreams about the day her business will expand from 1 shop to 2. Then from 2 shops to 3, to 5, and more. Think about your dreams; where you are today and where you want to be next year? Your customers also have dreams about their businesses and their careers. Who knows? They know, and uncovering their dreams is a critical step in the customer-focused sales approach. If you can find their dream, you can identify their personal win. When you do, you can then bring together a “customer focused solution” that addresses their business issues. More importantly, your solution will help them fulfill their dreams.
Finally, it is vitally important to listen actively, take notes, provide feedback when your prospect is responding to your questions. All too often, salespeople will ask a good question, and then not listen to the answer. This hardly builds credibility and trust with the prospect. Salespeople can significantly improve their listening and establish credibility and trust faster by providing feedback that creates an agreeable atmosphere with their prospects. Asking material questions and then listening actively to your prospect is one of the best ways to avoid these problems and differentiate yourself from the “not-so-great” salespeople. Increasing your ability to probe and ask questions and then listening to the prospects answers provides you with the information you need to identify needs, goals and priorities. Armed with this information, you can create a “Customer Focused” solution that addresses your prospects issues. Good luck and good selling!!!

High Risk ACH Offshore Merchant Account Check Payment Processing Services Merchant ICL Solution

About Us:
CcNet provides our clients with Adult, Travel and High Risk Merchants Accounts, through our state-of-the-art processing solutions and our partnerships with several financial institutions.
As a CcNet Client, you will receive:
Internet Merchant Account that will allow you to accept all Major Domestic and international Credit and Debit Cards.
Accept payments from the buyer’s checking account by ACH; either over the phone, through the mail or on Internet.
Provide subscription, One-time and Recurring billing solutions
Full Merchant Sales Tracking & Administrative Tools
Timely and Reliable Payments from the Bank
Advanced Antifraud Protection
Multicurrency Processing – Accept funds in 18 different currencies.
Pure ACH High Risk setup for US merchants has below features.
– Low Rates
– No Reserve or security required
– Extremely Fast approval
– NO Chargebacks
– Fast settlement times (0-1 days)
– Access to a larger online customer base
– Use your existing bank relationship
– Safe, secure and easy to use
We accept all merchants who need a Merchant Services account for Mail Order / Telephone Order, Direct Marketing, eCommerce, Website subscriptions and memberships, allowing users to access password-protected, Web-based content business requirements. Please note that CcNet does NOT restrict the kind or type of products and or services a client is looking to offer. Both virtual and physical products are acceptable. Unlike other payment companies who restrict Merchants who sell tangible products or any type of service which requires the delivery of an item, either via email or postal mail.

CcNet is the global brand of CardCommerce Inc… And prides itself at being a globally recognized merchant account service provider.

At CcNet we understand the importance of facilitating Internet merchants, whether high risk or offshore, with merchant accounts that offer the most reliable and secure transaction features and credit card processing. Internet merchants worldwide turn to CardCommerce for real time and cost-effective payment solutions.

We offer merchant accounts with a reliable payment gateway for real time and batch processing along with a 24/7 customer and technical support service, SSL processing and 3-D Secure available. Internet merchants from diverse industries are benefiting from our services including high risk merchants like adult entertainment, online pharmacies, online casinos, sportsbooks, bingo, betting exchanges, pre-paid cards, e-wallets, travel, e-wallet, replica products, and more.

We recommend the most effective payment processing solutions for our Internet merchants largely depending on the online services and products they sell. Internet merchants are assisted through the application process by our team of Internet account managers through consultation and are provided the best Internet merchant account to fit their business needs.
CcNet services more than 5000 businesses in over 16 countries around the world. High risk and low risk merchants from diverse markets worldwide are profiting from our services and now with our Affiliate Program in place, affiliates have become capable of earning a Lifetime Membership along with promoting their businesses.

CardCommerce.Net is an organization of people dedicated to helping businesses grow their online presence through scalable, affordable and flexible e-commerce solutions regardless of their line of business and geographical base.
High Risk Check Processing
Cutting edge electronic check acceptance process that is revolutionizing payment processing for both High and Low Risk Merchants!
This Patent Pending, check acceptance service is for merchants who desire faster settlement, reduced returns, the near elimination of chargeback, and complete control of their settlement account. Whether you accept check payments over the phone, through the web, or via secure FTP batch upload process youll enjoy superior payment processing coupled with unmatched reporting with our new revolutionary payment process.
Why should merchants use this service and not ACH?
With ACH you normally have a 3rd party processor in the middle which holds your funds in THEIR settlement account. Typically these funds are deposited into your account 5 business days later. With our service there is no settlement account held at a 3rd party. All payments are settled the next day directly into a bank account YOU own! Also, depending on what type of industry youre in, ACH processors typically ask for cash reserves to guarantee your account. However, once you terminate their service you might not see that reserve for up to two years, if ever. Additionally, if your ACH processor goes out of business not only do you lose your funds in your reserve account, but the funds in the settlement account, that you DO NOT own, are also lost.
Finally, if you have processed ACH transactions in the past and have drawn the ire of NACHA because of excessive returns or chargeback youll never have to worry about that again. With our service NACHA regulations in regards to returns or chargeback do not apply so you dont have to worry about pointless regulations put in place to limit the amount of business you can do.
Who Should Use This Service?
Merchants who need quicker funding when compared to ACH
Merchants that are not interested in funding a reserve account
Merchants in high risk industries
Merchants that have had issues with NACHA NACHA regulations in regards to returns and chargebacks dont apply.
Any merchant currently printing drafts
Merchants that want to reduce their overall returns
Merchants that have chargeback issues and want to virtually eliminate them.
Service Benefits
No settlement account You own the account
Checks are electronically deposited into your account daily
24/7 access to Online Reporting and Account Management
Virtually eliminate chargebacks
Submit via batch, API or Virtual Terminal
Proprietary check verification pre-submission scrubs
Download/import real-time reports (Transactions and returns)
No Monthly Fees
Reduce liability and increase profits
No reserve needed on most accounts
Individual and recurring payment receipt options

We understand the importance of your business and your success is our success!
CcNet provides high risk merchant accounts for credit card processing. We will provide a high risk merchant account in the USA or an offshore merchant account.
Obtain a credit card merchant account from GFS for you high risk merchant account needs.
CcNet will review your business model, business procedures, processing history and assist you in the process of changing or modifying your business model, procedures, etc. so that your merchant account will not be classified as a high risk merchant account. We have experts who have been in the industry for over 20 years and they work with the banks and processors in the risk and underwriting process. Even if you have had chargeback problems in the past, we can still assist you.
Contact us at :

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Suresh Sarode SEO

New York Locksmith

New York Locksmith has a team of mobile service vehicles providing 24 hours 7 days a week service for our customers in the New York area, every day of the year, rain or shine. Our technicians have been bonded, insured and certified to work on all makes and models of locks, safes, transponder keys, remotes and ignition locks. New York Locksmith security expert technicians are certified and qualified in installations, repairs and maintenance of CCTV Surveillance, Access Control Systems, Burglar Alarms, Buzzer Systems, and Window Gates. At New York Locksmith our customers are top priority and we guarantee every request is met with courtesy, professionalism, and integrity. Every customer receives the same high level, quality service. We are proud to offer a 90 days warrantee on every service and product available from New York Locksmith.

Our Services Include: Lockout Service for Emergency Situations Replacing/Repair of All Automobile Ignitions and Keys Home/Auto/Business Lockout Service Break-In/Burglary Lock Repair/Replacement/Installation High Security Locks/Panic Bars/Door Closers/Push Plates/Install/Repair/Replace Keyless Entry Systems Safe Opening File Cabinet Locks Opened/Repaired/Replaced Replacing Missing VAT System Keys/ Transponder Keys Install/Repair/Replace/Re-Key All Lock Mechanisms/Systems Car Keys Made On-Site/Broken Key Extraction/Laser/Transponder/VAT/Cut Keys AND Much More

New York Locksmith Commercial Services:

New York Locksmith has proven over the years, unique locksmith and security satisfaction of our commercial customers. New York Locksmith guarantees to resolve any commercial locksmith needs you have, in a timely, affordable manner. New York Locksmith offers a 90 day warrantee on every service and product. Our technicians use their experience in all aspects of commercial locksmith and security environments from a simple re-key of an office door to the full installation of high-tech security systems. You will always receive the best from New York Locksmith, and that includes the availability of name brand products delivered by knowledgeable technicians.

Residential Services:

You never have to worry about waiting around for hours because you are locked out of your house, we have technicians 20 minutes or less away from any neighborhood in the New York area. Our expert technicians can be there to open your lock, repair a lock, or replace a Master Lock system after a break-in. New York Locksmith is there when you are flustered, in a hurry, or frightened and can install top of the line security systems in your home to prevent further criminal activity. New York Locksmith carries a wide selection of name brand products from top of the line manufacturers of locksmith and security products. We know how crucial the safety and security of your family, home, and property are to you.

Automotive Services:

Performing at the highest standard possible our technicians re-code and replace your automobile keys and gain access to any vehicle. We have the resources and products for the latest technology in key requirements for any car or truck. When you are locked out of your car, you can count on a quick response from our mobile service vehicles. New York Locksmith has the largest inventory in the New York Area, experience, cutting edge equipment, capability, and the latest technology; all in the hands of our dedicated locksmiths. Call New York Locksmith today for your locksmith and security needs for a free estimate at (888) 990- 9980 or visit us online at NYLOCKSMITH247.COM.

Five Reasons to Buy a Vintage Typewriter

With their glass keys, nostalgic aura, and charming literary output, vintage typewriters are becoming increasingly popular. Once relegated to the side amidst word processors and laptops, these writing machines are now considered an up-and-coming collectible. In a digital world where manuscripts, poems, and musings can accidentally disappear into a software abyss, more people are turning to the trusted touch of a vintage typewriter.

The Charm of Real Type

Unlike some collectibles like figurines or sports cards, a typewriter can create works of original art. With a vintage typewriter at your side, you can pen love notes, poetry, essays, and even that Pulitzer Prize-worthy manuscript. Of course, you could always type on a plastic computer keyboard, but the glass keys of a real writing machine are inspirational, causing you to contemplate each word and letter you strike.

Even if you are not an aspiring writer, the possibilities of your antique typewriter are endless! Imagine the sweet surprise of receiving a real, hand-typed thank you note. How nostalgic would your spice drawer look with hand-typed labels? Artists have even created stunning works of typewriter art depicting famous individuals and even landscapes.

Growing Value

Antique typewriters have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, especially as todays society pines for nostalgia of bygone eras. Subsequently, a writing machine you purchase today will most likely grow in value, giving you a smart investment for decades to come.

Of course, not all typewriter models were created equal, and some are significantly more valuable than others. The rarity of the model, the year it was manufactured, its color, and condition all impact the current and long-term value of the piece.

A Nostalgic, Personal Connection

Maybe the antique typewriter at the antique shop reminds you of your mother. Perhaps you grew up idolizing Nancy Drew and hoping to type a novel. Or maybe you used the typewriter to communicate with a pen pal whom you met years later. Many antiques have a personal connection, making the item that much more nostalgic.

Thinking Outside the Typewriter Case

Although it is always ideal to purchase an antique typewriter that is in fully working condition, some writing machines have simply been neglected and may be impossible to revive. However, this does not mean that the vintage typewriter should be relegated to the recycling bin! There are many ways in which you can enjoy a typewriter, both working and non-functional.

Vintage typewriters may be used to display items like photos.
The writing machines can be used as charming bookends.
If it is absolutely impossible to repair the typewriter, craftspeople may be interested in the keys from antique typewriters to create vintage crafts, such as necklaces, cuff links, earrings, and place cards. However, sawing the keys off a functional typewriter or one that could be repaired should certainly be considered a sin!

A Living History Lesson

Vintage typewriters are their own lesson in the history of the written word. Typewriters were invented in the late 1800s, although the concept existed a century earlier. Typewriters added speed to what had been a much more laborious process. Typewriters soon became integral parts of offices and remained so until the 1980s, when computers became more prevalent. The legacy of typewriters lingers today, for instance:

Our computer keyboards still use the “QWERTY” letter line-up.
We still use the phrase “cc,” short for “carbon copy.”
Terms like “Shift” and “Backspace” also came from the typewriter.

Indeed, there are many reasons to purchase and enjoy a vintage typewriter. From the click-clack of the striking keys to the charming bell at the end of each line, the right writing machine is waiting for your fingers to type with inspiration!