Go Online To Find Braided Rug Repair Anchorage And Rug Appraisals Alaska

Beautification and decoration of our house is always on our minds and we want to do lot of new things in our house to make it even more beautiful. After doing up the interiors of your house it is not very easy to change the entire set up every time and it is equally important to take care of the things that you have. For repair of your carpets and rugs you must consider braided rug repair anchorage. We all know that these carpets and rugs are so expensive and just because of small repair requirements it cannot be changed. If you wish to use your rugs and carpets for a longer duration then these rug repair and sale service providers in anchorage and help you a lot.

You invest lot of money in buying these expensive carpets and rugs and this is why these need lot of maintenance and care. In case of small wear and tear you can consider rug appraisals Alaska as there you can easily get variety of services like cleaning and maintenance of your rugs along with their appraisal. Someone who offers rug appraisal also deals with these comprehensive services related to cleaning, maintenance and insurance claims of your carpets and rugs. If you are planning to buy new carpet or rug then these appraisals help you in knowing the real value of the product that you like to buy along with its origin, material and an approximate date when it was woven. These give you better product knowledge and help you in choosing the better product.

Rug appraisals Alaska service is offered free of cost for the new carpets that you buy from the seller and only a reliable seller can give you the true appraisals. Just like any other service provider it is very important to choose a good one for buying carpets just because you do not change them every day and you invest lot of money in them. While choosing a seller you must look at the other services that they offer. It is good to have just one company or the person to sort out all your issues related to cleaning, maintenance or repair.

You can now go online to find any good seller and braided rug repair anchorage. You must read about them and about the kind of feedback that they get from their customers. Internet has made things so easy when it comes to finding out about anyone or anything in the market.

A new way to save money on your new cell phone and wireless plan

A new way to save money on your new cell phone and wireless plan.

At a time in our lives where the cost of everything we purchase seems to go up every day, I’m here to talk about one area that you can actually save money on an item that we all use every day. Our cell phone and cell phone plan.

When looking for a phone, there are a few things that people are looking for…..

1. Price – Just like everything else we buy, price is king.
2. Coverage – Having a great cellphone is worthless unless you have service where you live.
3. Features – These days, cell phones are used just for talking on. Things like email, internet and texting has changed the way we use our phones.
4. Customer Service – Is someone going to be there to help when problems come up?

What if I could provide you with a place that not only gives you options to select what carrier you want, choose from the newest phones from those carriers and have full support from the carriers, but at a cost much lower than going to your local mall kiosk or directly to the carrier’s own stores.

Here’s how it works.

I run a website called MedCity Wireless. We are a reseller for all the major carriers and carry all the latest phones and tablets on the market today. But the biggest difference, is that we are an “online only” store. So I don’t have the overhead required to open a traditional store, or pay rental fees for a kiosk in the middle of the local shopping mall. That, in addition to the high volumes that we do, allows us to dramatically cut the prices on the phone. A lot of times, making the phones free!

And since we are an official reseller for the main carriers, you still get the great coverage and great service that you would get if you got it straight from the carrier. Your initial sale goes through us, but your service and monthly bill comes straight from them.

My own family was looking to upgrade recently, and of course I purchased them through MedCity Wireless, but I did a lot of research first. This is what we ended up getting……

We were able to get 3 high-end Android phones and 1 “slide” texting phone for $99.99. The same phones, from the same carrier that wanted to charge us $349.96 for them when we walked into the local retail shop.

So, come take a look around. I urge you to compare the prices to your local mall kiosk or retail store. I think you’ll quickly realize that MedCity Wireless is the new way to buy/upgrade your cellphone and cellphone service.

Why Your March Sales Suck

Journal entry: December 10, 2009
“My calendar is full and my sales are on track. Looks like Ill end the year ahead of target. This means my boss will finally stop bugging me to get my sales on track. After several years of developing my client base, Im making headway. That means I can finally relax and start taking it a bit easier. I cant coast but the momentum should carry me well into next year and by then Ill have even more customers to which will make it easier to reach my quotas.”

Journal entry: March 21st, 2010
“Sales are below target and it doesnt look like Ill reach my quota this month. I was on track earlier this year but now it seems like Ive lost my momentum. I thought the recession was over and that business was supposed to improve. Companies are still reluctant to move forward and the people I have sold to arent reordering. Guess Ill have to step it up a notch to get back on track. It seems like this is a never-ending roller coaster ride.”

Sound familiar?

Its a very common problem that far too many sales people encounter. They forget that the action they takeor fail to taketoday, will affect their results several months down the road. They get caught up in the “moment” and fall into the trap of reducing their prospecting efforts when they are busy or when sales are on an upswing. They mistakenly believe that their sales will continue to improve even though they cut back on prospecting. Unfortunately, this creates the “peaks and valleys” syndrome whereby the sales person has a great month followed by one or two month of mediocre performance. As sales decline, the rep increases his/her efforts and a few months later their sales begin to improve again. As their sales start to climb, they scale back on hunting for new business. And they continue the pattern.

Unfortunately, every company and every person has to work at generating new business. Age, experience, seniority or expertise does not exempt you from this. I recall a conversation with a colleague who said, “Ive been at this for 20 years; I feel a sense of entitlement and I dont feel that I should have to work this hard to get new business.” We have all seen and heard about companies who went out of business after several decades of success. The business landscape constantly changes. New competitors enter the marketplace and erode our customer base. Products, services and solutions that were once state-of-the-art are now obsolete. And customers who were once loyal to you and your company abandon ship and no longer buy your product, service or solution.

This all means that you need to take consistent action to generate new business leads, regardless of how long you have been selling and how well established your business is. When my wife first started her business almost 15 years ago, her accountant suggested that she invest a specific amount of time each week marketing her business. It was wise advice then, and with the increase in competition that most businesses now experience, his words are even more valuable today.

This is even more important if you work with only a few customers and each company represents a large portion of your revenue. Many sales people and companies have found themselves scrambling to find new sources of revenue because a major client stopped using their services. Its a tough wake-up call that can be prevented by avoiding the complacency trap and assertively prospecting for new business on a regular basis.

So, what do you need to do to ensure that your sales dont suck in March?

It is essential that you block time in your schedule for prospecting. Otherwise one of two things will happen. First, the busyness of your day will take over and you wont invest time on prospecting activities. Or, you will spend too much time in just one area and will neglect other opportunities to prospect. Its easy to get caught up servicing your existing customers, dealing with emails, and other tasks. Whether you make cold calls, send direct mail campaigns, attend networking functions, ask for referrals, give presentations, or participate in social media; you need to determine exactly what type of prospecting activity you will do each day/week. Control and manage your time by blocking each activity in your calendar as an appointment. If you are diligent at keeping these prospecting appointments, your March sales wont suck.

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What Makes a Good POS System

User-friendly and technically robust point-of-sale software could make the difference between consistently happy customers and those who grumble and gripe because their orders arent correct or they constantly receive sluggish service. As a result, you are more likely to experience some of the following challenging scenarios without the advantages offered by a good point-of-sale (POS) system:

Customers get frustrated and go elsewhere for service
Your establishment receives numerous reviews about poor order handing
Individuals become so upset they disrupt other patrons
Staff members are constantly overwhelmed and unable to meet customers needs

However, there are several features and characteristics that go help create excellent POS systems. Once you know what they are, youll be well equipped to start shopping.

Speedy Transactions

Even the most easygoing clients will likely become fed up when waiting in long lines. If your POS system is capable of handling busy periods without lags in response time, youll find its much easier to keep up with demand.

Easy to Understand

When a POS system is built intuitively, the likelihood increases that you and your staff members wont have to waste time learning its features. On the other hand, a clunky and poorly laid out interface could cost time and money. The software we offer at Revel Systems is designed for simplicity.

Provides Real-Time Reports

A point-of-sale system is arguably not very valuable if it cannot give accurate reports as conditions change over time. Some of todays leading systems provide instant updates about inventory levels, order tracking and even employee scheduling concerns.

Tight Security

Its essential to use a POS system that meets or exceeds industry encryption standards for sensitive information. Also, insist on working with a provider that has secure servers and offers options for restricting user access. Our interface is fully PCI/P2PE compliant, so business and consumer data is protected.

Simple Access to Customer Support

A POS system can quickly cause hassles if unexpected problems arent resolved efficiently. Fortunately, some POS specialty companies clearly understand the unpredictable nature of running a business and offer streamlined ways to connect with customer service experts. We provide telephone support 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Its also possible to submit support requests online, giving you another handy method of getting help when its most needed.

When they work well, POS systems can be true assets to busy businesses. Finding a system that has all or most of the characteristics described in detail above could help you keep customers content and minimize employee stress.

How Shadow It Is Reshaping The Role Of The Cio

It used to be that IT departments chose the technology and devices employees used. They purchased volume licenses of client software like Microsoft Office and large enterprise software programs that they installed on expensive hardware in data centers they managed. In the last 10 years, however, there has been a surge in free or low cost consumer services that allow people to accomplish many of the same things as traditional enterprise software. Employees also expect to be able to use the latest smart phones and tablets, and have all their information available on any device, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

The traditional role of the CIO as the gatekeeper of technology is changing as a result. IT departments which used to be focused solely on building and running internal infrastructure are struggling to keep up in a world where employees can use thousands of cloud services. With cloud services, even though the responsibility for running the application and provisioning hardware is transferred to the provider, the CIO is still responsible for regulatory compliance and corporate governance for enterprise data stored in the cloud. As a result, CIOs have found themselves in the unpopular position of saying no to the cloud services employees feel they need to do their jobs.

However, when you block popular cloud services like Dropbox or Skype, people are motivated to find a way around you. At the same time as IT is struggling with new expectations of what its role should be in the company. The challenge for CIOs 5-10 years ago was providing the same IT services internally with fewer resources. They looked to outsourcing and offshoring to reduce cost and improve corporate margins. Now the expectation is that IT should be actively collaborating with other areas of the company to find creative ways to grow the business. To accomplish this, CIOs will need to embrace cloud services and proactively identify new ways to enable employees to be more productive and reach their customers in a new way.

This transformation will likely result in the IT organization shrinking in terms of headcount but increasing in its influence. CIOs will need to build stronger relationship with their C-level peers and the board. Today, the majority of CIOs (77%) see partnering with the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) as critical to success, but far fewer CMOs (57%) agree this alignment is important. The first step of this transformation includes understanding the scope of Shadow IT usage across the organization to assess how business units are embracing new technology.

There are thousands of cloud services available and the first step is understanding which ones are being used by employees. The average company uses 545 different cloud services, each with differing levels of risk. IT departments need to assess the risks of services objectively in order to understand which ones are enterprise-ready and therefore should be promoted and supported across the organization. This exercise not only reduces overall risk and improves compliance, it can also improve collaboration. The average organization uses 19 different file sharing services. It becomes very difficult to share documents for different projects when theyre split across Box, Dropbox, Hightail, and Egnyte. Standardizing on one or two services can accelerate collaboration and the company can benefit from volume licensing compared to individual teams buying the service on a corporate credit card.

Another way to look at this shift for IT is to look at how supply chains have evolved over the last 20 years. Vertically integration has given way to an ecosystem of just-in-time parts suppliers and low cost shipping worldwide. IT should think about its mandate the same way. There is an ecosystem of cloud that must be selected and work together to drive the business forward. By focusing on the business objectives and less on the actual day to day infrastructure maintenance, the CIO becomes a much more strategic part of the business and company itself benefits.