The Importance Of Having A Business Uniform Dress Code

In the United States, more than thirty two million people go to work everyday wearing business uniforms. A business uniform can project a unified image of a company that consistently works with the public.

A business uniform can indicate to customers who the employees are and ask for assistance. Business uniform also allow employers to dictate what type of dress is appropriate for their business. Employees prefer to wear business uniforms, as they do not have to buy a wardrobe for work. There are some employers who will pick up the cost of cleaning the business uniforms. This mostly happens when the company is renting their business uniforms.

Most business uniforms are made of a cotton polyester blend fabric. It stands up to numerous cleanings and is durable and long lasting.

Traditionally, business uniforms have been plain and drab single colored shirt and pants. The color was usually brown or navy blue, or white. There were no other colors that were available.

In recent years, style has come to business uniforms. Employers are choosing oxford shirts and dress pants over “the plain look.” This is called “the executive look.” This look is gaining popularity. It gives the appearance of a prosperous dignified office. Other business uniforms such as lab coats and aprons, vests and smock can be worn over regular clothes. This promotes the image of unity without each person wearing the same business uniform. Most business uniforms can last up to five years. This is with regular wear and washing.

Another option that employers have is to rent business uniforms. This however can be very expensive and eighty percent of all business owners buy their business uniforms out right. When an employer rents their business uniforms, the rental company is responsible for the cleaning of business uniform. The option of renting business uniforms is cost effective to business that have a high employee turnover rate. By renting the business uniform, the company is not paying out funds to buy business uniform for employees who will not last long.

Business uniforms are sold through many different companies. Retail outlets and direct sales companies may be the most expensive, but they also offer fantastic discounts. Business owners should try to find vendors who specialize in only business uniforms. Buying from vendors such as these can save a company a lot of money.

Another advantage to ordering from vendors is that they can offer different terms in their service. They can offer services such as embroidering of logos and employee names. Business uniform rental companies supply each company’s employee with five uniforms per week. Each week the rental company drops off the one set of clean business uniform and picks up the dirty ones. This is done for everyone in the company that has a business uniform.

These services usually require a minimum order of business uniforms and a service contract for two years. This is the standard in the industry of business uniform rentals.

Although it would be more cost effective for a uniform rental company to handle business uniforms if the company is based within the same area as a company that is already being serviced. Some business rental companies will offer a discount for services if a current client refers their service.

The rate for purchasing business uniforms for a five-year period can be as high as two hundred dollars per employee. This rate does not include any cleaning fees.

The rate for renting business uniforms is usually a negotiated rate. It can be between two hundred and three hundred dollars per employee depending on how many business uniforms are supplied to each employee. This rate can be lowered if the service contract is longer than two years.

Experts advise that when a company chooses to rent business uniforms, they should not choose anything to bizarre. By choosing a standard type and color business uniform, replacement business uniforms can be easily obtained. Experts also advise that it is a good idea to institute a business uniform dress code. It will help with the overall image of a company.

In past years, when business uniforms were returned, they could not be reused because of logos that were embroidered on them. They were difficult to take off and often ruined the business uniform.

Today, thanks to a new process that has recently been developed, the logos are attached on a small patch that is heat-sealed on the business uniform. It can be removed with very little effort and there is no damage to the business uniform. This makes reuse of the business uniform possible, there by lowering the cost to companies in need of rental business uniforms.

When a company decides to either rent or buy business uniforms, they have already got a specific design in mind. Whether they have something specially made for the look of their company or they go with the traditional look, they are looking for a good high quality long lasting and durable business uniform. The do not want a business uniform to fall apart before the contract is up.

It can be confusing for a company to try and find the best rate and the best quality business uniforms. It can be a long process comparing company rates and policies.

By doing a google search, it will yield over seventeen million links. Who has time to go to all those links? A suggestion is that by narrowing the search to a specific city and state that the company resides in will reduce the number of results thereby cutting the search time almost in half. This will make the search much faster.

Business uniforms are becoming popular not only in the United States, but all over the world. Countries like Australia are realizing the benefits of having a business uniform dress code. Thousands of businesses in Australia have already instituted a business uniform dress code policy.

Studies have shown that by starting a business uniform dress code policy is first step in making your business run better and be more productive.

How To Start A Window Washing Business

Washing windows is one of the best service businesses to start, because it requires no lengthy instruction, has low startup costs and is always in demand. Residential windows require cleaning every 3-4 months, commercial windows more routinely.

There are two main markets for a window washing service – residential and commercial. Most window washers focus on a particular niche market – storefronts, for example – and target potential customers and prospects in that niche. Others, mainly in smaller communities, can handle both commercial and residential work easily.

Before you jump into the window washing business, it’s essential that you look at it clearly, warts and all. It is still a low-tech business, although technology has had a big impact in some areas. As an example, a water-fed pole system allows an operator to clean two, three and even four story windows from the ground, saving the time and trouble of climbing up and down a ladder. Another innovation, the Tucker pole system, also allows one person, standing safely on the ground, to wash and rinse windows up to 45′ high.

Technology aside, washing windows is not a glamorous business, like writing apps for a iPad or working on Wall Street. It can get demanding when the weather turns nasty too. So when you reveal to your friends that you plan to start a window washing business, don’t expect a round of applause.

The upside is that you will have a very profitable business that will generate income very quickly – particularly when you consider that most residential and small commercial jobs are paid on the spot when you complete the work. Moreover, you can operate a window washing business on a part-time or full-time basis. This flexibility makes window washing an attractive business to a wide variety of people.

Do you have what it takes?

Window washing is a service business, so you’ll need a willingness to please customers and the desire to perform a thorough job so each window sparkles and customers call back for more.

The business skills needed to launch and run this business are quite basic. You’ll will need to be able to manage your time efficiently and have the ability to build relationships with your customers.

Most window washers are home-based businesses, which makes sense. After all, your customers have no reason to visit your shop, since all work is done at their location, not yours. Although operating out of your home makes perfect sense for most, your town may have regulations that control commercial activities in residential areas. So before you obtain a business license, determine what regulations govern home-based businesses and adjust your business operations to be in compliance.

Startup expenses for a window washing service are reasonable. You’ll need to purchase a window cleaning bucket, squeegees in several sizes, rags, cleaning solution and a basic ladder for two-story work.

To advertise your business around town, order a pair of magnetic signs for your vehicle. Magnetic signs can be easily removed if your vehicle is used for business and personal use. However, you’ll find many prospects will approach you when you’re “off-duty,” in a grocer’s parking lot, for example, so consider leaving your signage on at all times. There are hundreds of web-based businesses that make economical magnetic sighs for vehicles – just do a web search for “magnetic signs for vehicles.”

Pricing your window washing service could be a challenge initially, without experience. If your price is too low, you’re robbing yourself of income and profits that you ought to get. If you price too high, you may lose the job to someone else, or even to the customer, who may decide, “If it’s that expensive, I should do it myself.” To get a feel for pricing, practice washing windows for friends and neighbors at no charge.

Time yourself for each window and take notes. Is it a first or second story window, does it have multiple panes, and so on. Then, multiply the time per window by the hourly rate you expect to earn to reach a price. For example, if a window takes 6 minutes, and you expect to earn $ 50 an hour, then 60 minutes (one hour) divided by 6 equals $ 5. Make sure to add enough to cover your overhead costs, including vehicle costs, materials, administrative expenses such as bookkeeping, taxes, et cetera. After a few months, you’ll have it down.

How’s your image?

The image you project is an important marketing tool. Take into account how your look to others. Here are some areas to consider:

*Because your work is all done on site at the customer’s home or business, the appearance of your vehicle is very important. Your vehicle represents your company on wheels, which communicates to others a lot about your company. A clean, well-maintained vehicle, regardless of it’s years, tells others you take pride in your work.
* Are you neat and clean, wearing clothing that identifies your business, like a hat or golf shirt with your company name?
* Do your documents look professional? It costs next to nothing to have professional estimate and invoice forms printed, which will do wonders for your professional image.

Your customers also form an impression about your image, positive or negative, in how you do on the job and in following up. Here are some tips to help you enhance your business image so it sparkles as brightly as the windows you’ve washed:

* Show up on time. If you show up when you promised, your customers will appreciate it, especially if they have to be home so you can wash the interior windows.
* Be organized. Consider the most efficient way to handle each job so you don’t waste time. Carry extra squeegees and other items that wear so you will always have the right tool for every window. If you’re doing second story windows, make sure you have the right sized ladder with you.
* Return phone calls quickly. Most window washers find a business cellular phone is best for always being available, even while on the job. Make things easy for your customers to reach you – it’s expected in today’s connected world.
* Always say thanks. Thank your customers when the job is done and they hand you a check. Send a basic thank you card to customers after finishing a job, with a note mentioning that you’ve got them on the calendar for the next cleaning in XX days, and you’ll call to confirm about a week before it’s scheduled. A holiday card to each customer works the same way to build a relationship. Time the holiday card to arrive around the first of December – so your card will be distinct and be not forgotten. Always include a business card to make it easier for customers to reach you.

Anyone can wash windows. To turn it into a successful business requires much more than just a good squeegee technique. Professionalism will help you get there, so use the ideas within this article to polish your own image and build a legion of loyal customers for your new window washing business.

Acquiring Capital For A Business

Beginning a new business is an extremely difficult venture. The amount of time, effort, work, and money it takes just to start up is a wonder to think about. There are several different things to think about, for example what type of company you are going to start? Are you going to hire employees or do the work yourself? What type of professional licenses are you going to have to have in order to start the venture you really want to start? While all of these questions are important, one of the most important questions to ask when thinking about establishing your own company is: Where will I get the money to make all this happen? There are many different sources for money to begin an enterprise. Some are using savings you may have accrued, acquiring a business loan, or having investors.

One source of capital to use for starting a business is if you have managed to save money. Many people go through life putting away amounts of unused or extra money in different savings accounts or other interest-bearing ventures. Using cash you have saved up as capital for your business is a great way to help stay out of debt. Many times, people that start a company on a shoe string or almost non-existent budget, they wind up going into a large amount of debt very quickly. Having a resource of money that is set aside in case of an emergency is a great way to be sure you have something to fall back on. This is the most ideal situation when starting your own business. If you have money saved that can be used as a resource for start up costs, this may be preferable to starting a line of credit or taking out loans.

If you arent fortunate enough to have saved the money necessary to start your own business, the next best alternative may be to do what many other owners do: take out a business loan. This requires a lot more than one might thing. It is much easier to get a personal loan than it is to get a business loan. With a professional loan, you need to submit professional plans on how you will pay back the money and take other specified steps to satisfy the terms for the loan. If you can indeed receive a loan to start your endeavor, it will help you toward your ultimate goal of opening.

Another way to achieve the funds for starting your own company is to round up investors who would be willing to provide you with the means necessary. This sounds a lot easier said than done, but you would be surprised what amounts of money people are willing to put up for the introduction of a worthwhile service or product. Always be cautious about using investors, however, because once they become an investor, they are typically in partial ownership of the company you have begun with their money. Make sure things are laid out very clearly in the terms of the contract of such an alliance.

There are several ways to build a business from the ground up. One of the things you must think about is how you will get the capital for such a venture. By using money you have saved, acquiring a loan, or rounding up investors for your project, you can have the money required to get off to an off and running start for your new career.

Warren Buffett’s Business Planning Methods

Strategic planning and management is one of the keys to the success of the business. And this is what brought Warren Buffett to where he is now. He is the world’s second richest man according to the Forbes Magazine. His net worth is approximately $62 billion. Buffett is often called the Oracle of Ohama or Sage of Omaha. Right now, he is the largest shareholder, chairman and CEO of the company Berkshire Hathaway.

From a capital of $35 when he was still a teen, he grew largely by billions. He has shown a potential during his early years .In 1945, when he was still a freshman, he and a friend purchased a second-hand pinball machine that they placed in a barber shop. After some few months, they already owned three machines in different locations, His interest and dedication for business was already noticeable at a very young age which continued until today.

Now, he is one of the world’s greatest investor. Almost all businessman focusing on buying and selling industry have heard of Warren Buffett. Experts have now come up with the Warren Buffett Business Factors, a compilation of business principles that was used by the Sage of Omaha. He was the only man in Forbes rich list to have made it purely from buying and selling stocks and shares. In Buffett’s own words, he quoted:

Im 15 percent Fisher and 85 percent Benjamin Graham. The basic ideas of investing are to look at stocks as business, use the market’s fluctuations to your advantage, and seek a margin of safety. Thats what Ben Graham taught us. A hundred years from now they will still be the cornerstones of investing.

This is a brief view of Warren Buffett’s Business Factors that is applicable for all business owners.

1. Always stick to what you know, and that which is within your area of experience, expand on that experience, and stay focused.

2. Only enter into a business agreement, investment, or project where you can reasonably predict the outcome with certainty.

3. Only enter into a business agreement, investment, or project where you can reasonably predict the outcome with certainty.

4. Maintain emotional detachment in your business dealings. Invest only with a business perspective, do not let the others or the crowd persuade or dissuade you, but rather develop your self and your trust in your self. Make a point of learning from your mistakes.

5. Identify what kind of business deal you want, then determine what you are willing to pay. Small fluctuations in the price of what you need to buy can vastly affect your returns in the long run.

6. Work out the return on capital of your business, and try to make every business deal at least the same if not better than that return.

7. Use other peoples money to leverage returns. If your return on capital is greater than the cost of using other peoples money, then make sure you use their money as much as possible, not forgetting about your margin of safety. Warren has had great success with insurance companies, using this principle.

8. Only appoint or work with managers of outstanding quality. Use managers who act in the best of interest of the business and hence the owners of the business at all times.

The Importance Of Graphic Design In Business

Graphic design is a combination of images, texts, colors etc to convey a certain message. Graphic designs are widely used in marketing purposes and are used in business promotional tools. Brochures, advertisements, business cards, flyers etc are made eye catchy with graphic designs. For marketing campaigns, the visual presentation is very necessary. If proper graphic design is used for the campaigns, then it would definitely make it a success.

The target audience would love visual presentation for business promotional activities. They can be attracted by presenting ads on television, Internet or by colorful pictures or outdoor advertisements. Graphical design is no longer constricted within a blend of colors and abstract motifs. It has become more of a challenging job for the graphic designers. Nowadays extensive use of graphical designs is also seen in website designing. The target market responses to those graphical ad campaigns that is bold, different and attractive.

The role of graphic design in business logo and brand building is immense. It is the graphical logo that creates deep impact on the mind of the targeted market. Every company or organization looks for innovative product designs to attract the prospective buyers. Before a campaign is released in the market, it is tested a number of times and several changes are made to it. The campaigns tend to use such catchy yet simple graphical images that can be easily recognized. Often striking shapes and colors are used to easily draw the viewers attention to the ads.

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