Kashmere Gate Is An Important Site For Delhi Metro Advertising

Kashmere Gate is an important DMRC Advertising Site for a host of reasons. Some of the most prominent reasons include 1, 40,000 footfalls every day resulting from the 240 trains that move through it. This article discusses the reasons for the high traffic and the segments of target audience that can be found at the Kashmere Gate Metro Station. It also looks at the ongoing development work at the station and the impact that it will have on the scope of DMRC Advertising.

Connecting Point

One of the topmost reasons for the high traffic is that the site is the connecting point of east, central, and west Delhi. It is the interchange station for two of the busiest lines of DMRC: the yellow line and the red line. The station is a changing point for the professionals coming from the red line to the offices in the NCR region of Gurgaon. Advertising at the station is a wonderful way of targeting working professionals with the power to buy. Since the metro is a medium used by every income section, it is a good way to showcase your brand before professionals holding important positions in their organizations also.

Commercial Area

Kashmere Gate is a busy commercial area with wholesalers and SME owners. The metro station is a strategic goldmine for brands looking for productive associations and growth. The commercial establishments make the area buzz with activity, making it an appropriate place for advertising.

Tourist Place

Kashmere Gate is one of the oldest places in Delhi. The name itself refers to a gate which used to start a road that led to Kashmir (Kashmere being the British variant in spelling). The area is quite popular for the Heritage Walks. It is a common site to see foreign and local tourists getting down at the Kashmere Gate Metro Station to explore the place that was witness to historic events like the 1857 War of Independence.

Educational Institutes

The IP University is another top drawer for the crowds in the Kashmere Gate Metro Station. It is a perfect site for targeting the college going youth of Delhi. Apart from the colleges under the IP University, the area is a hub for medical and engineering colleges, making it a prime place for the youngsters.

Violet Line to be added

The development plans at the Kashmere Gate Metro Station include linking the violet line to it. A part of the Phase III plans involve the setting up of the Lal Qila Metro Station which would link the line from Badarpur. This would then provide an additional route from Central Secretariat to Kashmere Gate increasing the opportunities at the later. Brands can expect to find more scopes in terms of numbers and audience segments when Phase III of DMRC gets completed.

Kashmere Gate Metro Station has always seen heavy rush hours during the office hours and college hours of 9-11 am and 5-6.30 pm. It is one of the largest metro stations and has been one of the most promoted sites of TDI, the Delhi Metro Advertising Agency holding exclusive advertising rights on it. It has recently seen a spate of advertising campaigns from a diverse clientele. In one of the firsts for the media, educational institutes also took part. The unique position of the metro station makes it ideal for both educational and commercial institutes. Its large size also allows for the installment of high impact sites that leave a marked impression on the viewers. The brands advertising at the station are confident that Kashmere Gate will soon enhance its position as a prime advertising spot after the expansion works are completed.

Why choose Custom Stickers for an advertising campaign

Think of the various methods that are at you disposal for marketing purposes and would Custom Stickers be your first port of call? Can you imagine using the services of a Sticker Printing company if you wanted to reach out to a new target audience? The thing is; Custom Stickers are brilliant products to use for a successful marketing campaign. People often underestimate the power of Custom Stickers they overlook them as advertising mediums. That’s such a shame because Custom Stickers have plenty to say and when they are designed and printed by professionals in the industry, quality stickers are more than a match for other types of advertising. Here are just a few ways you could use Custom Stickers to advertise your brand.

Vehicles Imagine how your fleet would look once fitted with a host of Custom Stickers ordered fresh from a Sticker Printing team. Your vans, trucks and cars would trundle up and down the highways and byways of the country and wherever they went the Custom Stickers would proudly be advertising your business. Get your vehicles working on you behalf and use them as mobile advertising boards, fill them with Custom Stickers that say here we are come and use our services. Vehicles are a great way to put to Custom Stickers to the test they’re crying out to have stickers stuck to them. Shop windows People pass by stores every single day and when Custom Stickers are placed in the window they offer a cheap but effective way to advertise a logo or a brand. Fill a window with Custom Stickers and they will effortlessly advertise on your behalf, use them for short term or long term product promotions and see the difference they can make to your profits.

Floors! Heavy duty versions of Custom Stickers are perfect for sticking to a floor, they’re made from durable materials that are designed to be long lasting and hard wearing thus ideal for high foot traffic areas. Fill a floor with Custom Stickers and they become high-impact features made to customer specifications by a highly experienced Sticker Printing firm.

A Guide To Poster Printing And Other Advertising

In this day and age, although the world heavily relies on the internet and digital technology for advertising, printed marketing is still widely used by many sorts of individuals and businesses. Advertising on radios, TV and the internet is very common, but placing a poster in a shop window, school or university notice board can still be very effective.

For as long as the high street exists, posters should be a common way of advertising events, charities and businesses, as well as many other things. They can also be placed in other locations, such as community halls, libraries, leisure centres and shopping centres, to name just a few. Permission may need to be sought before putting them up though, so be sure to look into this before turning up with fifteen copies and some sellotape.

Leaflets are another great way of advertising and can often be handed out in the street to passers by. Permission from the local council may be required for this. Sometimes you will need to purchase a permit before undertaking any flyering. Some towns and cities are stricter than others, so policies may vary from one location to another.

Poster printing can be cost-effective if you choose the right printing company. There are eco-friendly versions which use recycled paper available so you can limit the impact your operations will have on the environment as much as possible. Usually, the higher quantity of posters you get printed, the cheaper it will work out per unit, and prices may also vary depending on the type of paper you want to use, as well as the thickness and the finish, and whether the design is in colour or just black and white. It may cost more to get both sides of the paper printed onto also.

Different sizes are available to choose from, and you should have the option to select either matt or glossy. There may be some other finishes also available, depending on the company and what they offer to customers. Waterproof and laminated versions may also be offered; these are great for placing in outdoor locations or even swimming pool notice boards.

Printing turnarounds can vary depending on the order and the company that you have purchased from. However, it is usually very speedy and delivery is often straight to your door. Some companies may also offer collection options from the store though.

Exhibition stands are a popular way of advertising at exhibitions. All sorts of stands are available to choose from, such as reusable stands for multiple shows and portable, flexible stands for ease of mobility. Maximum impact stands can create a big wow factor to potential customers and clients, so choosing the right stand for you and your business completely depends on your needs and what you require the effect to be. Exhibition stand hire is another option to explore, and may work out cheaper if you only need one for a short period of time.

Pop up stands, banner stands, panel displays, display counters, outdoor displays, tablecloths, leaflet holders and fabric displays are just some of the other types of displays on offer to order. Each company may offer something slightly different, so be sure to check out the various options online.

The Different Ways Of Advertising A Business

Advertising your business can be costly but it is essential in allowing a company to become recognised and to enable it to constantly attract new and existing customers. This is vital to the success of the business. There are many way in which a company can choose to advertise.

One such way is through direct mail. This form of advertising is one of the most traditional and is still effective in gaining customer recognition as it was years ago. By sending letters and leaflets to customers homes, companies can advertise to a wide target market while being cost effective. However, there are drawbacks to this type of advertising, as some people just throw out mail that they may think is junk mail. Therefore all direct mail must try to look like a genuine piece of important mail, if companies want it read.

Another way of advertising is through the media such as newspapers, radio and television. Although it is proven to be an effective way of advertising, it is the most costly and time consuming. This is due to the high demand for media advertising. To advertise through newspapers is fairly simple and not too expensive and can reach a large consumer area, as with radio and television. However, television is far more costly due to the larger fees and the production costs. If a company have a large budget behind them, then television advertising will work wonders.

Using the web to advertise is very common nowadays. Most companies recognise the need for having online presence and it is overall a worthwhile objective. However, websites take time and money to develop and if done badly, can be a complete waste of time. If a company is able to have a well design and user friendly website, it can greatly benefit from being able to be reached through the internet.

A more unique way of advertising a company is through the use of car graphics. This can mostly been seen on large company lorries and vans but is also very applicable to be used on cars. Vehicle wraps allow company information to be applied to vehicles are very durable and can come in a wide variety of appearances and themes. This is a very cost effective way of advertising a business as everywhere is vehicle is driven, the company is advertised, and therefore it can reach a large market area without even realising.

There are many ways in which a company can advertise itself. It is critical that businesses keep themselves known, and keep attracting customers. Whatever way a company advertises, whether is is through direct mail, media, online and even through car graphics, the company must think about how best its customers are reached and how much money they can afford to spend on advertising their business.

Courses And Career In Advertising

Advertising as a career field is very popular in India and even across the globe. It is one field that encompasses skill, creativity, recognition, money, rewards in ways not many career fields can boast of. Also, it is not a restrictive field in a way that students from across streams can aspire to enter into the world of advertising. There are various advertising courses that one can opt for after graduation or post graduation and get into this field. Combined with the right education and training, it is the soft skills of a person that ensure success in this career.

If you are also looking to take up an advertising course to get into this field, it will be good to get a realistic picture of what the career is all about, what the different fields are that one can pursue and what is it that one should expect after joining this field. It does look quite glamorous from the outside but those who work in it will vouch for the fact that the kind of hard work and perspiration that goes behind it is quite something. It comes with its share of fun and fulfillment that one may not be able to find in other career fields but all of it is earned the hard way. So, if you are also searching for the right courses in advertising to make a career in this field, this write-up will give you an overview of what advertising is all about.

Advertising is basically a service industry that facilitates the communication of ideas and information to promote products, services or even individuals to consumers. Since, the world and market demands are changing very fast, it is expected of the advertising world to keep coming up with the most creative and innovative ideas to promote a product. So, the value of and idea and then of course its execution is very important in the world of advertising. That way, it is very people oriented. Once the idea hits a chord with the consumers, it helps build a relationship between the consumer and the producer. What will work is a tricky thing to figure out. Depending on the product that is being promoted and the target audience, the advertising campaigns have to differ in flavour and content. Sometimes, very simple ideas work wonders and at times, grand ideas fail to enthuse the audience.

There are various big and small advertising agencies that take up assignments from clients and produce campaigns that suit their specifications. The campaigns are meant at promoting sales, to create a positive image of the product being promoted and also to educate the public about anything that needs to be communicated. Within advertising, there are various fields that one can work for. For instance, there is client servicing, creative department, media department, production, television and film, photography, market research, exhibition and event management. As per the skills, one can take up the field that one wants to work in. Those who are very creative obviously become a part of the creative department.

Usually, advertising courses are offered at postgraduate level. There are degree, diploma and certificate courses in advertising that one can opt for at government or private colleges. To pursue an advertising course, generally the eligibility is that one should be a graduate in any discipline with minimum 50 per cent marks. There would be an entrance exam or interview before the admission is granted. Some private institutes bypass this step and give admission basis the number of seats available.

In the curriculum of the course in advertising, a collective training of all aspects of advertising is given. There would be an overview of communications to understand the basics of communicating well an defectively. Then there is an introduction to research methods, combined with an understanding of marketing issues. Since advertising is primarily a wing of marketing only, it is essential to get a hold on what marketing is all about. Apart from this, the course would include financial and creative aspects of advertising; public relations; media planning and the required technical training in graphics and production. Since, graphics play an important role in producing advertising campaigns, it is essential to know the basic know-how of advertising.

One could either opt for a specialized course in advertising or a general course in mass communication, where advertising is taken up as a subject along with public relations and journalism. Since there are many career opportunities in this field, there is a lot of demand of this course too. One could work with advertising agencies, market research agencies and companies, advertising sections of radio, television and newspapers or join the marketing and advertising department of private and public sector companies. This way, advertising offers quite a promising career if one is willing to put in the required effort with loads of creativity.

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