Outdoor Advertising Will Be The Led Display Peak Times

With a high delivery rate is low and CPM two advantages, outdoor media 2005 has become the most fastest growing advertising media. According to leading market research firm CTR data show that in 2005, appeared in the newspaper 1%-negative cases, outdoor media growth rates of up to 79%, 5% per cent of the market share, but will also maintain the momentum continues to grow strong.

As society advances in technology and the development of outdoor advertising, people increasingly higher requirements for outdoor media, conventional signs, light boxes, neon lights, single column and other manifestations of a single outdoor media have been unable to meet the needs of the audience. Outdoor advertising market competition will be on brand value, customer management and professional quality, so the LED begins to emerge. blue led strip large screen is the perfect combination of technology and media, can give full play to the idea, to become the future development trend of outdoor media yield to nobody.

LED full color display is a 1990 new information display developed rapidly in the global media, which uses light emitting diodes led dot matrix or pixel units consisting of large areas of display screens, combines micro-electronics, optics, computers, information processing, and many other modern high technology, has a strong environmental adaptability, high energy saving, long life, many changes, Lee Green, high-tech tip and a series of advantages.c

Its features apart from advertising, also may release information, rich cultural and entertainment life of the people, was the audience favorite medium of information dissemination, popularization and application of large cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, and has received very good results. Recently, the famous Oriental Pearl mobile advertising company focus media, enter the outdoor LED Bulbs market, demonstrates the vitality of the market.

Experts forecast that global demand for various types of LED display screen in the coming years is expected to reach billions of dollars a year, and every year. And in China, according to national optical photoelectron industry association LED display branch statistics, last year LED display full industry of sales about for 4 billion yuan, as joined WTO, and with 2008 games and 2010 Shanghai Expo brings more of eye economic, and national on environmental problem of attention, multiple good factors of effect Xia, LED display in sports, and outdoor advertising, and traffic, many area of market will has significantly of increased. Experts forecast that: LED full color in the domestic market demand growth rate to as high as 30%.

World famous manufacturers of 12v led spotlight display screen has Belgium’s Barco and the United States of Daktronics and the Lighthouse, better think twice in Shanghai in China, Shenzhen, Dalian lumi, Boe, Huizhou desay. Technology of the LED display industry in China is relatively advanced, key products and key technologies consistent with the international advanced level of the same industry, technological level is relatively backward, in the overall system design, product standardization, reliability, manufacturing process, inspection testing means, and international advanced level there are significant gaps

Grow Your Business In Real Sense With Effective Internet Marketing

Internet has changed the complete look of world of market and made it more globalised in many ways. Over the years, internet has gained the status of being one of the best platforms for advertising products and services. Internet marketing is said to be a new to trade and online marketing is the best manner to put this form of marketing for best utilization. Today, there are many internet marketing companies offering a range of services that can help in transition.

Today, there are so many marketing companies available offering a range of services that can help in establishing your business in online market. One can decide on a company by going through the list of services along with clients list. Lets take a look at the list of internet marketing services that are proved to be very helpful to achieve a steady growth in online business.

Pay per click services: It is quite important to study the nature of business and its website for planning for any online campaign. With this pay per click service, marketing companies can do landing page optimization, target customers, region, identify the competitors and services for offering the best strategy for marketing services. Comprehensive keyword research and optimization will help to get better search engine ranking. Pay per click services along with specific principles and techniques can help in getting online business prosperity.

Link building services: In order to get high ranking in all search engines, it is really very important that online marketing companies help in building some quality links. Link building plays an important role in effective establishment of online business. It has many related facts that need to be interpreted to provide the best result. It is a good idea to promote new ideas in business but it is equally important to look into the facts like one way link and link building timeline to help a business to stay ahead in online competition.

Search engine optimization: For helping any business and to reach to its targeted customers, your business must have an effective marketing strategy and this strategy will be backed by a proficient search engine optimization service. Use of various types of keywords and SEO tools will help businesses all across to attract a large amount of traffic and high sales as well. Attracting more clients and then going ahead within the world of growing competition is proved to be a proven effect of quality SEO services. The internet marketing companies are now offering their services in accordance with todays business requirements and thereby making it quite effective and affordable.

As the number of internet marketing companies is continuously increasing so the selection of the company should be made very carefully. A proper business strategy is responsible for taking online ventures to new heights. Acquaintances with all types of technologies and processes is not really possible for a regular computer user and thus this internet marketing services is said to be the best means to get success in online business. Perfect combination of link building, PPC service, SEO service can turn your business into an online success.

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Early Retirement Of Baby Boomers Is The Cure For High Unemployment

The Federal Government Should Offer Early Retirement to Baby Boomers
by Spencer Holly, AngryCalifornian

Our current high unemployment rates are not due to lack of jobs, but, rather, to the fact that our employed workforce is too large, thanks, in part, to the Baby Boomer generation that is not ready to retire.

There are two basic ways to reduce unemployment. One, the conventional solution, is to increase the number of jobs available by somehow creating more jobs, and two, to somehow reduce the total number of currently employed workers in viable jobs; jobs that will need replacement workers. Either one, or a combination, will reduce the unemployment rate.

Creating jobs is good, but it takes too long; it takes many years, and there is no guarantee that there will ever be enough jobs.

Reducing the number of currently employed workers is never considered because, on its surface, it doesnt make sense because reducing the number of employed workers should mean that there is an increase in unemployed workers and the unemployment rate. But that is only true if the no longer employed worker needs to collect unemployment benefits, and seeks new employment.

If the not-employed workers did not collect benefits, and did not need to seek new employment, the effect would be to create new job openings. It is a mathematical fact that when employed workers drop out of the workforce, the unemployment rate must decrease

So, we need to reduce the employed workforce in order to reduce unemployment.

Obviously, we cannot reduce the workforce by decree, or by force. We want individuals to voluntarily leave their jobs, and drop out of the workforce. A simple, and effective way to induce workers to voluntarily vacate their jobs, and not collect unemployment payments, and not need to seek new employment, would be to offer early retirement to certain, older, individuals who are already near retirement, but are still holding on to their jobs until they reach age 65.

Under current Social Security rules, an individual may now retire at age 62, however, their benefits, and the monthly amount they receive is much less than if they wait until they reach the age of 65. We could induce older workers to retire early by offering them full Social Security benefits at age 62, instead of age 65, and effectively reduce the unemployment rate.

We would probably create more than one position per retiring individual, because older/experienced workers often possess knowledge and skills that make them efficient workers who are able to do the work of more than one inexperienced individual. It could easily take two or more new employees to handle the duties of a single retiring employee.

Employers would like this because it would reduce their payroll costs; they would be shedding the higher paid individuals in favor of lower paid individuals, and could quite possibly hire more than one new employee per retiring employee. And they could also see a reduction in their health insurance costs, and their workers compensation costs, because the younger workforce is healthier.

Instead of collecting unemployment payments, the now employed individuals would be paying income tax, and SSI & Medicare, etc.

And lets face it. The people who spend the most money in our culture are the young people with families to feed, and cloth, and house, etc, etc. The older crowd is through with that; quite possibly, their houses are paid for, and their kids our out of college, etc. They are spending their discretionary money on medications, and recreation, and vacations.


Of course, there is an extra expense involved in paying the extra retirement monies, but that may be more than offset by the savings in not having to pay unemployment benefits, and the additional tax revenues paid by the hired workers, and the greater ripple effect their monies would have on the overall economy. (Employed people spend money and support the employment of other individuals).

From a quick search of the internet I found that during the first three years of the Baby Boomer generation, 1946, 1947, and 1948, there were an average of 3.66 million births EACH YEAR, in the U.S, for a total of about 11 million births.

Since the first baby boomers turned 62 in 2008, if all of those individuals were allowed to retire early, right now, we would create 3.66 million job openings, immediately, and then another 3.66 million jobs for EACH of the next two years.

(These are obviously high estimates, because, many of those born in those years surely have died already, and there may be some who won’t want to retire early).

According to current stats, there have been 3.6 million jobs lost in nonfarm occupations, since Dec of 2007.

(That number is certainly much higher, at this time).By changing the current retirement rules, we would almost immediately nullify all the jobs lost so far, and create up to an additional 3.66 million jobs for each subsequent year.


I don’t really know the true cost of allowing individuals to retire early, but let’s say, for the sake of argument, that it costs an average of an additional $ 20,000 per year per individual, which is probably conservative. Remember, this additional amount is only a burden for three years per individual retiree, if they choose to retire at age 62. After that, at age 65, the additional amount would no longer be additional, but would be the normal amounts dues at age 65.

At $ 20,000 per individual, if 3.66 million additional people retire early each year, the total additional annual cost is 73.2 billion dollars.

From that 73.2 billion dollars, we need to deduct the savings in unemployment payments, because formerly unemployed people would now be employed.

We would lose the tax formerly received from the retiring individuals, but that would be offset by the employees who are now employed, and paying taxes. Plus we would gain much more revenue from the ripple effect of having more, and younger, people employed.

That 73.2 billion is a huge amount of money, but, we’ve reduced unemployment by 3.66 million people, and if those formerly unemployed, now employed, individuals pay ONLY $ 3,000.00 per year in Federal income taxes, SSI, etc, the total is 11 BILLION dollars PER YEAR, off the top.

We have already wasted 100s of billions of dollars on programs, such as the 700+ billion dollar TARP, that have not created a single job, so why not spend a fraction of that amount on a program that will actually work, and will actually create job openings, and reduce unemployment ?

If the early retirement program were in effect for just a few years, say 2008, 2009,2010, 2011, and assuming the program actually begins in 2009:

If we had this program in effect for the next three years, beginning in 2009, the maximum cost would be about 658.6 billion dollars:

Age 62………………2008…….2009…….2010…….2011


Total…………………………….146.2…….219.6……292.8…..=……658.6 billion dollars

In reality, each year would be much less that 73.2 billion because the individuals would not be eligible to retire until they have attained the age of 62, which, for the population, would be distributed over the whole year.

In terms of jobs created, we could create almost 33 million job openings:

Age 62……….2008……….2009………..2010………..2011


Total………………………….7.32……….10.98………..14.64….=….32.92 million jobs


In a couple years, we could actually have a labor shortage, and wages would be forced up, and, hence, tax revenues would also increase.

Even if my figures are off by 50%, we’ve still created 3.66 million jobs immediately, and 12.8 million
more job openings in subsequent years.

Another plus, is that the retired individuals are not going to live forever, and their numbers will decrease steadily with each year, decreasing the over all cost.

On it’s surface, this kind sounds like a crack-pot idea, but……. maybe it wouldn’t hurt to do some serious number crunching on this one…

And that is just my opinion.

Spencer Holly, AngryCalifornian

Employment Lawyer He can Protect Workers’ Rights

The relationship between a worker and their employer can be a wonderful arrangement. It can also be fraught with unfair treatment that needs the attention of an employment lawyer. While many employers are just as upstanding and hard working as their workers, there are some that are so focused on the bottom line that they infringe on the rights of their employees. Some of the issues that such lawyers can help with include:

Sexual Discrimination: It is illegal to be discriminated against in the employment arena due to gender. Age Discrimination: An adult person’s age cannot be used to determine wages or job availability. If a person can do the work, it doesn’t legally matter how old they are. This, of course, is not true for minors. Minors under the age of eighteen years of age may only work under specified conditions and hours.

Sexual Harassment: A person may not be harassed sexually during the course of their employment. This covers a broad spectrum including intimidation, insults or derogatory language.

Pregnancy Discrimination: Each employer must adhere to legal guidelines in regards to pregnant employees. Pregnancy is never a reason to engage in discriminatory practices.

Wrongful Termination: A proper course of action must be adhered to in the termination of an employee. Wrongful termination is a cause for legal intervention. Problems Related to Severance Packages: Issues do arise regarding severance packages. Issues may include what is rightfully owed to the employee and how the package will be distributed.

Disability Discrimination: A person can not be discriminated against because of disability limitations. Legal intervention is necessary if this type of discrimination should occur.

Race Discrimination: A person’s race has no bearing on their ability to carry out their job. Using race as a deciding factor in job selection or wages is illegal. Problems with Contract Negotiations: Employment lawyers can help with individual contract issues as well as broad scale company or union negotiations. Problems Related to Family Leave Issues: A certain amount of family leave is a person’s right. If problems occur, legal guidance may become necessary.

If legal issues come up within a workplace environment, it is important to have an attorney step in. Workers, like all citizens, have rights to be treated fairly and without harassment or harmful discrimination. They also have the right to work in a safe environment. If an employee finds that this is not the case where they work, they should consult with an employment lawyer as soon as possible.

An employment lawyer, Media PA specializes in employment law cases and is eager to help you resolve your dilemma, so you can continue to work. Firms here provide top-notch legal protection and legal counsel for those in need of an employment lawyer. To know more, visit http://www.benarilawfirm.com