Why Invest In Resort Hotels

Resort hotels have of late been a very popular option among the investors. The reason is that such property for investment offers a blend of entertainment and excellent returns on your capital. True that there are other investment options too that offer excellent growth but many of the traditional investment options focus on money solely and not on other avenues.

The advantage with owning a resort as an investment property abroad is that you own an excellent property abroad which can be utilized for holidays and also for earning decent money when you are not using the property.

Resort hotels give you, as a resort owner, the excellent combination of high yield on your capital investment, great looking locations and brilliant facilities on the resort. The Caribbean investments have been doing very well in this respect.

An excellent fact about the resorts is that most of the resorts take a long time to get them established. On an average, such a property for investment is good because the guaranteed period for rental income is 2 to 10 years.

The owner of the resorts can also keep earning from the investment property abroad even after the rental period is over. After the rental period is over, the owner of the property becomes eligible for the room rate scenario. The rooms operate like those in a hotel and the owner of the resort is entitled to as high as 50% to 60% of the room rate.

An advantage with the resort hotels is the promotion and publicity. These resorts typically are aligned or associated with high profile leisure resorts and attract a lot of celebrities. Hence, the more the number of celebrities, the more is your income from the reputation.

As a resort owner, you can also look forward to lots of sops in the form of tax benefits and concessions from the government as the builders of the resorts typically negotiate with the government for tax and other duties concessions. Hence, having an overseas property for investment is indeed a mouth watering option for you.

Having this type of property for investment means that the builder is obliged to pay you an interest till the resort becomes fully operational. This not only ensures a hefty income but also ensures that the builder completes the resort on time. Hence, even if you have done pensions investments and bought one, this is always a good option for you.

Caribbean investments have been the frontrunner, when it comes to owning resorts, because of the exquisite locales. Overseas property for investment, if it happens to be a resort, is always a good option. These resorts of late have also become good options for people doing pensions investments.

Buy Essentials of Life-Span Development 2nd Edition and International Management Luthans 8th Editio

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Political Advertising The Game Changers

With elections just around the corner, Advertising Age published a great article outlining “The Top 10 Game-Changing Political Ads of All Time.” What made these ads memorable and why were they “game changers”? Advertisements like television spots, radio spots and even print advertising (like yard signs, magazine ads, etc.) have mere seconds to make an impact on a viewer make every second count.

Visuals do play a strong role in the world of advertising, but when it comes to politics, the language used plays a crucial role. You have to be very strategic combining your powerful message while using verbal techniques and emotional appeal.

Here is the list that Ad Age published as “The Top 10 Game-Changing Political Ads of All Time” and here are our comments on some of them:

1.Peace, Little Girl (“Daisy”)

Who can forget the most controversial political ad put out by President Lyndon Johnsons team,” Daisy”? You may have not been around in the 60s, but this television spot is famous because it displayed a little girl, who represents the youth of America, innocently pulling petals off a flower, then cuts to a nuclear explosion with a voice-over of a countdown.

This ad instills fear, especially when the spot zooms into the girls wide eyes as she looks up into the sky. Even the language used was meant to be a scare tactic. Words and phrases like “these are the stakes,” “make a world in which all of Gods children can live in or go home in to the dark,” “love each other or we must die,” and “stakes are too high” combines the emotion fear with over tones of taking action.

2.Prouder, Strong, Better (“Morning in America”)

Any time a candidate is faced with economic troubles, their campaigns focus on confidence, faith, and hope with voters. President Ronald Reagans “Morning in America” combined both visuals and language that did just that. If you listen to what was said you can easily identify what phrases were “positive.” “More men and women will go to work than ever before,” “interest rates at about half the record highs,” “2,000 families will buy new homes, more than at any time,” and it continues. What President Reagan did was list accomplishments and showed how he is moving America in a positive direction — which makes this ad and his message very powerful.

3.Tank Ride

This ad is what we see more of and could be labeled as “propaganda.” However, Ad Age identifies this as a definite game changer. This spot combines a somewhat humorous footage of Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis riding in a tank with statements about how he opposes our defense system. The effect there decreased the confidence America had in him to be President. The ad goes on to say how America cant afford that risk and how could he expect to be our commander in chief when he opposes Americas defense efforts. There are overtones of sarcasm while portraying Governor Dukakis as someone who doesnt have what it takes to defend America, much less run America.

4.Yes, We Can

This video is different from most political ads and wasnt actually done by President Obamas team; instead, it was created by Will.i.am. and Jesse Dylan. This video took parts of President Obamas speech and used them as lyrics. During a time of financial crisis and economic downfall, this ad was successful because of the language. Phrases like “Not divided, were one nation” and “next great chapter,” and the entire video had huge overtones of hope. It made America feels like “Yes, we can” make the changes we need to move in a positive direction.

5.Man in the Arena

6.America First

This spot geographically targeted Michigan and at the time President Bush was losing in polls to the opposing candidate, Pat Buchanan. The economy was down, support for the GOP was down and specifically in Michigan, the auto industry wasnt performing well either. At the time, it appeared that President Bushs chances were slim, until this spot was released. It exposed Buchanan contradicting his message “America First” because he had a foreign car and also labeled American-made cars as “lemons.” This ad exposed Buchanan as being deceitful.

7.Hound dog

8.Dean for America


This ad exposed Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry as someone who cant make up his mind. It gives various scenarios where Kerry was opposing and supporting various issues. It pokes fun of Kerry windsurfing in different directions and paired it with “which way the wind blows” to ultimately show that he is unfit for being President.

10.Sleeping Bear

Language in political advertisements is carefully chosen and works with multiple elements (e.g. visuals and emotional appeal) to convey a message. You have to be strategic and most importantly you need to be memorable. The above examples work because they succeeded in all those aspects. They used visuals and carefully crafted language to depict the politicians intent.

Same can apply to other campaign materials and your political yard signs. You need to strategically craft what your message it is and how youre going to make your signs distinct and memorable.

An Introduction to Insurance Lead Generation

It is vital that insurance salespeople have a steady stream of leads. Often, people dont even know about a particular type on insurance and it is up to a salesperson to explain it to them. The salespeople must have good leads in order to know who may be more open to purchasing certain types of insurance.

Insurance lead generation is done in a couple of ways. One common strategy is the use of a list service. A list compiling company generates the leads by gathering extensive information on people and then selling either the entire list or individual leads to the insurance salesperson. Insurance companies also offer free quotes in order to create awareness and interest in their services. Of course, advertising is another insurance lead generation technique.

List compiling services sell their lists to insurance companies. These lists often have pretty in depth information. For example, if someones address is located within a known flood area, the insurance salesperson could offer him or her flood insurance. The list services sell the leads in a number of ways. They sell the leads individually, sell the entire list once, or allow the insurance company to subscribe. When companies subscribe, they get a new list with fresh leads at certain time intervals.

Free quotes are a great form of insurance lead generation. People become interested in the prospect of saving money when the insurance company offers free appraisals and quotes. Often, the insurance company will offer their rates along with the rates of some of their competitors.

Advertisement is a major insurance lead generation technique. It seems that all media, including TV, radio, and print are flooded with ads for insurance companies. These ads create awareness and consumer interest in the company. These ads come in a variety of forms, from serious to comical.

Everyone needs some types of insurance. It is vital that insurance companies capitalize on the need that people have for insurance by capitalizing on leads. Insurance lead generation guarantees that the insurance salespeople have a steady stream of potential customers.

Variety In Opportunities For Rrb, Nic & Nmdc Recruitment 2013 Luring Candidates With Pride

People, in general, like to be open to opportunities which gives them different options, especially in the field of employment. Nowadays, a number of companies in India have become existent, which lets people have these kinds of opportunities. Companies and agencies like RRB, NIC, NMDC, etc can be highly alluring for the candidates, especially those who have passed out recently because of their stature in Indian society.

RRB or Railway Recruitment Board is present in 19 different railway zones of the country, which presents a large number of employment opportunities. It is known to everyone that the Indian Railways is one of the largest recruiters in the world and the majority of the recruitment in the railways, is done through the different railway recruitment boards in the country. Therefore RRB recruitment 2013 is an opportunity for people to get to the jobs and increase the chances of improvement in their lives. Starting from the grade 4 vacancies to the various posts such as railway station master and such, most of these recruitments are done through the RRBs, which are spread in different parts of the country.

There are different reasons for employment in the railways and one of the many reasons why people have been coming for the RRB recruitment 2013 is that of the large number of options that the railways present. National Mining Development Corporation is a Navratna company under the Ministry of Steel in India. It is one of those public sector enterprises of India, which bring strength to the Indian economy and a variety to the employment opportunities. To be a part of NMDC is a matter of pride for the recruits and they are opting for the company because there are a number of jobs found with the company.

NMDC recruitment 2013 is therefore sought by people, usually after they pass out from their education. Starting from pharmacist post to that of the engineers, there are plenty of vacancies published by the public sector company for the people who are interested to work in one of Indias leading PSUs. Also, there are a number of offices and mining units under the NMDC, where recruitment is going on and the massive expansion plan is to be rightly corroborated with the help of NMDC recruitment 2013.

Another major company under the Government of India is that of the National Informatics Centre, which is responsible for various IT related works. These activities are carried out in large numbers in the country, now that the government is trying for computerisation and IT linking of the various organisations. Due to the rapid rate of work going on through the NIC, the NIC recruitment 2013 is a prospective time for the students who are seeking to get into various posts in the National Informatics Centre.

For the present, there are vacancies announced for scientific officers and Junior Research Fellow in different places of NIC offices. These are opportunities which people will not be leaving out because they have the potential to put a big jump in the careers of people. The variety of jobs has been the primary reasons, for which people from various areas of the country have been coming out for vacancies in NIC, NMDC and RRB.