A new way to save money on your new cell phone and wireless plan

A new way to save money on your new cell phone and wireless plan.

At a time in our lives where the cost of everything we purchase seems to go up every day, I’m here to talk about one area that you can actually save money on an item that we all use every day. Our cell phone and cell phone plan.

When looking for a phone, there are a few things that people are looking for…..

1. Price – Just like everything else we buy, price is king.
2. Coverage – Having a great cellphone is worthless unless you have service where you live.
3. Features – These days, cell phones are used just for talking on. Things like email, internet and texting has changed the way we use our phones.
4. Customer Service – Is someone going to be there to help when problems come up?

What if I could provide you with a place that not only gives you options to select what carrier you want, choose from the newest phones from those carriers and have full support from the carriers, but at a cost much lower than going to your local mall kiosk or directly to the carrier’s own stores.

Here’s how it works.

I run a website called MedCity Wireless. We are a reseller for all the major carriers and carry all the latest phones and tablets on the market today. But the biggest difference, is that we are an “online only” store. So I don’t have the overhead required to open a traditional store, or pay rental fees for a kiosk in the middle of the local shopping mall. That, in addition to the high volumes that we do, allows us to dramatically cut the prices on the phone. A lot of times, making the phones free!

And since we are an official reseller for the main carriers, you still get the great coverage and great service that you would get if you got it straight from the carrier. Your initial sale goes through us, but your service and monthly bill comes straight from them.

My own family was looking to upgrade recently, and of course I purchased them through MedCity Wireless, but I did a lot of research first. This is what we ended up getting……

We were able to get 3 high-end Android phones and 1 “slide” texting phone for $99.99. The same phones, from the same carrier that wanted to charge us $349.96 for them when we walked into the local retail shop.

So, come take a look around. I urge you to compare the prices to your local mall kiosk or retail store. I think you’ll quickly realize that MedCity Wireless is the new way to buy/upgrade your cellphone and cellphone service.

How To Run A Successful Event To Build A Better Business Network

How To Run A Successful Event

Events are a powerful tool for marketers to truly engage their consumers and leverage their brand. No matter what type of event you plan to run, there are a few points you need to remember to ensure your event is a success.
A successful Event Marketing Campaign is one that:

* Meets your brand objectives.
* Delivers a meaningful message directly to the target market.
* Complements your overall marketing plan.
* Provides a talking point amongst consumers.

The Strategy

Choosing the right event strategy for your product or service requires a thorough understanding of the brand objectives. You may require an experienced event agency partner if you do not have sufficient in-house resources to help you to achieve your goals. Look for a good team of experienced and creative minds who are ready to analyse every element of your product and service and its current position to design the best possible strategy. The following points should be considered:
Event Outcome

Clarity and agreement around the issue of event outcome is imperative. Key stake holders will have different views and perspectives of what they want out of an event. Defining and agreeing the desired event outcome means that the correct approach is taken. It means that the creative development of the event and the content to all work together to produce the right results. Ask yourself the following questions.

* What is the outcome you want for this event?
* What change do you want to effect?
* What tangible changes do you want? Eg Increase in sales, lead generation?
* What is the best thing/outcome that could happen as a result of this campaign?
* When the road show is over what do you want the guests to be saying about the event over coffee to their friends?
* What would be the ultimate sign of success for the event?

Target Market

Your target group are your guests. They could be prospective or existing clients or they could be staff. Again ask yourself: Who are they? Where are they? Why do you want them to attend? What do they like to do? How do we get their attention? What do they think/know/feel about your company now? What do you want them to think/know/feel about your company post the event?

Think about what events they have experienced before either with your organisation or with your competitors. What is their age group, are they an even mix of male and female? Understanding your audience is a good first step in the event planning process.

A clear message is critical to the success of any event. Knowing exactly what you want to say is imperative. Its about what you want to say rather than how you want to say it at this stage? What is the main story you want to tell? What is imperative that they know when they leave? Communication of the message needs to be clear and concise. Consistency is key and your message needs to be included in each step from the invitation to web marketing campaign, to the event, the marketing collateral and the carefully planned post event strategy.
Brand Positioning

A good understanding of your brand position is crucial in building an event strategy. Is the event about a new product or service? Is it the launch of a new variable product or service? Are there set sales objectives for the product or service? Your brand position will assist in clarifying the best type of event your company needs and the most appropriate communication vehicle to engage your audience.

The creative development of the event can vary enormously. Considering the questions above certainly points you in the right direction to as to what kind of event will provide the most powerful result. It could be a national road show with international speakers or it could be a half day relationship building experience with key clients. A golf day, seminar series, exhibition, conference, experiential marketing campaign or any other various type of event should focus on leveraging your brand and provide a forum for you to connect with your target audience. Ask yourself how do we best represent the brand? How do we support above-the-line marketing strategies? How do we make it a memorable experience?

Finding your market and connecting with them in a memorable way is more than just guess work. It is staggering how many events are run with the minimum of planning. People are willing to invest significant money putting events on but they tend to overlook the need to invest in planning and smart thinking.

Planning is crucial to any event not matter how small and intimate it may be. Critical paths, risk assessments, measurable results, budget control are essential tools when planning a successful outcome. You need to plan on maximising the number of touch points with guests. Plan on results or you can guarantee you are planing on a disaster.

With the correct planning the implementation of an event is the easy part. Ensure that every member of your event team have a run schedule of the event from start to finish so they aware of all timings. Rehearsals are imperative and why not consider professional speak training for all staff that will be presenting. An overall risk assessment is probably in the back of everyones minds but unless it is written down you are open to disaster. A good event company will also supply you with a thorough mitigation strategy to ensure you get a good result from your event no matter what.

And weve come full circle. The results of your event should be measurable or how do you know if you have achieved good value for your investment. Events are all about building strong long term partnerships with your prospects and clients. When all of the above factors work together they create a truly powerful experience that not only moves people but motivates them to act. Remember your customers and staff holds your future in their hands. They control your revenue, your profitability and they are the central point on which your economic performance balances. Events are a powerful opportunity to leverage your brand and promote your services to this influential group.

Got some more queries? Why not check out the team at JH Events?

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Business Centre Is A Good Option For Conference

Searching space for meeting, conference, seminars or interview rooms can be a hassle if you dont know where to look for them and how to make a right choice.
Business centres seems to be a good option. They offer fully furnished office space with professional environment. One of the popular business centres in Delhi provides conference space in south Delhi, in mountain fresh ambience. The air that they pump into the building is devoid of pollutants and rich in oxygen. Consequently, the rate of absenteeism decreases.

As business centres provide furnished space, you need not worry about the housekeeping and security services. You will get clean rooms and hygienic restrooms. In addition to this, they facilitate the customers with hi-end and updated technological facilities. These days companies prefer organizing audio-video conferences. Video conferencing has a lot of advantages. It does not need a bigger space. By video conferencing one can be available in multiple locations and talk to different people at a time. One does not need to travel for the conference. It can take place anytime, anywhere. In a nutshell, cuts the cost and saves a hell lot of time and efforts.

The business centres are normally well-equipped with such facilities. Therefore, organizing an AV conference is not a tough task for them. Now days, web conferencing is also an emerging trend and the benefits remain the same. To organize a smooth and hassle free web conference, a business centre needs to have good internet speed. There are many business centres that provide conferencing solutions New Delhi. But you need to check whether all the facilities are available or not.

Business centres also offer offices with hot-desking concept. There are many business centres that offer Hot desking services in Delhi apart from the space for conference, interviews, meetings and workstations. It is one of the widely used concepts of business centres. You can always keep such information for your records. As business centres offer everything that a company may need. It is better to go for one-stop solution.

Help centre is another funda of business centre that comes handy. It indicates to the team that will readily assist you in everything that troubles you.

If you are looking for a conference space then, it is better to go for a business centre for it. You get a professional environment; organized set ups; teams to take care of your requirements; no stress of maintenance; everything in ready-to-use form and finally the peace of mind.

Buy A Franchise Business Or Join A Mlm Which Is Smarter

This is a question I believe a lot of people are asking themselves these days in America. There are so many people out there looking for a plan B, and not a lot of people really know what would be the best option for themselves. I am writing this article because I have a lot of experience in both scenarious.. I am the owner of multiple locations of two different franchises, and have served as a franchise advisory board member and advertising advisory board member for Palm Beach Tan, the largest tanning franchise in the country. I am also building a multi-level marketing business (or network marketing business), and my team is spread throughout the country, with people in almost every state in the U.S. I will argue the pros and cons of both options, AND I will let you in on a few secrets I have leaned the hard way that are absolutely critical to being successful in both situations.
Lets start with buying into a Franchise.
Here are some advantages:

1. Proven Business Model: There are many benefits to buying into a franchise, but the most popular is theoretically being able to open a business with a proven business model. The statistics show that about 80% of businesses fail within their first few years, but the chances of a franchise business failing is closer to 20%. The franchise percentages are skewed quite a bit though, because a franchise is much easier to sell, so what ends up happening is a failing franchise might go through two or three owners before it actually shuts own. The existing owner always has good excuses why it is failing and the new owner always thinks he or she is the savior and will be able to turn things around.. Sometimes the franchisor will take over the location to delay the inevitable because the last thing that want on their Franchise Advisory Ciurcular is store closures.. (they are generally in the business of selling franchises)

2. Help With Start-up: You get a lot of help starting your business and running it afterward. Many franchises are, in fact, turnkey operations. When you buy a franchise, you get all the equipment, supplies and instruction or training needed to start the business. In many cases, you also get ongoing training, and help with management and marketing. Your franchise will reap the benefit of the parent company’s national marketing campaigns, for instance.

3. Marketing and Branding: When you open up a new location that’s part of a franchise with a strong brand you are able to do SO MUCH more than other new business who is not part of a franchise. For example, if you open up a new Subway in your town, and if you did not do ANY advertising at all people would still walk into your location and buy sandwiches. (Unless your location was in a back alley where nobody could see you!) AND the budget you allocate toward advertising and marketing is much better spent for two reasons: One, you’re not throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks – your franchisor should guide you on what works and what doesn’t. Two, your marketing: direct mail, business to business, radio, TV, etc. will be much more effective because people recognize the Subway brand and will open up your mail, or listen to your ads.

4. Buying Power: Your franchise will benefit from the collective buying power of the parent company as the franchisor can afford to buy in bulk and pass the savings along to franchisees. If you are an independent company you can except to pay more for inventory and supplies then if you are involved in a franchise.
Here are Some Disadvantages:

1. Royalties and Ongoing Costs: Most people don’t realize how much of your gross sales you really pay out every month to the franchisor, and other vendors they are partnered with. Traditionally royalties begin at 4% of gross sales and end up at 6% by the third year in operation. Next you will have a 1% advertising cost that goes toward branding advertising admin costs. They will probably force you into an advertising co-op which will be about 4% of gross. You will have some type of point of sale computer monitoring monthly fee for around $500. And don’t forget a lot of franchises have some type of reimbursement program for customers visiting multiple locations with gift cards and coupons. After all this is added up you end up spending about 11-13% on fees and group advertising. Even if you backed out 4% for the ad fund co-op since this is driving traffic to your business, you are still forking out 7-9% every single month! That adds up – trust me. It will be anywhere from $20,000 to $130,000 per year for small businesses, depending on your sales and fee structure!

2. Their Way or The Highway: The main disadvantage of buying a franchise is that you have to do it their way – sometimes right down to the way the napkin holders are filled. As a franchisee, you are not the one actually running the show, and some franchisors exert a degree of control that you may find terrible. In many cases a franchisor will enforce a policy that might work well for the majority of franchisees but it does not work well for some – it can actually cause a major cash flow crisis for some owners but the franchisor will not budge and actually force people out of business. (Trust me this happens I have actually seen it happen within my own franchise)

3. Ongoing Support? Not all franchisors offer the same degree of assistance in starting a business and operating it successfully. Some are just start-up operations and everything after start-up is up to you. Often times the franchisor promises ongoing training and support that just doesn’t happen.

4. Shark-Infested Waters: Buying a little-known, perhaps inexpensive franchise can be a real gamble. Just because a business is offering franchises is no guarantee that the franchise you buy will be successful. In some cases, franchising is the business; all the franchisor is interested in is selling more franchises. Whether or not the individual franchises are successful is irrelevant to them. This is not to say that no little known, inexpensive franchises are worthwhile, but just a reminder that any franchise you’re thinking of buying needs to be investigated carefully. Remember the franchisor is in the business of selling franchises, so be very fastidious!
Joining an MLM or Network Marketing Company.

1. Low Start-up Cost: The typical start-up cost for a network marketing company is around $200-$500, and with many companies you can actually get started for as low as $35, or even free. However, if you enroll for less than $50 you are usually not eligible for commissions until you upgrade or order some product or the service.

2. Unlimited Income Potential: More millionaires have come out of the MLM industry than any other industry – multi-level marketing is actually the most pure form of capitalism. An average person can literally go from being broke to making six figures a month if everything falls into place. If somebody gets in on the ground floor of a company before it hits the momentum stages, he or she is being mentored by a top leader, he or she is an extremely hard worker and does not give up easily, and he or she is an influential person (or he/she has built up an online influence) then it is only a matter of time before he/she builds up a massive residual or passive income.

3. Personal Growth Training: The network marketing business model works the opposite of the corporate world, where it’s dog eat dog. In network marketing all the top earners are usually the best teachers, not the best sales people. In order to get to the top of the pay scale you are required to have many people in your organization promoted to the top tier positions. For example, if some big shot decided to get involved in an MLM and the only strategy he used was to spend a truckload of money on advertising and personally enroll hundreds of marketers he would make some good money doing that, but he would probably not reach the top position in the company that way. Most compensation plans are designed to develop leaders. The leadership and marketing training that you gain in MLM is priceless for future endeavors.

4. Passive or Residual Income: When somebody builds a successful network marketing business they build an income generating asset that produces cash flow every month for work previously performed. If you wanted to have $5,000 a month in passive income risk free you would need over $1 million in a CD or other high yielding risk free account. I actually sold my first MLM business to another marketer right after I graduated college and used the money for a down payment on my first house. (It was producing a monthly cash flow, which turns it into an asset you can potentially sell)

1. It is not get rich quick: Some people are attracted to network marketing because it is presented to them as this magical formula where all you have to do is sponsor three people who sponsor three and so on, then you have have this massive organization below you after three months that is bringing in $10,000 a month. Yes there are some occasions where people get in with a new MLM and have a large database of people they can tap into and they build a large income very quickly. It usually takes at least 1-2 years before decent residual income starts coming in.

2. Many choices: There are so many different MLM’s out there with all of their distributors claiming they “have the best product ever invented” and nobody else can compete with their company. One of the main reasons there is so much negative press around MLM is the competition between the different MLM companies cause marketers to bad mouth one company to make their company sound better. What this does is give the impression that MLM in general is bad, when in reality that is just not true. You can not believe everything you read online about a particular company, so you must do your own investigation before you join.

3. Must be self-motivated: You don’t have your franchisor out there doing radio and TV ads to promote your business, or a franchise compliance division coming into your store making sure your operation is running smoothly and efficiently. (not all franchises do this either, but you get the point) Your success is truly determined by how much effort you put into your business.
Which is the Better Way to Go?

This is the question you can only answer yourself, but please keep in mind a few lessons I have learned along the way:

-The franchisor is in the business of selling franchises so, again, be very careful. They have sales people who make anywhere from $2500-$5,000 per franchise location they sell. So this salesperson’s one main objective is to get you qualified and locked into a location.

-You MUST talk to as many owners as you possibly can about how they are really doing. Get numbers. Do not listen to the franchisor because they will stretch the truth about everything.

-If you can find an MLM company that is in the beginning stages, has some type of a marketing edge over everyone else (so you don’t have to go out and talk to everyone you know about the business), and has a powerful team of leaders you can directly work with and be mentored by, then I would think very seriously about choosing this path. Having the opportunity to start and own your own business for usually around $500, with the potential for cash flowing five figures a month in passive income in a relatively short period of time is much more enticing to me than risking hundreds of thousands of dollars on a franchise that is usually much riskier than people realize. However, if you do decide to join an MLM company make sure you do the research to find out if you will be with a rapidly growing company and will be personally mentored by top leaders in the company.

If you are somebody who is seriously considering one of these options, or already owns a business, franchise or not, and would like some advice on building a business or marketing your business schedule a free 20 minute coaching session with me or my partner. If you are not and are just doing your preliminary research I wish you well on all of your endeavors and findings.

Philips Norelco Bodygroom – Innovation in Male Grooming

Plug in body razors similar to the Norelco Bodygroom may not work for everyone. But the Philips Norelco may prove to be of utmost benefit to a man who needs it most. Following are some reasons why this fresh innovation should be considered.

Point #1. There are a lot of functions for the Norelco Bodygroom and the likes of it. Many men possess a reason to shave other places. Perhaps a man is an avid rider of the bicycle. Cyclists, most often than not, shave a good part of their bodies. The same may be said of swimmers. This is done for less resistance.

Point #2. There are other reasons why some men shave. Perhaps they have an excess of chest hair or hair at the back. So it’s best for them to keep it shaved. These days, a lot of men shave their chests. That’s because most women consider a man with a smooth chest more attractive. Point #3. A man may spend a great deal of time on the beach or at the pool. He may be a lifeguard and needs to shave his body. Swimming may get better by shaving. Or they probably just want to look attractive for the females.

Point #4. Electrical shavers are easier to use than conventional razor and shaving cream. It is not hard to get rash when shaving with a normal razor. Razor rash over your body is very uncomfortable. You may itch and burn for several days.

Point #5. Electric shavers like Philips Bodygroom are really easy to use. They can be utilized wet or dry. They can be used when you are inside the shower. A lot of electric razors like the Philips Norelco can resist water. Electric body shavers are cordless. They can be used anywhere.

Point #6. These electric shavers are loaded with free accessories. They are not just for shaving. You may cut short hair in various sections of your body. Some of the free accessories will let you maintain your hair. Some can be used to cut the hair. That’s a better option than shaving off everything totally.

The Conclusion

Many men desire to shave certain body areas. There may be several factors that cause this. You may buy electric razors created specifically for such. They offer usability and they are convenient. They come with attachments which means you wouldn’t need to shave hair off but just trim it instead. You may want electric shavers just like the Norelco Bodygroom.