Towell Auto Centre To Launch Mazda Cx-9 In Oman

The Mazda Motor Corp. will be increasing its Zoom-Zoom family presence in Oman. This goal will be backed by Towell Auto Centre by launching the all-new Mazda CX-9.

“This is the first time the Mazda family is bringing an SUV to Oman, so there is much excitement among the fans of Mazda. We can assure our customers that the eager wait for the outstanding vehicle will be well worth it and we are sure to give the sultanate’s SUV market a new definition,” said S Kasthurirengan, General Manager, Towell Auto Centre.

The CX-9, based on the stretched Mazda6 platform, is a seven-seat sports crossover sport utility built alongside the small CX-7. The SUV, manufactured at the Ujina 1 plant of the automaker in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, made its official global debut at last years New York International Auto Show.

The all-new CX-9 features the 3.5 L Ford “Cyclone” V6 engine dubbed as the “MZI” in Mazda guise. The 2008 version of the SUV uses a 3.7 liter V6 engine. According to the Japanese automaker, the new engine will produce 273 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque. Additionally, the CX-9 will use an Aisin sourced six-speed automatic transmission with a console-mounted shifter which can be likened to the complex Mercedes-Benz gate.

The CX-9 flaunts more muscular stance and an angular nose. Its sedan-like honeycomb grille adds to its atypical appeal and makes the Mazda CX-9 stand out from the rest in its category. 20-inch alloy wheels come in this machine along with features like high-intensity-discharge (HID) headlights, said AME Info.

On board this stunner is comfort and roominess in splendid abundance, AME Info continued. The three-row sport utility vehicle has front bucket seats and a 60/40 split second row, with a backrest that can recline or fold flat. The third row splits 50/50 and features easy adjustments to make more room for leg space and cargo. Bose stereo with surround sound, keyless entry, power windows and cruise control are standard features on a Mazda CX-9. Add to this the refined chrome accents and dimmed windows for the final touches of a pure feel of opulence.

To bolster the safety features of the SUV, Mazdas pool of engineers have incorporated a bunch of standard equipment that includes the Dynamic Stability Control, Traction Control, Roll Stability Control, front side impact airbags and 3 row side Air Curtains. The CX-9 will offer options such as a Handsfree Bluetooth phone link, DVD navigation system, Backup Camera, and a rear entertainment system with the Bose 5.1 surround sound.

The Mazda CX-9s standard safety features also cover an all disc antilock brakes, side impact air bags, three-row side air curtains and an Electronic Stability System (ESS) with rollover mitigation technology, and traction control systems.

Crammed with superb auto features and refined with amenities and finesse like no other in its class, the CX-9 SUV promises to bring an elating dose of Zoom-Zoom to Oman. What is more, the sport utility also gives a wider leeway for customization. Moreover, Mazda aftermarket parts will serve their purpose well.

Separately, Mazda will be offering the Summer Stunner to give aficionados new hope. The ongoing offer entitles a participant to free registration, free five-year unlimited warranty on mileage, free 24-hours road assistance and gift shopping vouchers.

The main aim of this special promotion was to tailor-make deals for customers according to their individual needs and specifications. We are very glad that we have successfully been able to offer flexible deals to numerous car enthusiasts and bring smiles on the faces of those like Irene, whose vehicles have suffered losses due to the effects of the recent cyclone, said Annurag Chawla, the Mazda brand manager.

Singapore Employment Pass Important Requirements For Foreign Applicants

The Singapore Employment Pass is a visa issued to foreign businessmen, shareholders, managing directors, supervisors, and employees with specialized skills, according to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

To prove their eligibility, foreign applicants are required to provide MOM with these following documents and certificates:
Educational certificates, and if applicable, testimonials from their previous employers.

All the documents and testimonials should be in English, if not, these should be translated into this language by an authorized translation service.
A completed Employment Pass Application form which is downloaded from MOMs official website.

For professionals: In case that their employer is a Singapore-based company, they should be sponsored by this business entity. However, if their employer is an overseas company which does not operate a local office, they should get sponsorship from a local company which must sign the EP form and stamp this with its company seal.
A company should provide its latest business profile which must be registered to the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). However, if a company is not yet registered to this agency, it should provide at least the registration papers from its respective professional body.

The applicants passport-sized photograph which must be taken within the past three months.

Relevant travel documents and passport particulars of an applicant.

It is important to note that MOM usually requires additional documents and certificates to foreign entrepreneurs. For example, they are required to secure an approval letter from the International Enterprise Singapore if they are planning to setup a representative office.

The approval letter should state the purpose of the application, duration of an applicants assignment, and activity for the maintenance and repatriation of an applicant.

Meanwhile, foreign professionals such as doctors, dentists, school teachers, nurses, lawyers, and pharmacists are also required to submit supporting documents provided by their respective accreditation agency or professional body.

Requirements for EP Applicants

One of the most important requirements is a college diploma from a reputable university. However, passing in this qualification does not guarantee a successful EP application since MOM also considers other factors.

For professionals, they should have several years of work-related experience, specialized skills, and at least a fixed monthly salary of S$2,500. And for businessmen, strong entrepreneurial skills and their companys reputation, background, and paid-up capital will determine their eligibility for this visa.

In some cases, MOM also considers an applicants age, roles and responsibility in a company, and current citizenship.

Free Standing Inserts The Importance Of Streamlined Retail Processes

Large retail stores dominate our lives, most goods that we buy come from these stores because they have the widest selection and best prices. One of the main tactics these retail chains use to convince us to come into their stores is Free Standing Inserts (FSIs) which publicize their promotions and coupons.

Free Standing Insert

The Free Standing Insert (FSI) is a publication, typically several pages long, that is distributed by inserting it into a newspaper. The free standing insert is printed on its own paper and is frequently sized differently than the newspaper. Free standing inserts have become a tradition in the Sunday paper, and many people wait until they get the weekend paper in order to check prices. Using the Free Standing Inserts, they can compare the promotions of several stores at once without having to leave home.

Marketing Synergy

Retailers love to use Free Standing Inserts (FSIs) but face a serious problem when it comes to their planning and production process. Each weekly Free Standing Insert takes several weeks to produce using a very cumbersome process.

First, the merchandising department would create a promotional plan, targeting certain items to be promoted in the Free Standing Insert at specific prices. Once the plan was approved the information would be passed on to the marketing department which is in charge of specific ad content and placement. Only then is there enough information for the graphic designers in the advertising department to create the Free Standing Insert. The process is then repeated several times until everyone involved in the planning, management and production of these Free Standing Inserts was satisfied with the results, at which point it would be printed and distributed through the newspaper.

Universal Ad’s software enables retailers to streamline their promotions-related advertising, marketing and merchandising processes, leading to a reduction in the time needed to create promotional ads of at least 50%. By using the automatic ad creation software, free standing inserts can be completed in a matter of days using a single system. All of the necessary elements, including graphics, product information and copy, are stored in a central hub, which can be easily accessed from anywhere in the network. This allows retailers to target their free standing inserts by geography and other market demographics, so that each region, or even each store, can offer specific promotions.

This automatic ad creation software not only opens promotional bottlenecks but also works with all kinds of marketing channels, including free standing inserts, catalogs, in-store signage, and web promotions.

For more information about using software to streamline promotional processes please visit

Facebook Marketing To Leaked Forth Your Organisation – Articletrader

The newest healthcare search powerplant optimisation techniques has to take directly account the concept that social advertising sites like Facebook and Twitter will most likely be used so that you engage with linked communities and recover business, so awareness of healthcare SEO to this context should be essential to an absolute successful process.
Refining all these systems can potentially amplify your website targeted and online profits, if you realized how to funnel this extreme energy levels of Facebook. A person don’t even have to have their website, you might just use professional products for this unique as well. A lot of are so a great number of ways to prepare money with Facebook, the possibilities get truly endless.
Another marketing plan for the purpose of restaurant lifecycles if address busy and in addition slow months. Establish a providing budget in per cent to your sales. You ought spend between 3% and 6% behind your gross product or service. Your affiliate marketing plan can be a combination at direct mail, promotions, community activities, as well radio, television and after that print advertising. In-house promotions are almost always also effective, type of as themed cuisine or early chook specials. Get to know your trusty local media as well as find ways on encourage free press. Think artistically and consider every single single opportunity a alternative to market your restaurant.
Under no circumstances fail to remember that you will want to develop the confront for your web business. You just need to fall short regarding retain the facts that you have now to create that address for these website which is developed by buyers! As early as the attendees read your unique file or this particular profile, they will certainly turn eager within order to know about some product which often is being publicized through the process of you!

Finding the Good Offer. Wearing direct marketing, professionals say that successes are 40% conditional on your list, 40% on our own offer, and 20% on your creative. The equal is true in internet marketing, look for engine marketing, while the like. Test your offers and find these one that out there performs all the particular others. It offer should most likely be tested and as well , refined to step-up your results.
Positioning: After reviewing how the industry, competitive information, company objectives, a person will then determine the new placing in the spot. It definitely will tie directly to actually the company s strengths and will reinforce its endeavours and strategies.
While you’ve come to a decision to enter the sphere of network marketing, advertising is important and in the case when you haven’t began to create a internet site people need to starting point thinking about the device now. Mainly hosting, promoting in addition , adding great articles and other content to your run web site or simply blog is the particular easiest way with regard to create a monster advertising network marketing, lead generation coffee machine.
This common multilevel campaigns suggestion that every person understands but continues to be bears referencing is often to established desired goals for your self. Faraway from start to finish, you need that would constantly set finds for your self, and try time for satisfy or meet or exceed them. This is what will help you keep motivated of help keep performance.

What Does a Property Sales Representative Do

Typically a sales representative describes someone who sells something on your behalf. Regularly this refers to people who help businesses to sell a product or service. If you run a small business then and have a product that you’re trying to promote, a sales representative can deal with the face-to-face aspect and take your product to shops, to other businesses or even to individuals to sell individually (which will depend largely on the nature of your business and your product). In some cases a sales representative can also sell other things for a business – such as advertising space. This then saves the people in that company from spending time with sales when they could be working on improving their product, marketing and customer service – the kinds of things that help a company to grow. At the same time, by using a sales representative the company or individual can then make the most of their sales expertise and so hopefully actually sell more of that product more regularly. In this way the company or individual will increase their profits and so the sales representative will pay their own salary. In many cases this is literally the case and they will ask for percentage of the profits rather than asking for an upfront salary. A sales representative then can do all this for you when you’re buying and selling property – helping to represent you and act on your behalf and make sure the transaction goes through in a way that is beneficial for you. This can have multiple advantages and help you with many aspects of the transactions that you might not be familiar with yourself. For example they can advise you on how to best prepare your home to increase you chance of sales, help you examine another property to check that it’s going to be safe and comfortable to live in, and fill you in on any relevant aspects of the law. They can also help advise you as to what would be a good location and a good home and act as a consultant on where and how to move. Again they can also help of course to promote your house and make it a more attractive prospect, using their sales technique to increase your chance of making a sale. This will be both on a one to one basis and through advice on marketing, promotion and the use of adverts and business cards. At the same time as obviously helping your prospect of a sale, they’ll also enable you to have more time to yourself to look at your future home and to prepare from the move. More than just an estate agent they’ll also help you to make your home look right for selling with helpful tips and advice – and following the successful sale they’ll even help you through the process of moving and then follow you up after the move as more a realtor for life. With all these great advantages a sales representative can make buying and selling property a much smoother process and is a worthy investment.

Author works for a real estate sales representative and will help you find real estate properties Thornhill, his company also has list of available properties in Vaughan. >.