Online Business School Seeks To Disrupt Business School Pricing And Value Proposition Model

Tulsa, Oklahoma, February 14, 2015 /PressReleasePing/ –, the online business education platform for entrepreneurs, business owners and employees looking to improve their business skills, launches out of beta, after nearly three years of development. The online education platform is already disrupting the business school pricing and value proposition model. According to Bloomberg, the least expensive business schools such as the Illinois – Urbana Champaign School of Business and William and Mary Mason start at over $34,000 per year and many business schools like Cornell University are priced at over $50,000 per year.

“We’ve worked very hard to make our business school $49,400 less per year than other business schools and much more entertaining, engaging and interactive so you will actually retain what you are learning,” says Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Clay Clark. currently has subscribers in 33 countries has been attracting the attention of both non-college graduates and college graduates who are amazed at the quality and the practicality of the website’s ever growing content. One subscriber and a private Ivy league Graduate from Southport, Connecticut says, “I think if you were to go to one of those websites that evaluates schools, my school would rank in the top 3 in the U.S. However, theres no training on how to be an entrepreneur and run a business. What is provided is not considered to be important by the students. They have professors who have never built a business, but are giving them critiques on their work. When go out in the real world, you enter this foreign world of entrepreneurship.’s Founder, Clay Clark says, “We think Steve Jobs (Apple co-founder and former Pixar CEO) was correct when he said, “It is absurd that American classrooms are still based on teachers standing at a board and using textbooks. All books, learning materials, and assessments should be digital and interactive, tailored to each student and providing feedback in real time.”’s business education platform offers courses in 20 areas of business mastery including leadership, capital, accounting, marketing, sales, legal, and more. Thrivers rate themselves and their current proficiency in each area and can then choose from the ever-expanding course catalog consisting of thousands of business education videos.

Even proud pillars of academia such as Harvard Professor, Clayton Christensen, see a brewing storm for America’s colleges, “Generally universities are doing very well financially, so they don’t feel from the data that their world is going to collapse, but I think even five years from now these enterprises are going to be in real trouble.” videos are taught by world-class mentors including NBA Hall of Famer turned successful entrepreneur, David Robinson, the former Executive Vice President of Operations for Walt Disney World Resort, Lee Cockerell, the New York Times bestselling author and publicist of choice for Michael Jackson, Prince, P. Diddy, Charlton Heston, and countless celebrities, Michael Levine, and countless other experts.


Quick Facts Thrive15: provides 15-minute practical online business courses taught by millionaires, mentors, and everyday entrepreneurial success stories. features many celebrity mentors including:

David Robinson, NBA Hall of Fame Basketball Player and founder of Carver Academy charter schools and Admiral Capital Group, which currently has a valuation of over $250 million; Lee Cockerell, the Former Executive Vice President of Operations for Walt Disney World Resort who once managed 40,000 + employees; Michael Levine, the founder of Levine Communications who has been the publicist of choice for Michael Jackson, Prince, P. Diddy, Charlton Heston, Cameron Diaz, and countless other celebrities; David Nilssen, the cofounder of one of the nation’s largest small business funding solutions, Guidant Financial and; Jonathan Barnett, the founder of the 400 + OXI Fresh franchise. has teamed up David Robinson and the U.S. Chambers, Hiring Our Heroes Program, to provide free subscriptions to U.S. military families as part of the 1 for 1 HandUp Movement. has been mentioned in Forbes, Pando Daily, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, and numerous media outlets since launching in BETA. offers best practice and practical online education in the core areas of business mastery that every entrepreneur must know including: legal, real estate, investing, execution, purpose, mindset, networking, business modeling, overcoming adversity, capital, branding, marketing, sales, customer service, product/service development, quality control, accounting, management, human resources, and leadership. was founded by Chief Operating Officer and Oklahomas former U.S. Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark.

The Chief Executive Officer of is doctor, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist, Doctor Robert Zoellner. offers points instead of grades and gives its users a chance to win a business boost package of over $10,000 every six months to the Thriver with the most points.

Thrive15.coms content is created by combining entertainment, gamification, and best-practice practical business education to increase the retention of training provided on the platform.

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Mango Clothes A Trendy High Fashion Brand With Unique Business Principles

Let us discuss a few things about the worlds second Spanish fashion retailerMango. Although Mango and Zara have the same target market, their business model and strategies are different in many ways.

Mango was established in 1984 with the opening of their first store in Passeig de Gracia in Barcelona. One of the founding brothers, Isaak Andic, who is currently also the president, is in control of the company which is 100% family owned. Given the fact that it may enlarge the companys financial base, there are no plans of selling Mango shares in the stock market so far.

The Franchising Strategy

Mangos franchising strategy allows the company to achieve worldwide presence without shouldering the costs of store ownership. Its international expansion began in 1992 with the opening of two stores in Portugal. In 1997, half of its revenues were already coming from stores outside of Spain. This figure has reached 77% in 2008. The brand has now over 1700 points of sale in 100 different countries and is still growing.

Zero Manufacturing

Unlike Zara, the company does not manufacture any of its Mango clothes. They rely on more 140 suppliers worldwide, with each region specializing in a certain type of clothing that it can manufacture at a competitive price. With a huge number of suppliers and sales in 90 countries, it can be imagined how powerful and well-designed their supply chain information system is to support their current success and future expansion.

Communication Focus

Mangos target market is exactly defined and comprised of women who love fashion and want to wear the latest fashion trends. The company believes that 30% of the passersby are actually within their target market. This way the brands essence is not diluted and is very focused on the target market.

Unlike its other Spanish rival, Zara, Mango is actively focused on its image, communications, campaigns, PR events and celebrities to support its fashion presence and promote the brand.

Celebrities are the center of each communication campaign of their Mango clothes fashion line. They are the best people to embody the brands essence which include Penelope Cruz, Monica Cruz, Scarlett Johansson and newcomer Olivia Palermo from the MTV show The City.

Mango also uses events like the Mango Fashion Awards to recognize its fashion sense. John Paul Gaultier was made chairman of its third edition which featured young designers from different parts of the world to compete in a fashion design contest. This kind of initiative is both interesting and exciting in the sense that it builds the framework for the future of ready-to-wear fashion design, and it also paves the way for the discovery and development of young designers.

Mango has a fashion blog called Keep the Beat that it utilizes to keep in touch with its customers and take every opportunity to promote and market the brand.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that Mango has its own distinctive positioning and strategy that is supported by a supply chain that needs to be as lean and fast as possible.

Career Scope in Retail Management Courses

Management has been playing a key role in the development of a country, company or individual since ancient times. Even in the contemporary era where professionals like Edward Bernays can affect the growth or decline of a business, candidates with the dexterous management techniques can create space for a particular business. Management integrates the whole business process thereby making it more streamlined. This in turn, results in an efficient output and overall growth in the market. Retail being one of the standard sectors stands an evident lay in the field of business management.

Well, a career in retail management is well- paid and highly demanding. A candidate with a degree in retail management is well-matched for the following profiles:

– Visual Merchandising
– Retail and sales
– Stock Management
– Logistics and Warehousing

Industrial sectors like hospitality, automobiles, banking, FMCG, Travel, etc. are keeping candidates with a degree in retail management as their first preference.

Scope of Retail Management

The retail sector is all set to grasp domestic and international recognition. It not only acts as a platform for the beginners but, also stands as a booming career opportunity for high professionals. With giant brands like Reliance, Lifestyle, Levis, Coco cola, etc. the retail market is growing every day to bring more and more aspirants in the field. Though these outlets bring a common man at ease by widening its career scope still, strategizing and managing things out there in a retail sector is not quite an easy job to do. So, special courses are developed and designed in various renowned management institutes to train the aspiring candidates and make them face the competition in the real world.

The career growth in the field of retail management is unmatched and incredible. You can easily earn your heart out, if you possess this degree from a good management institute. It not only exposes you to the special needs of the industry through a unique pedagogy of learning but, also equips you with the tools to tackle real life business issues quickly and skillfully.

Automotive Parts, Aerospace And Marine Parts Ultrasonic Cleaners

Some mechanics have reported a 50% savings in cleaning time by turning to an ultrasonic parts cleaning machine while taking advantage of an ecologically safe alternative to manual cleaning with toxic chemicals. With today’s industrial sized ultrasonic cleaners, the speed of ultrasonic cleaning to remove soils is combined with the capacity to clean multiple parts at once. Let’s take a look at some specific examples of how an ultrasonic cleaner can save time and money while providing a non-toxic solution in the automobile, marine and aviation industries.

There are so many uses for an ultrasonic cleaner in an auto shop. Ultrasonic car parts cleaning saves time by eliminating the need for manual scrubbing of auto parts covered with grease, oil, and other lubricants. Besides freeing up time, the hazardous chemicals can be replaced with biodegradable soaps. Specific examples of items that are commonly cleaned by a benchtop ultrasonic cleaner include filters, shock absorber parts, power steering parts, pistons, valves, fuel injectors, bearings just to name a few. Larger industrial-sized units can be used for ultrasonic carburetor cleaning and ultrasonic exhaust manifold cleaning, where cleaning action is needed deep within the network of passages. This large capacity also allows for ultrasonic crankshaft cleaning and ultrasonic cylinder block cleaning as well the means to clean multiple parts at once.

For marine mechanics, an ultrasonic cleaner can clean virtually any part within minutes and also provides an alternative to using toxic cleaning agents. When cleaning marine inboard and outboard motors, a cleaning solution that is both thorough and gentle is necessary because many parts are made out of Ultrasonic Auto Engine Parts Ultrasonic Cleaneraluminum. Not only do these parts need to be cleaned, but they need to be cleaned in a way that prevents future corroding. An ultrasonic boat part cleaner is the answer because ultrasonic cleaning is gentle enough to not harm the parts yet powerful enough to remove the soil. As with cars, an ultrasonic carburetor cleaner is employed to clean the carburetors from boat motors as well.

For aircraft mechanics, carbon deposits can present a cleaning challenge. Ultrasonic aircraft parts cleaning not only readily removes carbon deposits, but speeds up the cleaning process considerably and is much safer than working with the toxic chemicals previously used. An industrial-sized ultrasonic aircraft parts cleaner can accommodate large parts or multiple parts, including fuel nozzles, brake parts, turbine blades, and generator components. Parts are thoroughly cleaned and restored to their original condition, which is especially important in aircrafts.
Ultrasonic cleaners can help address many issues that mechanics face today: the need to save time and money and to protect both workers and the environment. By using an ultrasonic cleaner, the process of cleaning engine parts is greatly accelerated and expensive, toxic chemicals are replaced by a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative.

Reselling Pet Supplies Is A Secure Small business Strategy

What working experience have some other buyers experienced? It’s a significant ease and comfort to know what other prospects have felt in relation to their pet goods. Discover a segment on the world wide web web page called “testimonials” which may perhaps give you an notion of the type of company you’re dealing with as effectively as the superior of their individual pet supplies./p>

Cleaning the ears of pet dogs is an integral piece of pet dog grooming simply because of the truth that they get a good deal of bacterial infections as a result of their ears. Puppies with droopy ears are hugely susceptible to distinct sorts of ear difficulties and infections triggered by ear mites, waxy ears, and fungus. You require to examine the ears of your pet dog when each individual week and cleanse them as properly. One more essential element of puppy grooming is clipping nails and this is typically executed for canines, as their nails can develop unusually significant. Although they will by no means harm you with their nails but are pretty capable of scratching you even though taking part in. You want to clip nails the moment each and every three weeks.

Your flights of fantasy may well run to birds. Pet Grocery store is the first and final position to end and shop for your feathered close friends. They tackle chicken pet provides like feed, carriers, chook toys, cleaning items and something else to make your pet’s and your lifetime comfy.

Collecting your pet from a grooming service is an pleasurable expertise, and can help your pet bond with you superior. Your pet is much healthier and happier by means of this services, and is delighted to see you at the conclusion of it.

Whichever bestial your pet may perhaps be, it is a need to that you give them right attention, entertainment, wellness care and a lot a lot more. You can make these obligations far more practical for you with the help of wholesale Pet Supplies where by you can get dietary and wholesome food stuff, bones and chews, grooming products such as shampoo, brushes, combs, dryers and so on.

To split the feeling of chilly room, the most very simple and immediate way, than to animals in pet shops and one of a kind dwelling decorating goods, or furnishings to. Consider, from the dwelling space to the bedroom, cooking area to the bathroom, all positioned with the cute minor animals, house products, will be in a position to include angry and vitality. Basically needed to elevate animals for a taste of the pleasurable, they can acquire unique bestial at dwelling, home fashion solutions, but can consider care of care of the issues-absolutely free, but also make home angry all over the place. To match the tastes of Hong Kong, the sale of pet animals on the home furnishings solutions, both equally to compact, but also highlights the thoughts of the products made to assemble a zoo just for you to Straightforward Weblink.

Toys are will need to for animals since they adore to perform and they delight in even simplest of the toys like balls and so on. Toys may make your pet active even though you are away in attending any other problems of your regular lifestyle like cooking food, bathing, learning and so forth.

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