Delivering High-performance Car Radio Designs At Low Cost With Digital Low-if Cmos Amfm Automotive

High-growth economies such as Brazil, Indonesia, India and China have an emerging middle class and rapidly growing automotive markets. The vehicle retail price in these markets must be relatively low, putting cost pressure on components in these vehicles. Additionally, automotive markets in developed economies such as the United States, European nations and Japan are also seeing an increased demand for cost-sensitive solutions after the global financial crisis that began in 2008.

Traditional technologies used in automotive AM/FM tuners are typically BiCMOS tuners with a 10.7 MHz IF tuner architecture. This technology/architecture delivers on radio reception performance, but the process and architecture are cost prohibitive for mixed-signal architectures where RF circuits are integrated with digital processing engines such as DSPs and microcontrollers in a monolithic circuit to deliver fully processed audio outputs.

Digital low-IF CMOS AM/FM receivers very much fit the bill due to the much lower cost points of CMOS foundries and the use of a digital low-IF tuner architecture. Digital low-IF AM/FM receivers have been in use in the handset and portable media player markets for a number of years.

RF Dynamic Range
In crowded FM spectrums that are very common in urban settings, the abundance of radio stations can overwhelm the radio receiver tuned to a desired station whose signal strength is relatively weak. The most severe and common non-linear distortion resulting from strong interferers is third order inter-modulation (IMD3) distortion resulting from two strong close-in blockers that show up on-channel on a weak desired station tuned to.

In many applications an external tracking filter is used on the front end of the receiver to attenuate the blockers. This technique, however, is costly in terms of components and PCB real estate.To minimize IMD3 distortion products, the dynamic range of the receiver front end must be adequate.

Selectivity and Dynamic Bandwidth Control
Selectivity refers to a tuner’s ability to receive a weak station in the presence of stronger stations at small frequency offsets. This is especially important for receivers in crowded FM spectrums in urban environments. An important performance requirement, especially for European markets where the channel spacing is 100 kHz for FM broadcast, is adjacent channel selectivity, which refers to suppression of signals 100kHz away from the tuned frequency and which is usually no better than 30dB in many tuners found in the low-cost category.

While 30 dB selectivity performance may be adequate for many field conditions, there are many situations in the world in which a listener is tuned to a station broadcast from a distant location while driving past towers broadcasting multiple stations in the local region. In this scenario, much higher selectivity is required.

Sensitivity refers to a tuners ability to pull in weak stations. If you live in a rural area away from the transmitters of most radio stations, the sensitivity of a tuner will be of great importance. With current car radios, the performance requirements are typically microvolt level sensitivity, allowing the car radio to pull in an extremely weak signal and extending its ability to tune into a station dozens of miles away.

Alternative frequency (AF) Check
In Europe, alternative frequency (AF) technology is an optimal choice that allows the car radio tuner to tune to a different frequency that provides the same station when the first signal becomes too weak when moving out of range. This technology is often used in European car radio systems, enabled by radio data system (RDS) technology where the AF list is transmitted via RDS data.

In summary, continuing cost pressures in the global automotive market are driving the development and deployment of highly integrated and innovative CMOS radio receiver IC solutions that will provide significant cost savings in transitioning from traditional architectures and analog-centric semiconductor processes typically employed for car radio tuners.

Jewellery Franchise A Lucrative Business Option For Women Entrepreneurs

With the advent of the 21st century and the popularity of franchising business in India, women have now changed from homemakers to successful business owners. Women franchisors are steadily on the rise and gaining prominence in the male dominated business area and especially in jewellery industry, women are doing wonders. In India, key players like Gitanjali Gems Franchise and Gitanjali Jewels Franchise have made a huge contribution in popularizing jewellery franchise concepts in India. Both Gitanjali Gems and Gitanjali Jewels are leading jewellery brands in India and have their franchised outlets in different corners of the country.

As we all know, franchising is a way or method of doing business and expanding the successful business through its channel partners called franchisees. And this concept was very well adopted by Gitanjali Franchise brand. According to a recent study, there are many jewellery franchised outlets managed by women in India. This is mainly because women are hugely interested in jewellery sector. They are always conscious of their looks as compared to men and jewellery items add to their beauty. They have the innate talent for latest fashion in jewellery as well as other beauty accessories.

Gitanjali Franchise understands the fact clearly that the fairer sex is endowed with innate passion for jewellery and it is only due to their in-depth understanding, they can successfully manage and run a jewellery franchise outlet. In recent times, a lot of women franchisees have entered franchising by taking Gitanjali Gems Franchise and Gitanjali Jewels Franchise.

There are many benefits of Gitanjali Franchise, such as:

-The business concept of Gitanjali franchise is successfully tested and with years of experience in the sector, they offer the best franchise proposal in the jewellery segment.

-Both Gitanjali Gems Franchise and Gitanjali Jewels Franchise have strong brand image in the market and this allows the franchisees to exploit new market and earn profit.

-Strong advertisement support by the franchisors. Through electronic, print or online advertising, Gitanjali brand has a strong hold in the market. Here the franchisees dont have to think about think about marketing and advertising of the brand.

-Being the only franchise of exclusive gold and silver jewellery design and customization of unique jewellery, huge traffic of customers are guaranteed throughout the year.

-Gitanjali Franchise offers all the support and training to open and manage a franchise outlet successfully.

These benefits make women investors and aspiring investors to invest in a Gitanjali franchise business. Also remember that earlier, people used to buy jewellery only on special occasions like wedding, birthdays, engagements or during festival seasons. But today, the scenario is not so as with the coming up of organized jewellery players, people prefer to buy jewellery at any time of the year.

Hence, if you are also an aspiring woman entrepreneur, then jewellery franchising offers you the best way to move forward with your dream of running and managing your own business. Investing in Gitanjali Gems Franchise and Gitanjali Jewels Franchise can be most rewarding career option for you to consider. Take a step further with Gitanjali franchise and bring a positive change in your life.

Sales Copy Emotional Triggers Five Suggestions For Composing Striking Sales Copy

Ad copy has one main purpose. It is applied to motivate the prospective customer to become involved. That act could be to purchase something, though it may also be to motivate an inquiry, to encourage a click-through or to generate a new lead to a newsletter. Despite the main end goal is, applying sales copy emotional triggers to stimulate action is a great way to build up your conversion rates.

We purchase items for emotional reasons, plain and simple. We justify our purchase based on logic but the initial purchase is consistently triggered by emotions. We prefer to feel better, look better, be more revered, and a whole array of wants and aspirations. Itr is your job when you’re crafting your ad copy to tap into these needs and aspirations with emotional writing.

Right here are Five points to confirm your sales copy emotional triggers result in activity by your potential customers.

1) Instill Emotional Into the Complication

What is your prospect’s challenge? Your product or service is the one thing that you have to show gets rid of your prospects biggest difficulty. Write down a list of difficulties your prospect is having and find in what way you can add sales copy emotional triggers into them.

Listed here are a couple good examples in the business niche:

– “Frustrated that your company just isn’t pulling down as much revenue as you wish it to?”

– “Overwhelmed by technology and looking for a simple solution to generate more sales ?”

Frustrated and overwhelmed are sales copy emotional triggers that any aspiring affiliate marketer or small business person can understand.

2) Infuse Emotion Into the Possible Solution

Stick emotion in the possibility you present.

Following are two more good examples of this in the Internet marketing niche:

– “How would you feel if your online business were meeting or rising above your income goals?”

– “Picture how simple your life would be if all you were in need of was one basic tool to multiply sales by 10 %.”

Both of these sentences infuse emotion into the potential of a solution to your prospects complication. You want your prospect to be asking the questions you prearranged, that can be answered by acquiring your product or service.

3) Make Use Of Emotional Words In the Body of Your Sales Copy

Listed below are words that trigger various diverse emotions in prospects, depending on the circumstances. These sales copy emotional triggers are extraordinarily powerful when applied in conjunction with steps 1 and 2 above. They need to add to what you have already outlined and math up with the story you are stating to your prospect.

* Scared * Confused * Pointless * Victorious * Young * Gorgeous * Enjoyment * Exhilarating * Veiled * Trailblazing * Important * Inspiring * Privileged

4) Logical and Emotional Statements

Recognize the difference between rational concepts and sales copy emotional triggers.

There’s in actual fact a really handy tool available online that will help you make profitable changes to your sales copy. Just search for “Paul Galloway Emotional words” via Google. You will discover a tool that lets you plug in your sales page and it will show you where you can change out logical phrases with more emotional phrases. Do not just take the tool at face value though. As with everything in Internet business, test and track the changes to see if your conversion rate increases.

5) Use Sales Copy Emotional Triggers In Titles, Pledges, and Calls To Action

Ensure your subject line or promise and your call to action are also tapping into emotions. Urgency, big promises and other header and call to action methods should always be made up of the power of emotional words.

For example:

If you suggest, “Buy right now before the last copy is gone,” you’re tapping into the fear of loss emotion. Individuals will fear they are not going to have access to a copy of your manual if they stall and will likely click through to purchase now, which is exactly what you would like.

Remember that when you are adding in your sales copy emotional triggers that consumers usually purchase for emotional reasons. What emotions is your reader or prospect experiencing? What emotions do they prefer feel? How can you apply emotion to make them purchase?

Consider the emotions you feel when you make a purchase and then put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Great sales copy speaks to these emotions and makes things happen.

The Importance Of Corporate Sales Training

There is definitely a right and a wrong way to go about training when hiring salespeople. Hence, corporate sales training is useful. This is where training of your hired sales staff is necessary. And beware because sometimes you spend more time in training than selling. When you are in business, you want your sales people to make as many sales as possible. Profits became your priority. Corporate sales training program sharpen your best people and turn mediocre into sales staff. Remember that with corporate sales training, the room for improvement is always there.

Take note that in every organization, people are the number one asset and the backbone of your company. And before starting the training you need to consider time and money so it won”t be wasted. Actually, the best sales person is someone who is taught the right way from the start. Corporate sales training in fact teaches managers and staff what is expected and how to accomplish things.

Based on studies the most reason why sales staff is leaving their job is due to lack of support they get from their sales manager. Some feel that their talents are just ignored and not appreciated by their managers. Well, this is where corporate sales training is needed since most managers don”t really have the skills to train people. Sales manager are just be a top selling former salesperson but not trainers.

The importance of getting in tune with your staff is one of the lessons you benefited from corporate sales training. Success in business will be achieved by managers that have the respect and loyalty of his staff. This kind of managers is what actually people need. A type of manager who can always make time for his sales staff and the one who is interested in their opinions is what people want. If you are a manager you can always find a way to motivate your sales people. The sales team that looks at every day as a new opportunity is going to be successful.

Just remember that, it doesn’t matter if you are general manager needing to increase company revenues, a sales manager wanting to improve your team’s results, or a sales representative looking to invest in your own self improvement; however you need to evaluate sales and sales management training seminars properly before getting one.

Where Can You Apply For Employment For Retirees

Do you want to find employment for retirees? Has your income been reduced by the hits on the staggering economy?

Has the threat on Social Security and its future solvency caused you some sleepless nights? Whatever the motivation behind your decision to do so, you have been placed in an interesting position.

Are you up to the challenge?

During the years you spent working for your previous employer, or employers, can you recall all the times you day dreamed about doing some other kind of work than what you were doing at the time?

Own up to it! We all experienced these flights of fancy.

But you quickly dismissed those thoughts, didn’t you? You chased them away as futile things. Well, now is the time to dust off those ideas and take a hard look at them.

The modern day labor market is a vast, varied and fertile ground for anyone up to tilling the soil and planting new kinds of seeds.

This is not pie in the sky stuff! It is cold, hard reality.

The latest scientific studies have proven that older brains, like we seniors possess, are not empty chalk boards wiped clean of ideas.

The results of these studies solidly indicate that the mental capabilities of seniors have actually expanded in capacity.

What does this mean? It means my friend, that you are capable of new ideas, strategies and acquiring and expanding brand new skills and abilities.

Let me pose the question once more. Are you up to the challenge of plunging into the employment market in search of unfilled job ideas from your past?

Because if your answer is a resounding yes, then there is a sea of opportunities awaiting you.

In order to function, and thrive in the job market today, versatility is necessary. It is not only helpful, it is vital.

Employment for retirees has led to some interesting avenues of jobs for senior citizens.

A retired police officer is designing and building backyard tropical gardens and habitats for homeowners.

A retired criminal lawyer, a woman, is working in a bridal shop and arranging wedding gatherings for brides.

A retired army colonel is rebuilding old, classic automobiles for customers of an auto body shop.

A retired high school teacher, a man who gets around in a wheel chair, works as an instructor of physical fitness classes in a large weight training business.

What do these retirees teach us. The sky is the limit. Just because you are older in years does not mean that new things are beyond your grasp.

Look out over the labor market and spend some time picking out the types of work that interest you.

If you want to try your hand at a job that differs from what you have done in the past, do it. Remember, you do not have to go after a full time job if you want to just work part time.

Employment for retirees is a new and novel idea to some employers. They may have never even thought about the concept.

But if you approach them and demonstrate how it will actually benefit their business, you just might find yourself on the payroll for the effort.

Challenge yourself and write something new on your mental blackboard!