Switchboard Based Automotive Careers

Do you enjoy problem solving and talking to people? Could you see yourself doing this for a living? If so, it may be worth your while to look into the many switchboard based automotive careers available to you. If you are good at multitasking, you might look into being a dispatcher, as there are plenty of agencies and companies that could use your service.

The most obvious career path that people think of when discussing dispatchers involves law enforcement. Dispatchers, also known as 9-11 operators, operate a digital switchboard and take a number of calls throughout the course of a day or night, and direct police officers to certain areas of the city, so that they can respond to the call. This sector of the career path has the most potential for stress, because there really is no telling what type of call a dispatcher might receive at any given moment. They might receive a phone call from a person who is distressed and in need of immediate help from a police officer. They may also receive calls from people who are severely injured and in need of urgent medical care. For these reasons, it’s important for a person interested in becoming a police dispatcher should be personable and possess the ability to stay calm under stressful situations.

Becoming a taxi dispatcher is another viable opportunity that you can take advantage of if you are looking for automotive careers to delve into. You’ll set up transportation both with locals needing a ride and people from out of town who are unfamiliar with the entire area. For this reason, you’ll need to use switchboards, GPS systems and digital maps in order to place drivers with clients. You can use these systems to make drivers and callers aware of the estimated time of arrival.

Outside of taxis and emergency vehicles, public transportation relies on switchboard operators as well. Dispatcher training prepares you to make bus drivers and shuttle operators aware of any changes in traffic, along with any other issues they’d encounter along the road. Likewise, drivers can phone in to dispatchers in order to ask questions or let them know of any changes along the route. Knowing the routes a driver takes allows the switchboard operator to keep in touch of the driver, with their safety in mind. For this reason, drivers routinely check in with dispatchers to keep them abreast of route beginnings and endings.

Keeping tabs on the driver’s travel, while helping to facilitate the process is a major role for a dispatcher, and while the job description might vary, this role largely remains the same. People looking for automotive careers have plenty of opportunity in front of them in terms of jobs.

Retail Security Officer Services

Why having retail security is no longer a luxury you cannot afford.

Cutting Budget Costs On Retail Security Services Could Be A Big Mistake

Retail theft in Britain is higher than in Europe.
The UK is breaking new records for the wrong reasons, the Centre of Retail Research said Britains shoplifting for 2009 was at a record high and admittedly did reduce slightly in 2010 to 4.4BN but this is likely to prove the exception to the rule with future forecasts predicting a continual increase.
The majority of these crimes are committed by the usual suspects, organised gangs, professional shoplifters and the opportunists but will shock you is that 36.4 percent is carried out in house by staff members.
So ask yourself this, how do you prevent becoming a victim?
The answer is very simple, you invest in a Retail Security Service provider that can handle all aspects of retail security, inclusive of staff monitoring, a company that has a hard earned reputation for supplying security personnel that are experienced, knowledgeable that are well versed in all aspects of client care.
And most importantly, gives you the absolute best value for you money.
What if you are already employing security staff but they are giving you cause for concern?
You should never have any doubts about the people you hire and this is especially true and most relevant to security personnel. Hiring the proper security company will enhance and develop your companys profile and reputation, not prove detrimental to it.
The answers are still the same, give yourself peace of mind and let fully trained and SIA license professionals handle your needs.
There are too many security companies out there whose sole wish is to provide a body so that they can take your hard earned money. This attitude is endemic and should be picked up on immediately and avoided.
Information should be cascaded down from the management team allowing their staff to be kept up to date on all relevant matters.
What this means to you an employer is that your money is wisely invested and not squandered on disinterested and lazy security guards.
Given the fact that the recession is still very much in evidence, it is understandable that you will be reluctant to hire a security company but to do nothing is to invite trouble and means you are taking a gamble with your business and your staff.
That is why we recommend that you invest wisely by employing retail security services and in doing so you will find the best use for your hard earned money.
You can make the choice easy for a shoplifter, do they stay at you place of business and get caught by an attentive and experienced retail security guard or do they move on to another much easier target where they can steal with absolute certainty that they will be unopposed?

Network Marketing Video Show For Training And Tips

When you are in network marketing, you want to take advantage of every option for tips and training you can to make your business as successful as possible. With many programs available for a fee, it is hard to do without running the risk of spending more than you make. This is where Ed Ludbrook enters the picture.

Ed Ludbrook is the man behind the Network Marketing Video Show, a webinar based training program that offers advice, tips and training. Signup for the site is free and you will receive notices of new webinars coming up and a copy of the ebook 7 Secrets of Warm Market Sponsoring.

Ed has become known as ‘The Network Coach’. He has had a major role in network marketing coaching since 1994, coaching people in 30 countries worldwide. The people he has coached have had a combined total of over a billion in increased sales as a result of his coaching.

Originally from New Zealand, Ed started his network marketing career in London. Prior to this, he was an army officer, investment banker and served as a strategic consultant. His ultimate goal in network marketing is to educate people so they have a 100% chance of succeeding.

A big part of this effort is his Network Marketing Video Show. His site where these videos can be found has a store where you can purchase any or all of his books and publications he has written over the years as he developed his coaching methods. You will also be able to watch past videos so you are not limited to just the current videos.

If you are wondering just what Ed’s 100% Success method is about, it is really common sense. The focus is on learning skills before putting focus on performing. Just like most things, you have to learn how to do it before you can do it. Ed knows network marketing in no different.

With Ed’s network marketing video training, you will not only be coached to be successful in your business but will learn leadership skills and how to become a coach yourself. Since network marketing means sponsoring people into your downline, you do need to know how to help your team be successful or you will not be successful yourself.

It is fairly well established that 98% of the people who get involved with network marketing end up quiting because they don’t do well in sponsoring a downline. The reason this is so is that they just don’t get the coaching they need to develop the necessary skills. Those who do get good coaching on a consistent basis do succeed.

Do you want to be successful? Of course you do! Check out Ed Ludbrook’s Network Marketing Video Show to see how it may help you achieve the success that has been elluding you in your marketing business. You can watch a video or two before you decide if this will help you. If you haven’t even joined a network marketing company yet, it may be the best way to learn what you need to do before you are even signed up with a company.

Powerful Methods To Stay Successful In Business

In business, achieving success is merely half the battle won. The other half? As many veteran businessmen would agree, sustaining success staying on top of your game and on top of THE game is the more difficult part of owning and operating a commercial enterprise.

Case in point: flash-in-the-pan businesses are a dime a dozen these days. Overnight successes are stories that are quite commonplace. But businesses that last for years, if not decades? Alas, theyre rarities in this day and age!

The goal isnt merely to succeed in business. The goal should be to remain successful in business.
Here are 5 powerful principles to live by if you want to achieve such a goal:

1. Believe in your business. Your business is bound to encounter many challenges and many tribulations along the way. Some of these trials would be grave enough to make you consider quitting. But should you? Remember: if you dont believe in your business, if you dont believe that it can succeed, then why should your prospective customers believe that your business is the right choice for them? Your faith in your business will go a long, long way in pushing it to reach its fullest potentials.

2.Find satisfaction in what youre doing. If you do not find contentment in what youre doing, then its just a matter of time before you give up on your business. Fulfillment can be attained in so many ways. If you cannot find that sense of fulfillment from your business, its either because: a) youre not looking hard enough; or b) youre looking at the wrong place. The smallest victory can be a cause for celebration. And the tiniest of triumphs can even provide the biggest kind of satisfaction.

3.Make your customers satisfaction your primary goal. Profit is good, but it shouldnt be the driving force of your business if you want your success to last. The happiness of your customers should be your paramount concern. Remembers, happy customers are customers for life.

4.Strive to improve your craft and your trade. Never rest on your laurels. Always try to be the best you can ever be when it comes to the things you do for a living.

5.Have fun! They say that the best kind of moneymaking opportunity is one that you enjoy doing. If you will find such a business, then youve hit the jackpot. Now, no one said that this jackpot cant be created. You can find enjoyment in what youre doing. Even if the business wasnt born from a hobby you once nurtured, you can still find ways by which you can make it very exciting and very enticing for you. Your enthusiasm for your business will eventually show in the products you will deliver.

Construction Sealants

Construction Sealants

Naturally occurring bitumen and asphalt materials have been widely accepted as sealants for centuries. Prior to the 1900’s most sealants evolved from vegetable, animal, or mineral substances. The development of modern polymeric sealants coincided with the development of the polymer industry itself, sometime in the early 1930’s.

Joint sealants are used to seal joints and openings (gaps) between two or more substrates, and are a critical component for building construction and design. The main purpose of sealants is to prevent air, water, and other environmental elements from entering or exiting a structure while permitting limited movement of the substrates. Specialty sealants are used for special applications, such as fire stops, electrical, or thermal insulation.

When joints fail, leaks and damage to buildings follow. Sealants can help ensure that your buildings stay tight and dry. Modern commercial structures rely heavily on sealants to prevent water damage to buildings and their contents. While residential buildings utilize water shedding techniques such as sloped roofs, lap siding, and overlapping flashings, many commercials designs do not; if a joint fails, there is little or no barrier to leakage. Unfortunately, in today’s building environment, there are many points in the design and construction processes where bad judgment or bad behavior results in sealant failure.

Exterior Most modern homogenous rigid exterior substrates are purposely jointed to allow movement without damage to the material. The two principal causes of movement are thermal expansion and contraction and seismic movement.

The principal exterior substrates that are sealed are:

exterior wall joints ( masonry, concrete, stucco / plaster, EIFS)

door and window frames

concrete paving joints

metal flashings

roof joints

seismic joints

Interior Joints indoors do not normally go through the thermal expansion and contraction that exteriors do, but they are jointed for other reasons. Gypsum board and plaster assemblies, for instance, often require control joints to prevent cracking. Interior joints are usually sealed to keep out dirt and look better. The principal interior substrates that are sealed are:

gypsum board


floor control and expansion joints

kitchen and bathroom wet joints

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