Customer Loyalty Program For Retail Marketing

For you to be stable in your business you must always find ways and means or certain strategies to be on the lead over your competitors. One technique in retail marketing that would be the best way to keep your clients and shoppers coming back to you is the use of a customer loyalty program or others refer to it as a reward program.

The customers profit in this reward program and the many benefits that they will get in exchange for what they have shopped would encourage them to keep shopping in your place.

In reality the customer loyalty program is a program of attracting buyers to keep coming back to your store for the reason that they get certain benefits. This program may differ from one another depending on how the owner would plan and set it up. The most commonly used ones are gift certificates, special discounts on certain items and points equivalent to the items they buy.

In this reward program, the member is given a loyalty card for him to hold every time he goes shopping in your store. The customer must show this card at the counter during the time when he is purchasing the items in order to get the benefits he is entitled to. In other cases if your store is an online store the customers must know and must be given the number they should use by the time they check out instead of using a card.

You can purchase a 365 loyalty card at participating merchants in the network or you may by them online at .

Another style of the reward program is the points system. Here, all the members using their loyalty card receive a certain amount of points that depend on the amount of their purchase. Soon, they can collect the points and have it exchanged for certain money off their next purchase. Rewards are given in various items like discounts on some items, a shopping voucher, a chance to buy something on a reduced price or a likable gift item

Retailers dont have to think only of one reward program you can decide on many member incentive type rewards. Store owners must decide which type of reward programs will have the best system that works for their business.

There are a few things to consider when planning for your reward program. Things like nature of the items you are selling and above all the characteristic of your clients. It would always be wise to think and plan for the best strategy to utilize in your program so your business wont be at a loss and you would save it for your top buyers. .

For a more attractive program you can use a combination of various strategies at one time. You may give out a universal member cards to most or majority of your customers and reserve some VIP cards for your top buyers. This strategy is best useful when you business covers a large variety of products also with various price ranges. It is very important for you to remember that the 365loyalty program is intended to give rewards to your buyers and loyal clients as well as improve their happiness and fulfillment in shopping at your store.

Many times customers find it disappointing to see a lot of terms and conditions when using their member card. It would be best to use simple terms and conditions which are comprehensible, and clear. No hidden fees should be included in the terms, they will upset your clients. Once you lose your clients you will find it very hard to bring them
back again.

If your goal in using the reward program is to satisfy your customer with your products and services for a long term, then your loyalty reward program is sure to succeed. But if your intention is solely to make profit instantly then the program is not appropriate for your retail marketing strategy.

Since the 1980s creating a Loyalty Reward Program has proven to be a very good strategy in business to meet your goals, go beyond your customers expectations and encourage long term loyalty and growth..

To find out more about a community loyalty card in your area contact or call them at (609)568-6012

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Industry Gem Finally Approves Steps To Up-list To A Higher U.s. Stock Exchange Otcflki

Ive been following this company since 1997 and it has been interesting to watch it grow from an idea to an internationally respected corporation, a leader in the industry.

Management notwithstanding the publicly traded status of the company has always managed to keep itself below the radar, that is, until late last year faced with an unfriendly bid for control, it could no longer do so.

It amazes me how stock traders of todays chat rooms and message boards can display such incredible disregard for the basics, foremost among these, the short term acumen and patience necessary to a great winner. In the case of FLKI, you could smell the sizzle for the last year. Everything was obvious, but like a baby wanting it now, they let the golden egg dissipate out of their avaricious pockets to fill those of the more patient of their acolytes. Its the beauty of this game of course that theyll or at least some of them will have a chance to get back in, late but in time for a worthwhile return.

I concluded long ago, that for these folks, money doesnt seem to be the primary motive, most lose money all of the time; its the adrenaline rush of a quick in and out that does it for them. I have written a number of articles on the subject.

The current tale will undoubtedly remind you of another tale, that of the hare and the turtle, how much plotting however does a stock investor need when the news is good, the earnings and prospects growing, the fundamentals scream yes and the charts rate the stock buy buy buy. Let the stock stand still a while, let it go back and forth, give it the time to rise to its proper level. Well for these amazing traders, you guessed it, if its not now, and I mean now, they dump it, feeding volatility, lavishing commission income upon the brokers, and perpetuating a syndrome that ensures extravagant losses.
Stocks like people need time to rest and consolidate.

Well there were and remain plenty of astute investors with their pockets wide open to purchase the stock at half the price these impatient traders laid out for the privilege of ownership. Theyre there buying of course because of whats to come and it takes no investment genius to figure it out.

FLKIs decision to commence the process for up-listing to a more senior market is fueled by the well reported rapid progress in its portfolio of high end product development, by the rapid expansion of its global distribution network, and by time and again witnessed, the growing world-wide interest in its Eco Pledge Standard for a Green, earth friendly production of biodegradable products. And yes let me say it now ahead of the naysayers, possibly as a management defensive technique against an unwanted bid for control even at the hefty price of $ 1;50 for newly issued shares (diluted value about 55 cents by my best count). But so what the end result is a massive improvement in the value of the stock whichever way it goes, and as for me let me stay with tested and enthused management any day.

As any good due diligence will prove, Falken Industries Ltd (OTC:FLKI) stands for solid gains in global implantations of its product conceptions and for growing global interest in the Company’s exceptional biodegradable product mixes, including products, notably wipes for disinfection and degreasing, designed for rescue teams, the military, and general utilities. Moreover it is apparent to all who take the time, and management shares the opinion, that FLKI substantially meets the requirements to up-list to a more senior U.S. stock exchange.

In fact, FLKIs Advisory Board approved steps that would initiate a reverse stock split as early as this year, if needed, to meet minimum stock price requirements of the senior U.S. stock exchanges and is establishing audit, compensation and nominating committees in advance of a planned up-listing. Nothing light about that news.

It makes sense, moving to a senior U.S. exchange should be a high priority for the company given the progress of its business interest, the demand upon its product conceptions, the major expansion of its distribution network, and its industry leadership and growing global interest in its Eco Pledge unique standard for ensuring Green products. Listing on a more senior U.S. exchange will assuredly in my view help increase visibility for the company and help attract a broader class of institutional investors. That stands for value building for shareholders.

I remember reporting on the vociferous shareholder demands presented at last years shareholder meeting. The company took the hint and direction of its 4,200+ shareholders. For the first time in a decade it initiated an effort to devote resources to investor awareness. That also will translate to value building for shareholders.

Clean Plus products, FLKIs most popular branded line of 160+ product conceptions, include disinfection and cleansing wipes tailored to crisis and disaster rescue teams, and notably to military applications, and products to purify brackish water. Custom wipes allow military and rescue personnel to ensure health and cleanliness while essentially eliminating the need for water in parts of the world devastated by intense drought conditions Iraq, Afghanistan any one?

So lets call it a spade, FLKI is not a sub-penny stocks that may trade on the hype of the morning call only to crash (there is a reason for the statistic that day traders loses on more than 88% of their trades). Lets give a hoorah for the short and intermediate term investors that have the stamina, the intelligence and the good sense to make an investment and stick to it for at least as long as the news and performance is positive ; as for me, front and center my example herein, Im buying up to 13 cents and riding happy for the rest.

Falken Industries Ltd OTC : FLKI is a diversified industrial conglomerate that operates in Chemicals, Wet Wipe and Biodegradable Technology. Falken Industries Ltd is the concept behind more than 160 products distributed through a network of global platforms and the recipient of trade awards for innovations, biodegradability and environmental and health quality standards.

Solutions For Increasing Sales Performance

Sales managers, executives, and other analysts of sales performance throughout the United Kingdom are often at a loss in finding creative sales solutions. With these positions becoming more responsible for oversight of daily business functions like human resources and accounting, there is less time to analyze sales figures. While many companies have developed internal sales analysis departments, the extensive time and financial resources needed for creative sales solutions is too much for companies with thin profit margins. Companies in the financial, banking, and pharmaceutical industries often consult with independent consultants and auditors to help improve sales performance. One of the best sales consultancies in the United Kingdom is MetaMorphose.

With twelve years of experience in the sales consultancy field, MetaMorphose provides comprehensive and dynamic sales solutions to help out companies of all sizes. MetaMorphose analyzes a client company’s sales functions from top to bottom, trying to determine areas of strength and weakness in the sales structure. Analysts and other MetaMorphose staffers meet with sales managers and executives in order to determine a company’s sales and development goals for the quarter, year, and long term period. The company’s sales figures and techniques are then analyzed to determine if new techniques and technologies can help boost sales performance. Recommendations are given to sales executives on what steps should be taken to improve sales performance and ensure that companies are working at peak efficiency to sell their products and services.

Another way in which MetaMorphose helps create sales performance solutions for companies is by recruiting a talented pool of sales graduates. With so many university graduates studying finances and sales in the United Kingdom, MetaMorphose has developed a unique way of finding sales recruits in the flooded market. Instead of looking for graduates with some sales experience, MetaMorphose recruiters look for recruits with potential, intelligence, and a great attitude. The theory behind this method is that recruits with strong personal attributes can be trained the professional skills needed to succeed in their careers.

While MetaMorphose prides itself on recruiting top notch sales graduates, they are committed to finding the perfect sales graduates for every open sales position. The sales simulations that are the cornerstone of the sales training program allow recruiters and trainers the opportunity to see sales graduates in action. After evaluating and remedying areas of weakness in sales technique, MetaMorphose finds the best fit between open sales positions and quality sales recruits. With sales consultancy and training that is unparalleled in the industry, MetaMorphose is the only agency for successful companies.

Three Ways To Improve Sales Calls

You’ve got a hot prospect. You need a face-to-face opportunity to sell your product and services. So you stop by, without an appointment, hoping to make it past the receptionist and catch the decision maker in a rare unscheduled moment. “I was in the vicinity, and thought I’d just stop by to say hello.” Well, at least you tried.

Of course, there is a place for pleasantries and the social aspects of business, but let’s not confuse those with a sales call. Many salespeople focus on their own comfort area, on social calls and lunch dates or the product pitch. And as a result, the sales process never gets off the ground. Before you try to meet with someone, you must ask yourself “What is the reason this person is meeting with me?”

At Miller Heiman we call it a Valid Business Reason. It gives the potential buyer a reason for spending time with you. Having a Valid Business Reason for every sales call, whether in person or on the phone, is the considerate way of doing business. It tells buyers, no matter how long youve known them, that you’ve given some thought to their current challenges and that you’re looking for solutions that are “valid” to them.

Top sales performers understand the challenges of their customers 21% better than the competition.
(Source: 2006 Miller Heiman Sales Performance Study)

What is a Valid Business Reason?
1. It’s Valid: It’s all about the customer. Valid to customers means it’s worth making time to hear about how you can help solve a problem that keeps them up at night.

2. It’s Business: Research shows that many sales calls are too general and unfocused to be useful to buyers or sellers. Do your homework and manage your selling time. Understand their business. What are their challenges? What are they trying to fix, accomplish or avoid?

3. It’s a Good Reason: Not your reason. The customer’s reason – for taking time out of a busy schedule for you, rather than spending it on other priorities. Tell the customer what you’d like to meet about and why you think this could be of value. It’s about solutions. How can your solution help what they want to fix, accomplish or avoid. You are specific, because you’ve done your homework.

Now, write it down in 25 words or less, so it can be left on a voice mail or with a receptionist. And remember, it’s always from the customer’s point of view.

By defining your Valid Business Reason, you’ll never again make a “cold call”. You’re doing strategic planning before every call even the first visit to a new prospect. And your ability to get “face time” is improving dramatically.
For a deeper look, and to learn how to create winning Valid Business Reasons, the Miller Heiman Conceptual Selling workshop shows you how to:
Sell the way customers buy.
Get beyond the product pitch.
Reach decision makers.
Sell a win-win solution.
Craft winning Valid Business Reasons that get you face to face.

These recommendations are based on Miller Heimans proven sales system. Our system provides a repeatable approach to use with every opportunity to close more deals, fast. If youd like more information on this topic, or would like to discuss the results you’d like to improve, visit us at and we’ll recommend a solution that will best address your needs.